Words That Start With Je: List and Examples

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “je” to enrich your vocabulary.

  1. Jeep- A small, sturdy motor vehicle with four-wheel drive, used for off-road travel.
  2. Jealous- Feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages.
  3. Jerk- A sudden, sharp movement; a contemptibly foolish person.
  4. Jelly- A fruit-flavored dessert made by setting flavored liquid with gelatin or pectin.
  5. Jell- To congeal or set, become clearer or take shape.
  6. Jeopardize- Put (someone or something) into a situation in which there is a danger of loss, harm, or failure.
  7. Jeopardy- Danger of loss, harm, or failure.
  8. Jest- A thing said or done for amusement; a joke.
  9. Jester- A professional joker or fool at a medieval court.
  10. Jesus- The central figure of Christianity, regarded by Christians as the Son of God sent to Earth to save humanity.
  11. Jet- A rapid stream of liquid or gas forced out of a small opening; a type of aircraft powered by jet engines.
  12. Jettison- To throw or drop something from an aircraft or ship; discard something as unnecessary or burdensome.
  13. Jetty- A landing stage or small pier at which boats can dock or be moored.
  14. Jewel- A precious stone or object used for decoration or showing wealth.
  15. Jeweled- Adorned with jewels.
  16. Jewelry- Decorative items worn for personal adornment, such as rings or necklaces.
  17. Jezebel- A shameless or morally unrestrained woman.
  18. Jejunum- The part of the small intestine between the duodenum and the ileum.
  19. Jeer- To make rude and mocking remarks, typically in a loud voice.
  20. Jeering- Making mocking or taunting remarks.
  21. Jellyfish- A free-swimming marine coelenterate with a jellylike bell- or saucer-shaped body.
  22. Jejune- Naive, simplistic, and superficial.
  23. Jesus- Solemnly or emphatically address God; a religious exclamation.
  24. Jew- A person whose religion is Judaism.
  25. Jewish- Relating to, associated with, or denoting Jews or Judaism.
  26. Jeweler- A person or company that makes, sells, or repairs jewelry and watches.
  27. Jewels- Gems, such as diamonds, sapphires, etc.
  28. Jettisoned- Discarded or abandoned as unnecessary.
  29. Jeeringly- In a derisive or mocking manner.
  30. Jejunitis- Inflammation of the jejunum.
  31. Jessamine- A flowering climbing plant; jasmine.
  32. Jestful- Given to or characterized by joking.
  33. Jestingly- In a joking manner.
  34. Jeeringness- The quality of being jeering or mocking.
  35. Jetted- (Of a liquid or gas) spurted out, discharged.
  36. Jetliner- A large jet aircraft designed for long-distance travel.
  37. Jetsam- Unwanted material or goods that have been thrown overboard from a ship and washed ashore.
  38. Jetsetting- Traveling to multiple destinations in a short period, typically by jet, often for leisure.
  39. Jewelling- The act of adorning with jewels.
  40. Jewess- Archaic term referring to a female Jew.
  41. Jewfish- A large group of coastal fish found in warm waters.
  42. Jettisoning- The action of discarding or throwing overboard.
  43. Jetstreams- High-altitude air currents flowing rapidly from west to east.
  44. Jewelweed- A North American plant with brightly colored flowers.
  45. Jewelleries- Collections of jewelry.
  46. Jealousness- The quality or state of being jealous.
  47. Jellylike- Resembling jelly in consistency or appearance.
  48. Jello- A brand name for a gelatin dessert.
  49. Jettisonable- Capable of being thrown overboard.
  50. Jeoparded- Put in jeopardy or at risk.
  51. Jesse- A biblical character; also a given name.
  52. Jejunostomy- A surgical procedure where a hole is created into the jejunum for enteral feeding.
  53. Jestbook- A book containing jokes or humorous anecdotes.
  54. Jewelbox- A box for holding jewels or small valuables.
  55. Jetblack- Deep black color; often used to describe hair or objects.
  56. Jehad- Also spelled as Jihad, an Islamic term referring to the spiritual struggle against sin.
  57. Jewishness- The quality or state of being Jewish.
  58. Jequirity- The rosary pea; a plant with toxic seeds.
  59. Jetway- A movable walkway connecting an airport gate to an aircraft.
  60. Jejunum- Part of the small intestine in mammals lined with microvilli for nutrient absorption.
  61. Jejunal- Relating to the jejunum part of the small intestine.
  62. Jestingly- In a humorous or playful manner.
  63. Jewry- The Jewish population of an area.
  64. Jezais- Large, matchlock firearms historically used in South Asia.
  65. Jerusalem- A city in the Middle East, significant in Abrahamic religions.
  66. Jetting- Moving forcefully or suddenly; emitting in a stream.
  67. Jerkin- A sleeveless, close-fitting jacket typically worn in the 16th and 17th centuries.
  68. Jetties- Structures extending into a body of water to protect a shoreline or harbor.
  69. Jentacular- Pertaining to a breakfast taken immediately upon getting up.
  70. Jealously- With jealousy; in a manner showing envy.
  71. Jestfulness- The quality of being jestful or prone to jesting.
  72. Jeopardies- Plural form of jeopardy; situations of danger or risk.
  73. Jewelled- Adorned or encrusted with jewels.
  74. Jesuit- A member of the Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic order of priests founded by St. Ignatius Loyola.
  75. Jessie- A given name, often a diminutive of Jessica or a variation of Jesse.
  76. Jetski- A small jet-propelled vehicle that skims across the surface of the water.
  77. Jetport- A large airport designed to accommodate jet aircraft.
  78. Jeweller’s- Refers to a jeweler’s shop or a possessive form referring to items belonging to a jeweler.
  79. Jew dapples- The bright reflections or sparkling light patterns created by jewels.
  80. Jestorian- A historian of humorous or jestful subjects.
  81. Jactitation- A tossing or jerking bodily movement.
  82. Jection- The act of ejecting or throwing out.
  83. Jerquing- The action of examining or searching, particularly related to customs inspection.
  84. Jesses- Straps attached to the legs of a hawk for handling.
  85. Jewground- Ground or property specifically associated with Jewish customs or ownership.
  86. Jeocytotic- Referring to the formation of large cells, often in medical contexts.
  87. Jetfoil- A type of hydrofoil used for fast ferry services.
  88. Jeeringly- Speaking or shouting mockingly.
  89. Jessamine – A vine or shrub used often in perfume for its fragrant flowers.
  90. Jeoparding – Subjecting to risk or danger.
  91. Jetism- Enthusiasm or vogue for jet planes or jet-set lifestyle.
  92. Jested- Spoken or acted in a humorous or playful way.
  93. Jewgrass- Historical term referring to a Jewish-owned grassland or farmland.
  94. Jejunogastric- Relating to both the jejunum and stomach.
  95. Jetteau- Historical term for a water spout or fountain.
  96. Jetmaker- A person involved in the design or production of jets.
  97. Jeoparder- One who puts others at risk or in danger.
  98. Jestful- Playfully humorous.
  99. Jerkwater- Small and unimportant; relating to a small, insignificant town.
  100. Jerome- A given name; often associated with the Christian saint and biblical translator.

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