Words That Start with Hu: List and Meanings

Looking for words that start with “hu”? Here’s a comprehensive list to help you enrich your vocabulary!

  1. Human- Relating to or characteristic of people.
  2. Humble- Having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s importance.
  3. Humid- Marked by a high level of moisture in the air.
  4. Humor- The quality of being amusing or comical.
  5. Hurdle- A frame or fence for jumping over in a race.
  6. Husband- A married man considered in relation to his spouse.
  7. Hush- Make or become silent.
  8. Hunger- A strong desire or need for food.
  9. Humming- Making a low, continuous sound.
  10. Hump- A rounded protuberance found on the back of some animals.
  11. Humility- A modest or low view of one’s own importance.
  12. Hurl- Throw with great force.
  13. Hunch- A feeling or guess based on intuition.
  14. Hurrah- An exclamation of joy or approval.
  15. Hunker- Squat or crouch down low.
  16. Hunt- Pursue and kill for sport or food.
  17. Husk- The outer shell or coating of a seed or fruit.
  18. Hurtle- Move or cause to move at a great speed.
  19. Hush- hush – Kept secret; confidential.
  20. Humdrum- Lacking excitement or variety.
  21. Hubbub- A busy, noisy situation.
  22. Hummock- A small hill or mound.
  23. Hubris- Excessive pride or self-confidence.
  24. Hurtle- Move rapidly or forcefully.
  25. Humane- Having or showing compassion for others.
  26. Humidity- The amount of moisture in the air.
  27. Hurdler- An athlete who jumps over hurdles in a race.
  28. Hull- The outer covering of a fruit or seed.
  29. Hurling- An Irish team sport played with a stick and ball.
  30. Hubcap- A decorative cover for a car wheel hub.
  31. Humiliate- Make someone feel ashamed or foolish.
  32. Humerus- The bone of the upper arm or forelimb.
  33. Humus- Dark organic material in soil.
  34. Huckleberry- A small, sweet, edible berry.
  35. Hunan- A province in south-central China.
  36. Humbug- Deceptive or false talk or behavior.
  37. Huckster- A person who sells things in an aggressive or loud way.
  38. Hurdling- The sport of racing over hurdles.
  39. Hunky- Attractive and well-built.
  40. Humankind- The human species collectively.
  41. Huntington- A surname and place name.
  42. Huron- A member of a Native American people.
  43. Hutch- A box or cage for keeping small animals.
  44. Huff- Blow out air loudly from annoyance or exertion.
  45. Huffing- Breathing heavily, often due to physical exertion.
  46. Humanities- Academic disciplines that study human culture.
  47. Humidified- Made moist or damp.
  48. Hunyadi- A Hungarian noble family.
  49. Humdrumming- Being repetitively monotonous.
  50. Humeral- Relating to the humerus.
  51. Hustle- Move or work energetically and rapidly.
  52. Hurtleberry- An alteration of huckleberry.
  53. Hummer- A type of large, off-road vehicle.
  54. Humeri- Plural form of humerus.
  55. Hurrying- Moving quickly.
  56. Humectant- A substance used to keep things moist.
  57. Hustler- An enterprising or aggressive person.
  58. Humeri- Bones of the upper arms.
  59. Hustings- The campaign trail for political candidates.
  60. Hubristic- Excessively prideful or self-confident.
  61. Hubbell- A surname and given name.
  62. Huzzah- An exclamation of delight or applause.
  63. Huerta- An area of irrigated agriculture in Spain.
  64. Humanness- The quality of being human.
  65. Humeral- Pertaining to the shoulder.
  66. Hubble- A space telescope.
  67. Hymn- A religious song or poem of praise.
  68. Humeroscapular- Relating to the humerus and scapula.
  69. Humus- Soil component of decomposed organic material.
  70. Huckaback- A coarse absorbent cotton or linen fabric.
  71. Hummingbird- A small nectar-feeding bird.
  72. Hussy- An impudent or immoral woman.
  73. Huskily- In a hoarse or rough voice.
  74. Humeral circumflex- A term used in anatomy.
  75. Husbandry- The care, cultivation, and breeding of crops and animals.
  76. Humic- Relating to or derived from humus.
  77. humoral- Relating to body fluids.
  78. Huck- A surname and given name.
  79. Humblebee- An old term for a bumblebee.
  80. Humpback- A person or animal with a humped back.
  81. Humber- A large tidal estuary in England.
  82. Hunker- Sit on one’s haunches or heels.
  83. Hungerstrike- A form of protest in which one refuses to eat.
  84. Huguenot- A French Protestant.
  85. Huddling- Gathering together closely.
  86. Humate- A salt or ester of humic acid.
  87. Humanism- A system of thought attaching prime importance to humans.
  88. Humidistat- An instrument for measuring and controlling humidity.
  89. Humerovar- Referring to a part of Latin America culture.
  90. Humperdink- A whimsical or humorous name.
  91. Hullabaloo- A commotion; uproar.
  92. Humility- A modest or low view of one’s own importance.
  93. Husbandable- Capable of being managed or husbanded.
  94. Hummocky- Covered with small hills or mounds.
  95. Huvud- Swedish word for “head”.
  96. Huntress- A woman who hunts.
  97. Humin- A dark-colored substance formed in the decomposition of plant and animal matter.
  98. Hubble- bubble – A hookah; a water pipe for smoking.
  99. Hunker- Squat or crouch down low.

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