Words That Start with Is: Complete List and Meanings

Looking for words that start with “is”? Here’s a comprehensive list that will add variety and depth to your vocabulary.

  1. Isosceles- having two sides of equal length.
  2. Isolate- to set or place apart.
  3. Isotope- forms of an element with different atomic masses.
  4. Isobar- a line on a weather map connecting points of equal pressure.
  5. Isotope- variants of a chemical element with different neutron numbers.
  6. Island- a piece of land surrounded by water.
  7. Isothermal- having constant temperature.
  8. Isochronous- occurring at the same time or at equal time intervals.
  9. Isomer- compounds with the same formula but different structures.
  10. Isotonic- having equal solute concentration.
  11. Isomorphous- having the same form or structure.
  12. Isometric- having equal dimensions or measurements.
  13. Isolated- separated from others.
  14. Isogonic- having equal angles.
  15. Isobaric- having equal or constant pressure.
  16. Isotropy- uniformity in all directions.
  17. Isostatic- pertaining to equilibrium of the Earth’s crust.
  18. Isostacy- equilibrium between Earth’s lithosphere and asthenosphere.
  19. Isotropous- exhibiting properties with no directionality.
  20. Islamist- advocate or supporter of Islamic fundamentalism.
  21. Isaiah- a major Hebrew prophet.
  22. Isabel- a given name.
  23. Isonomy- equality of political rights.
  24. Issei- first-generation Japanese immigrant to the US.
  25. Isobaric- having equal pressure.
  26. Isocline- a line of equal slope.
  27. Isonomy- equality under the law.
  28. Isohyet- a line on a map connecting points of equal rainfall.
  29. Isogloss- a line on a dialect map marking a linguistic feature.
  30. Isocyanate- a group of reactive compounds.
  31. Isoform- different forms of a protein.
  32. Isotropic- having identical properties in all directions.
  33. Isocitrate- a compound in the citric acid cycle.
  34. Isobutylene- a hydrocarbon used in the production of synthetic rubber.
  35. Isoenzyme- different forms of an enzyme.
  36. Islet- a very small island.
  37. Isobutane- a gaseous hydrocarbon used as a refrigerant.
  38. Isostasis- balance in the earth’s crust maintained by flow.
  39. Isometric- related to equal measure or dimensions.
  40. Isolationism- policy of remaining apart from affairs of other groups.
  41. Isoprene- a hydrocarbon used in manufacture of synthetic rubber.
  42. Isomeric- relating to isomers.
  43. Isocyanic- relating to a cyanate.
  44. Isocenter- a central point in radiation treatment.
  45. Isospectral- having the same spectrum.
  46. Isocostal- involving equal rib angles.
  47. Isocontour- a line connecting points of equal value.
  48. Isoclinic- related to equal inclination.
  49. Isoviscous- having the same viscosity.
  50. Isotropic- uniform in all orientations.
  51. Isodiametric- having equal diameters.
  52. Isocracy- government where all have equal power.
  53. Isolable- able to be isolated.
  54. Isosurface- a three-dimensional surface of constant value.
  55. Isodose- line on a chart representing equal radiation dose.
  56. Isogonic- having identical angles.
  57. Isobaric- same or constant pressure.
  58. Isomerize- to convert into an isomer.
  59. Isorhythmic- having the same rhythm.
  60. Isobathytherm- a line of equal underwater temperature.
  61. Isopleth- a line on a map connecting points of equal value.
  62. Isohaline- a line of equal salinity.
  63. Isocard- a line on a chart of equal cardiac value.
  64. Isokinetic- movement at a constant speed.
  65. Isodactylism- having equally-sized digits.
  66. Isobath- a line on a map connecting points of equal depth.
  67. Isarithm- a line connecting points of equal value.
  68. Isosceless- a triangle with two equal sides.
  69. Isohypsic- connecting points of equal elevation.
  70. Isoencephal- having a brain of equal mass.
  71. Isofucose- a type of sugar molecule.
  72. Isothermy- a state of constant temperature.
  73. Isodimorphism- having equal forms in different conditions.
  74. Isocytosis- having equal sized cells.
  75. Isoagglutinin- an antibody that reacts with antigens.
  76. Isoabsorption- identical absorption characteristics.
  77. Isodensity- regions of equal density.
  78. Isocorrelation- same correlation coefficient.
  79. Isoperimetric- equal perimeter.
  80. Isovolume- same volume.
  81. Isogrid- grid with equal spacing.
  82. Isoenthalpic- process with constant enthalpy.
  83. Isochor- line of constant volume.
  84. Isogen- a characteristic shared by a geographical area.
  85. Isospin- quantum number related to the strong force.
  86. Isorotational- having rotational symmetry.
  87. Isochlor- line of equal chlorine concentration.
  88. Isotactic- having the same repeating unit.
  89. Isokeraunic- equal thunderstorm activity line.
  90. Isopach- a line of equal thickness within strata.
  91. Isophote- line of equal illumination.
  92. Isobront- line connecting points of simultaneous thunder.
  93. Isopia- equality in visual capability.
  94. Isopod- a type of crustacean.
  95. Isorhythm- equality in rhythm.
  96. Isopycnic- having equal density.
  97. Isocline- line connecting equal incline.
  98. Isallobar- change in atmospheric pressure.
  99. Iso- propyl – molecular group derived from propane.
  100. Isosmotic- having equal osmosis pressure.

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