Words That Start With Ja: List of Common Words

If you’re curious about words that start with “ja,” this article provides a comprehensive list to enhance your vocabulary.

  1. Jade- a green gemstone.
  2. Jaguar- a large, spotted cat.
  3. Jangle- a clattering or ringing sound.
  4. Javelin- a light spear for throwing.
  5. Jaywalk- cross a street recklessly.
  6. Jamb- the side post of a doorframe.
  7. Jargon- specialized language or lingo.
  8. Jabber- talk rapidly and excitedly.
  9. Jaundice- yellowing of the skin.
  10. Jarring- shocking or clashing.
  11. Jaunt- a short trip or excursion.
  12. Jaws- the bones in the mouth that hold teeth.
  13. Jazz- a type of music with swing and improvisation.
  14. Jaeger- a type of seabird.
  15. Jakob- a male given name.
  16. Jam- a sweet, spreadable fruit preserve.
  17. Jammed- squeezed or packed tightly.
  18. Jamboree- a large festive gathering.
  19. Jab- a quick, sharp hit.
  20. Jack- a device for lifting heavy objects.
  21. Jacket- a short coat.
  22. Jackpot- a large cash prize, especially in gambling.
  23. Jaded- worn out or exhausted.
  24. Jargonize- use jargon.
  25. Jammed- filled to capacity.
  26. Jambalaya- a Cajun rice dish.
  27. Jail- a place of confinement.
  28. Jank- poor quality.
  29. Jargonistic- characterized by jargon.
  30. Jactation- restless tossing in bed.
  31. Jadedly- in a tired or bored manner.
  32. Jamoke- a foolish person.
  33. Jangle- harsh sound.
  34. Jamboree- a large party.
  35. Jawbreaker- a hard candy.
  36. Jauntily- in a lively manner.
  37. Jaggery- unrefined sugar.
  38. Jambes- parts of a suit of armor for the legs.
  39. Jargon- professional language.
  40. Jaundiced- affected by jaundice.
  41. Jay- a type of bird.
  42. Jawed- having jaws.
  43. Jape- to joke or quip.
  44. Jabroni- a foolish person.
  45. Janty- slang for dapper or neat.
  46. Jacal- a small, thatch-roofed house.
  47. Jacana- a wading bird.
  48. Jacobite- a supporter of James II.
  49. Jacquard- a fabric with an intricate, woven pattern.
  50. Jabot- a type of neckwear.
  51. Jacques- a male given name.
  52. Jaculate- to throw or hurl.
  53. Jacobin- a radical revolutionary.
  54. Jacinth- an orange-red gem.
  55. Jazzmen- jazz musicians.
  56. Judaize- to adopt Jewish customs.
  57. Jacamar- a tropical bird.
  58. Jackanapes- a mischievous child.
  59. Jabiru- a large stork.
  60. Jackknife- a large, folding knife.
  61. Jackaroo- a young ranch worker.
  62. Jalousie- a type of window with adjustable slats.
  63. Jactitation- tossing of the body.
  64. James- a common name.
  65. Jamestown- a historic settlement.
  66. Janet- a female given name.
  67. January- the first month of the year.
  68. Janitor- a building caretaker.
  69. Janus- faced – hypocritical or two-faced.
  70. Jacksonville- a city in Florida.
  71. Jasmine- a fragrant flower.
  72. Jackfruit- a large tropical fruit.
  73. Jambeau- leg armor.
  74. Jamestown- a city or settlement.
  75. Jadestone- a type of gem.
  76. Jackdaw- a black and gray bird.
  77. Javelina- a wild pig-like animal.
  78. Jamboree- a large gathering.
  79. Japery- mockery or jesting.
  80. Jawline- the contour of the lower jaw.
  81. Jailhouse- a prison.
  82. Jaeger- a hunter.
  83. Japanese- related to Japan.
  84. Janty- lively or stylish.
  85. Jackrabbit- a fast-running hare.
  86. Jagged- with sharp points.
  87. Janis- a female given name.
  88. Jargonized- filled with jargon.
  89. Jauntily- cheerfully or briskly.
  90. Jasper- an opaque, speckled stone.
  91. Jacquard- woven fabric.
  92. Jazzman- a jazz musician.
  93. Jacaranda- a tropical tree with purple flowers.
  94. Jacketed- having a jacket.
  95. Janky- of poor quality.
  96. Jaybird- a type of songbird.
  97. Jagrup- a variant of the given name.
  98. Jakes- a slang term for an outhouse.
  99. Javelined- attacked with a javelin.
  100. Jaboticaba- a fruit-bearing tree.

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