Words That Start With Ir: List and Definitions

This article provides a comprehensive list of words that start with “ir” to enrich your vocabulary and enhance your language skills.

  1. Irate- Very angry.
  2. Iridescent- Showing luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles.
  3. Iridium- A chemical element with symbol Ir and atomic number 77, used particularly in high-temperature materials.
  4. Irksome- Annoying or irritating.
  5. Irrelevant- Not connected with or relevant to something.
  6. Irresistible- Too attractive or tempting to be resisted.
  7. Irreparable- Impossible to repair or rectify.
  8. Irrefutable- Impossible to deny or disprove.
  9. Irreverent- Showing a lack of respect for people or things that are generally taken seriously.
  10. Irresolute- Showing or feeling hesitancy; uncertain.
  11. Irregular- Not even or balanced in shape or arrangement.
  12. Irrigate- Supply water to (land or crops) to help growth.
  13. Irritable- Easily annoyed.
  14. Irritate- Make someone annoyed or a part of the body sore or inflamed.
  15. Irredeemable- Not able to be saved, improved, or corrected.
  16. Irretrievable- Not able to be recovered or put right.
  17. Irreducible- Not able to be brought to a simpler form.
  18. Irreplaceable- Impossible to replace.
  19. Irrespectively- Without regard to something else.
  20. Irresponsible- Not showing a proper sense of responsibility.
  21. Irrespective- Not taking something into account.
  22. Irrational- Not logical or reasonable.
  23. Irreproachable- Beyond criticism; faultless.
  24. Irremediable- Impossible to cure or put right.
  25. Irreflexive- Not reflexive; in logic, not a reflexive relation.
  26. Irreligious- Indifferent or hostile to religion.
  27. Irresolvable- Not able to be resolved.
  28. Irreversible- Not able to be undone or altered.
  29. Ironclad- Covered or protected with iron.
  30. Ironsmith- A blacksmith; someone who works with iron.
  31. Ironic- Happening in the opposite way to what is expected.
  32. Irony- The expression of meaning using language that normally signifies the opposite.
  33. Ironwood- A type of wood known for its hardness.
  34. Irony- Significance that contradicts intention.
  35. Ironside- A person of formidable strength or endurance.
  36. Ironstone- A sedimentary rock with a high iron content.
  37. Irons- Plural of iron; metal tools or implements.
  38. Ironworks- A building or site for processing iron.
  39. Ironmongery- Goods made of iron.
  40. Iridium- Element with atomic number 77, used in high-temperature materials.
  41. Irrefutably- In a way that is impossible to deny or disprove.
  42. Irrefragable- Not able to be refuted or disproved.
  43. Irrecognizable- Not able to be recognized or identified.
  44. Irreflective- Not making or involving careful thought.
  45. Irremovable- Not able to be removed.
  46. Irreciprocal- Not reciprocal; unidirectional.
  47. Irreceptive- Not receptive or responsive.
  48. Irreclaimable- Not able to be recovered or reclaimed.
  49. Irreconstructed- Being stubbornly resistant to change.
  50. Irrecusable- Impossible to challenge, especially in law.
  51. Irrecognizability- State of being unrecognizable.
  52. Irremissible- Not able to be remitted or pardoned.
  53. Irrecoverable- Not able to be retrieved or regained.
  54. Irredeemably- In a manner that cannot be saved or compensated for.
  55. Irrecoiling- Without recoiling; steady.
  56. Irreductible- Synonymous with irreducible.
  57. Irreflexive- Not reflexive; especially in logic.
  58. Irresolvable- Not able to be resolved or solved.
  59. Irreplacability- Quality of being impossible to replace.
  60. Irresistibly- In a way that is too attractive or appealing to be resisted.
  61. Irreproachably- In a manner free from criticism or blame.
  62. Irreproducible- Not able to be produced again.
  63. Irresolubly- Unable to be resolved.
  64. Irremovably- Unmovable; permanently fixed.
  65. Irrespectively- Without singling out for regard.
  66. Irresiponsibility- State of lacking responsibility.
  67. Irritability- Quality of being easily annoyed or angered.
  68. Irruption- A sudden invasion or increase.
  69. Irruptive- Relating to or causing a sudden increase.
  70. Irreparable- Impossible to repair.
  71. Irreflexia- Absence of neurological reflexes.
  72. Irrefutability- Quality of being impossible to deny.
  73. Irresilience- Lack of resilient qualities.
  74. Irregularity- State of being irregular.
  75. Irritability- Degree of sensitivity to stimuli.
  76. Irritative- Causing irritation.
  77. Irreducibility- Incapable of being simplified.
  78. Irrationality- Quality of being illogical.
  79. Irremovability- Condition of being unable to be removed.
  80. Irresistibility- Unresistible; overwhelmingly appealing.
  81. Irreflexiveness- Lack of reflexive response.
  82. Irresuscitability- Inability to be revived.
  83. Irrelevancy- Lack of relevance; non-pertinence.
  84. Irreducibleness- Inability to be reduced or simplified.
  85. Irreproducibleness- State of being unable to reproduce.
  86. Irreversibility- Incapable of being reversed.
  87. Irreproachable- Blameless; beyond reproach.
  88. Irretrievable- Not retrievable.
  89. Irremediable- Not able to be cured.
  90. Irreducible- Not capable of being simplified.
  91. Irreplaceable- Unique or beyond replacement.
  92. Irreparable- Not repairable.
  93. Irrefragable- Not refutable.
  94. Irrealis- A grammatical mood indicating something that is not real.
  95. Irregardless- Regardless; despite prevalent usage controversies.
  96. Irrelative- Unrelated or disconnected.
  97. Irresolutely- Hesitantly; showing uncertainty.
  98. Irremeable- Without a means of return.
  99. Irrecusable- Not subject to recusal, especially in a legal context.

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