Words That Start with IG: Comprehensive List and Examples

Discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “ig” to enhance your vocabulary or assist with your word games and writing projects.

  1. Ignoble- Dishonorable in character or purpose.
  2. Ignorant- Lacking knowledge or awareness in general.
  3. Ignite- To set on fire or to cause to burn.
  4. Ignition- The action of setting something on fire or starting it to burn.
  5. Ignominious- Deserving or causing public disgrace or shame.
  6. Ignominy- Public shame or disgrace.
  7. Ignitable- Capable of being set on fire.
  8. Ignore- Refuse to take notice of or acknowledge.
  9. Igneous- Relating to or involving volcanic processes.
  10. Ignis- Latin for fire.
  11. Ignitron- A type of controlled rectifier which uses mercury.
  12. Ignorance- Lack of knowledge, learning, information, etc.
  13. Ignitor- A device used to ignite something.
  14. Ignoramus- An ignorant or stupid person.
  15. Ignitible- Another term for something that can be ignited.
  16. Iguanodon- A genus of herbivorous dinosaurs.
  17. Igneosity- The state of being fiery or burning.
  18. Ignescent- Emitting sparks of fire.
  19. Iglu- Another term for igloo, a dome-shaped Eskimo house.

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