Words That Start With Intra: List and Examples

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “intra.

  1. Intracellular- occurring within a cell.
  2. Intravenous- within or by means of a vein.
  3. Intrastate- within a single state.
  4. Intramuscular- within or into a muscle.
  5. Intramural- within the walls of a structure, often used in reference to competitions within an institution.
  6. Intranet- a private network accessible only to an organization’s staff.
  7. Intranasal- administered through the nose.
  8. Intracranial- occurring within the skull.
  9. Intrapersonal- occurring within the individual mind or self.
  10. Intracardiac- within the heart.
  11. Intradermal- within the skin.
  12. Intrathecal- within a sheath or within the spinal canal.
  13. Intracerebral- within the brain.
  14. Intragroup- occurring within a group.
  15. Intraperitoneal- within the peritoneal cavity (abdomen).
  16. Intramolecular- occurring within a single molecule.
  17. Intracortical- occurring within the cortex of an organ.
  18. Intraductal- within a duct.
  19. Intramedullary- within the marrow or inner part of a bone.
  20. Intraocular- within the eye.
  21. Intraoperative- occurring during surgery.
  22. Intraprocedural- occurring during a medical procedure.
  23. Intrasegmental- within a particular segment.
  24. Intrapulmonary- within the lungs.
  25. Intraracial- within the same race.
  26. Intrapreneur- an employee of a large corporation who is given freedom and financial support to create new products, services, systems, etc.
  27. Intraspecific- within a single species.
  28. Intrasexual- occurring within one sex.
  29. Intrafamilial- occurring within a family.
  30. Intracameral- within a chamber, often referring to the eye.
  31. Intradisciplinary- within a single academic discipline.
  32. Intraplate- within a single tectonic plate.
  33. Intrapsychic- within the mind.
  34. Intrasyllabic- within a syllable.
  35. Intrarectal- within the rectum.
  36. Intravesical- within the bladder.
  37. Intrafiery- occurring within a single fire.
  38. Intracommunicate- to communicate within a group.
  39. Intramarginal- within the margins.
  40. Intrapopulation- within a population.
  41. Intravascular- within blood vessels.
  42. Intracoronary- within the coronary arteries.
  43. Intrapericardial- within the pericardium.
  44. Intralesional- within a lesion.
  45. Intrabiogeographic- within a biogeographic region.
  46. Intraempalatic- within the palate.
  47. Intramolecularly- within a molecule.
  48. Intrabronchial- within the bronchi.
  49. Intraretinal- within the retina.
  50. Intramatrical- within the matrix.
  51. Intracapsular- within a capsule.
  52. Intraesophageal- within the esophagus.
  53. Intracanicular- within a canal.
  54. Intramodally- within a mode.
  55. Intracellularly- within a cell.
  56. Intrabiotic- within living systems.
  57. Intrastromal- within a stroma.
  58. Intracisternal- within a cisterna.
  59. Intraluminal- within a lumen, or passage, of a tubular structure.
  60. Intramedullar- within the medulla.
  61. Intraportal- within the portal system.
  62. Intraoccipital- within the occipital region of the skull.
  63. Intraventricular- within the ventricles of the brain or heart.
  64. Intraabdominal- within the abdomen.
  65. Intraepidermal- within or on the epidermis.
  66. Intracolonic- within the colon.
  67. Intraligamentary- within a ligament.
  68. Intrabdominal- within the abdominal cavity.
  69. Intraaxial- within the axis, such as within the central nervous system.
  70. Intrarenal- within the kidney.
  71. Intrascleral- within the sclera of the eye.
  72. Intralingual- within the tongue.
  73. Intraparenchymal- within the parenchyma of an organ.
  74. Intratraffic- occurring within traffic.

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