Words That Start With Ic: Definitions, Examples, & Usage

In this article, you will discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “ic.

  1. Ice: Frozen water.
  2. Icicle: A hanging, tapering piece of ice.
  3. Icon: A representative symbol or image.
  4. Icing: A sweet glaze for cakes.
  5. Iconic: Widely recognized and well-established.
  6. Icarus: A figure from Greek mythology.
  7. Ichthyology: The study of fish.
  8. Iciness: The state of being cold or frosty.
  9. Icteric: Relating to jaundice.
  10. Ichthyosaurus: An extinct marine reptile.
  11. Ictus: A stroke or seizure.
  12. Iconoclast: One who attacks established beliefs.
  13. Iconography: The study of symbols and images.
  14. Icosahedron: A polyhedron with twenty faces.
  15. Ichthyolite: Fossil fish.
  16. Icosahedral: Having twenty faces.
  17. Icicle- like: Resembling an icicle.
  18. Ichnology: The study of fossil tracks and traces.
  19. Icterus: Another term for jaundice.
  20. Icthyophagous: Fish-eating.
  21. Ichthyophobia: Fear of fish.
  22. Iconostasis: A screen bearing icons in Eastern Christian churches.
  23. Icterogenic: Producing jaundice.
  24. Ichnolite: Fossilized footprint.
  25. Ichthyocolla: A form of gelatin from fish bladders.
  26. Ichor: A fluid like blood in the veins of gods.
  27. Iconoclastic: Attacking cherished beliefs.
  28. Ichthyic: Relating to fish.
  29. Icle: An abbreviation for icicle.
  30. Ichthyocrinous: Producing or secreting fish-like substances.
  31. Icicled: Decorated with icicles.
  32. Icteroid: Resembling jaundice.
  33. Ichthyofauna: Fish of a particular region.
  34. Ichthyodont: Relating to fish teeth.
  35. Icterine: Yellowish in color.
  36. Iconodulist: One who supports the veneration of icons.
  37. Ichthyoid: Fish-like.
  38. Icible: Capable of being turned into ice.
  39. Ictusus: Pertaining to stroke or seizure.
  40. Ichthyovorous: Feeding on fish.
  41. Iconolatry: The veneration of icons.
  42. Iconomatic: Relating to icons.
  43. Ichthyolite: Fossil of a fish.
  44. Icicleen: Made of or resembling icicles.
  45. Icy: Very cold or frosty.
  46. Iceberg: A large floating mass of ice.
  47. Icebox: A container for keeping food cold.
  48. Icecap: A large area of ice covering land.
  49. Iceman: A person who delivers ice.
  50. Icepack: A pack of ice for injuries.
  51. Icebreaker: A ship designed to break through ice.
  52. Icelander: A native of Iceland.
  53. Icemaker: A machine that produces ice.
  54. Icelandic: Relating to Iceland.
  55. Icesheet: A large, continuous area of ice.
  56. Icehouse: A building for storing ice.
  57. Iceline: Altitude in mountains above which there is snow year-round.
  58. Icefall: A frozen waterfall or a glacier broken into blocks.
  59. Iceplant: A succulent plant with frost-like appearance.
  60. Icer: A substance causing freezing.
  61. Icemask: Protective gear against ice and cold.
  62. Icefish: A fish that lives in icy waters.
  63. Icy- blue: A color resembling the ice.
  64. Icecream: A sweetened frozen food.
  65. Icecreamery: A shop or business selling ice cream.
  66. Iceless: Without ice.
  67. Icechest: An insulated box for keeping ice.
  68. Icepick: A tool for breaking ice.
  69. Iceblink: A bright reflection of ice in the sky.
  70. Icebound: Trapped or encased in ice.
  71. Icepop: A frozen fruit-flavored treat on a stick.
  72. Iceskater: Someone who skates on ice.
  73. Iceskating: The activity of skating on ice.
  74. Icepellet: A small, freeze-formed ball of ice.
  75. Icenode: A node at which ice forms.
  76. Iceridge: A ridge formed by ice piling up.
  77. Icepatch: A small area of ice.
  78. Icepole: A pole for measuring ice thickness.
  79. Iceproof: Resistant to damage by ice.
  80. Icequake: A sudden release of stress within an ice mass.
  81. Icelining: The process of forming a lining of ice.
  82. Icecreamtruck: A vehicle selling ice cream.
  83. Iceless: Absent of ice.
  84. Icecube: A small block of ice.
  85. Icewater: Water mixed or chilled with ice.
  86. Icebergian: Resembling an iceberg.
  87. Iceslide: A slide covered in ice.
  88. Icetray: A tray for making ice cubes.
  89. Iceskater’s: Belonging to an ice skater.
  90. Icewhite: Pure white, reminiscent of ice.
  91. Ice- axe: A tool for climbing ice.
  92. Icecrust: A hard layer of ice.
  93. Icebridge: A bridge formed of ice.
  94. Iceharbor: A harbor blocked by ice.
  95. Iceclad: Covered with ice.
  96. Icerite: A rock formation with embedded ice.
  97. Icedrink: A drink served with ice.
  98. Icelandite: A rock from Iceland.
  99. Icefrog: A frog adapted to cold environments.
  100. Icewood: Wood that is particularly resilient in icy conditions.

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