Words That Start With It – Comprehensive List and Examples

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “it.

  1. Italian- relating to Italy or its people.
  2. Itch- an uncomfortable sensation on the skin.
  3. Item- a distinct part of a list or collection.
  4. Iteration- repetition in a process.
  5. Itinerary- a planned route or journey.
  6. Italic- slanted typeface.
  7. Itself- emphatic form of ‘it.’
  8. Itchy- causing itching sensation.
  9. Itemize- to list items.
  10. Italics- letters slanted to the right for emphasis.
  11. Iterate- to repeat again and again.
  12. Itinerant- traveling from place to place.
  13. Itemization- detailing items individually.
  14. Ithyphallic- an erect phallic shape.
  15. Ithyphallics- artistic representations of an erect phallus.
  16. Iterative- involving repetition.
  17. Italicize- to write in italics.
  18. Itacism- pronunciation based on the Greek “iota.”
  19. Iteratively- in a repetitive manner.
  20. Italo- Byzantine – pertaining to Italian-Byzantine culture.
  21. Itako- traditional blind shaman in Japan.
  22. Italianate- resembling or characteristic of Italy.
  23. Itineraries- plural of itinerary.
  24. Itacistic- relating to itacism.
  25. Italophilia- admiration for Italy or Italians.
  26. Italophobe- one who dislikes Italy or Italians.
  27. Italicisms- linguistic features characteristic of Italian.
  28. Itiander- a fish-human hybrid in mythology.
  29. Ithmus- a narrow neck of land.
  30. Itchy- footed – craving travel.
  31. Italianism- a word borrowed from Italian.
  32. Iterants- individuals who iterate.
  33. Ithyphallically- in a manner related to ithyphallic.
  34. Italomania- excessive enthusiasm for Italy.
  35. Italianizing- making something Italian in style or appearance.
  36. Itchiness- the condition of being itchy.
  37. Italicism- the practice of using italics.
  38. Ittifaq- consensus or agreement in Turkish.
  39. Iterative development- repeating cycle of project development.
  40. Italo- Celtic – pertaining to Italic and Celtic languages.
  41. Ithuriel- a name from literature or mythology.
  42. Itonama- Indigenous people of Bolivia.
  43. Itch- proof – resistant to itching.
  44. Itinerancy- the act of traveling from place to place.
  45. Itchinesses- plural of itchiness.
  46. Itchy- palmed – eager for money.
  47. Italianate architecture- architecture inspired by Italian Renaissance.
  48. Italicization- the process of using italics.
  49. Italico- a Central-American palm tree.
  50. Iterators- those who repeat actions or processes.
  51. Italicist- a scholar of Italic languages.
  52. Itaconic- relating to itaconic acid.
  53. Itelmen- Indigenous people of the Kamchatka Peninsula.
  54. Ithyphallicism- the condition of being ithyphallic.
  55. Italum- a fictional or historical place in reference.
  56. Itinerating- traveling from place to place, especially as a preacher.
  57. Italianism- a feature characteristic of the Italian language.
  58. Iterating- the act of repeating a process or utterance.
  59. Ithurr- a rare surname.
  60. Itemized deductions- specific expenses that reduce taxable income.
  61. Itineration- the act or state of traveling from place to place.
  62. Italianization- the process of adopting Italian culture.
  63. Ital- – prefix denoting Italian origin.
  64. Italianly- in an Italian manner.
  65. Iterational- relating to or marked by iteration.
  66. Itaboraí- a municipality in Brazil.
  67. Iteranting- repeatedly traveling from place to place.
  68. Ituri- a region in northeastern Congo.
  69. Itapúa- a department in Paraguay.
  70. Itogon- a municipality in the Philippines.
  71. Itasca- the headwaters of the Mississippi River.
  72. Itasca County- a county in Minnesota, USA.
  73. Itoigawa- a city in Japan.
  74. Ittihad- unity or union in Arabic.
  75. Itqan- precision or perfection in Arabic.
  76. Itun- a town or place name.
  77. Itanagar- capital of Arunachal Pradesh, India.
  78. Ithaca- a city in New York, or an island in Greece.
  79. Iteroparous- producing offspring multiple times over a lifetime.
  80. Itfaiye- fire brigade in Turkish.
  81. Itterircan- an indigenous community in Alaska.
  82. Itawatts- fictional character or name.
  83. Itarsi- a city in Madhya Pradesh, India.
  84. Itō- a common Japanese surname.
  85. Itylo- an ancient or historical name/place.
  86. Itako- traditional female shamans in Japan.
  87. Iteroparity- the reproductive strategy of iteroparous organisms.
  88. Italy- a country in southern Europe.
  89. Iturbide- surname of a Mexican emperor.
  90. Ithkuil- a constructed language.
  91. Itajan- an indigenous tribe.
  92. Italophone- a person who speaks Italian.

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