Words That Start with Hyper: Definitions and Examples

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “hyper” to expand your vocabulary and understanding.

  1. Hyperactive: Excessively active
  2. Hyperbole: Exaggerated statements
  3. Hyperglycemia: High blood sugar level
  4. Hyperthyroid: Overactive thyroid gland
  5. Hypertension: High blood pressure
  6. Hyperthermia: High body temperature
  7. Hyperventilate: Rapid and deep breathing
  8. Hyperacid: Excessive acidity
  9. Hyperlink: Clickable link on a webpage
  10. Hypertext: Text with interactive links
  11. Hyperdrive: Faster-than-light travel mode
  12. Hypermarket: Large retail store
  13. Hypercritical: Excessively critical
  14. Hyperopic: Long-sightedness
  15. Hyperpigmentation: Excessive skin pigmentation
  16. Hyperspace: Theoretical space used in advanced travel
  17. Hypersensitive: Excessively sensitive
  18. Hyperbaric: Relating to higher pressure than normal
  19. Hyperreal: Extremely realistic
  20. Hyperbolic: Relating to exaggeration
  21. Hypermasculine: Exaggerated male traits
  22. Hypernym: Word with a broad meaning
  23. Hypersexual: Excessively sexual behavior
  24. Hypervigilant: Excessively watchful
  25. Hyperfinite: Relating to hyperfiniteness in mathematics
  26. Hyperstimulation: Excessive stimulation
  27. Hypermutation: Rapid mutation
  28. Hyperfunction: Overfunctioning state
  29. Hyperadrenalism: Excessive activity of adrenal glands
  30. Hyperuricemia: Excess uric acid in the blood
  31. Hypernatremia: High sodium levels in the blood
  32. Hyperparathyroidism: Overactivity of parathyroid glands
  33. Hyperinsulinism: Excessive insulin levels
  34. Hypercholesterolemia: High cholesterol levels
  35. Hyperlipidemia: High fat levels in the blood
  36. Hypercalcemia: High calcium levels in the blood
  37. Hypercortisolism: Excess cortisol
  38. Hyperphagia: Excessive eating
  39. Hyperbaric: High-pressure environment
  40. Hypermetabolism: Increased metabolic rate
  41. Hyperreflexia: Overactive reflexes
  42. Hyperacusis: Heightened sensitivity to sound
  43. Hyperalgesia: Increased sensitivity to pain
  44. Hyperhidrosis: Excessive sweating
  45. Hyperphosphatemia: High phosphate levels in the blood
  46. Hyperkeratosis: Thickening of the outer layer of the skin
  47. Hypermagnesemia: High magnesium levels in the blood
  48. Hypermenorrhea: Excessive menstrual bleeding
  49. Hyperplasia: Excessive cell growth
  50. Hypersplenism: Overactive spleen
  51. Hypergamy: Marrying someone of higher social status
  52. Hyperkalemia: High potassium levels in the blood
  53. Hypermania: Elevated mood and energy level
  54. Hyperhydration: Excess water in the body
  55. Hyperventilation: Excessive breathing rate
  56. Hyperaesthesia: Increased sensitivity to sensory stimuli
  57. Hyperosmia: Heightened sense of smell
  58. Hyperphosphorylation: Excessive addition of phosphate groups in proteins
  59. Hypermenia: Excessive bleeding
  60. Hyperchromasia: Increased coloration of cells
  61. Hyperekplexia: Exaggerated startle response
  62. Hyperkinesis: Excessive movement
  63. Hypermyotonia: Increased muscle tone
  64. Hyperpotassemia: High blood potassium
  65. Hypernatraemia: Elevated sodium levels
  66. Hyperpsychia: Heightened mental activity
  67. Hyperpyrexia: Extremely high fever
  68. Hypersideremia: Excess iron in the blood
  69. Hyperlexia: Advanced reading ability in young children
  70. Hypertrichosis: Excessive hair growth
  71. Hyperosmolality: Elevated osmotic pressure in body fluids
  72. Hypertonia: Increased muscle tension
  73. Hyperesthesia: Increased sensitivity to sensory stimuli
  74. Hyperhealth: Overwhelming healthiness
  75. Hyperendemia: Excessive presence of disease in a specific area
  76. Hyperthermal: High temperature environment
  77. Hyperestrogenism: Excessive estrogen levels
  78. Hyperemesis: Severe vomiting
  79. Hyperautotomy: Enhanced ability to self-amputate
  80. Hypercarnivore: Animal with an extremely meat-based diet
  81. Hypergeusia: Heightened taste ability
  82. Hyperimmune: Excessively active immune response
  83. Hyperpolarization: Increased polarization of cell membrane
  84. Hypersynergy: Excessive synchronization
  85. Hypermelanosis: Increased production of melanin
  86. Hyperconnection: Excessive number of connections
  87. Hyperlayer: Multi-layered systems
  88. Hyperluminescence: Increased brightness or glow
  89. Hyperammonemia: Elevated ammonia in the blood
  90. Hyperreaction: Excessive reaction
  91. Hyperlegible: Extremely readable text
  92. Hyperquality: Superior quality beyond normal
  93. Hyperurbanization: Excessive urban development
  94. Hyperactivity: Excessive movement and fidgeting
  95. Hyperawareness: Increased level of consciousness
  96. Hypereconomic: Excessively economic activity
  97. Hypergeometric: Related to hypergeometric distribution in statistics
  98. Hyperwealthy: Extremely rich
  99. Hypercreative: Excessively creative
  100. Hyperallergic: Extremely allergic reaction

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