Words That Start With Ka: Boost Your Vocabulary with These Unique Terms

Discover a variety of words that start with “ka” to enhance your vocabulary and spice up your writing.

  1. Kab- Short taxi ride.
  2. Kabab- Variant of kebab, skewered meat.
  3. Kabaka- King or ruler in some African regions.
  4. Kabala- Jewish mysticism; also spelled ‘Kabbalah.’
  5. Kabarett- German form of satirical cabaret.
  6. Kabaya- Traditional Japanese garment.
  7. Kabbalah- Ancient Jewish mystical tradition.
  8. Kabiki- A type of small Japanese drama.
  9. Kabob- Variant of kebab, cooked meat dish.
  10. Kabuki- Traditional Japanese theater.
  11. Kabuli- Type of chickpea from Kabul.
  12. Kachina- Spirit being in the Pueblo cultures.
  13. Kaddish- Jewish prayer for the dead.
  14. Kadhi- Indian dish made with yogurt and spices.
  15. Kadi- Variant spelling of ‘kadhi.’
  16. Kadota- A variety of fig.
  17. Kafkaesque- Adjective describing surreal distortion and oppressive complexity.
  18. Kaftan- A long, loose garment.
  19. Kagamibiraki- Japanese traditional ceremony of opening the sake barrel.
  20. Kage- Shadow in Japanese.
  21. Kagura- Sacred Shinto music and dance.
  22. Kahlua- Coffee-flavored liqueur.
  23. Kahuna- Hawaiian priest or expert.
  24. Kai- Sea in Hawaiian; food in Maori.
  25. Kaif- State of pleasant drowsiness.
  26. Kaizen- Japanese concept of continuous improvement.
  27. Kaiak- Variant spelling of ‘kayak.’
  28. Kail- Type of cabbage.
  29. Kaiman- Variant of ‘caiman,’ a type of reptile.
  30. Kairos- Opportune moment.
  31. Kaiseki- Traditional Japanese multi-course meal.
  32. Kaiten- Type of sushi restaurant.
  33. Kajal- Makeup used for beautifying eyes in South Asia.
  34. Kakapo- A species of large, flightless, nocturnal parrot.
  35. Kakejiku- Japanese hanging scroll.
  36. Kakemono- Another term for a hanging scroll.
  37. Kaki- Persian word for fruit, commonly used for persimmon.
  38. Kakistocracy- Government by the least qualified or worst persons.
  39. Kalach- Type of East European bread.
  40. Kalahari- A desert in Southern Africa.
  41. Kale- A type of cabbage with green or purple leaves.
  42. Kalends- The first day of the month in the ancient Roman calendar.
  43. Kaleidoscope- A tube containing mirrors and pieces of colored glass.
  44. Kalimba- African musical instrument, also known as a thumb piano.
  45. Kalmia- Genus of evergreen shrubs.
  46. Kalonji- Onion seeds used as spice in Indian cooking.
  47. Kalpa- A long period of time in Hindu and Buddhist cosmology.
  48. Kalsomine- A type of wall coating, similar to whitewash.
  49. Kamado- Type of traditional Japanese stove.
  50. Kamala- Type of Asian tree or its reddish-yellow coloring substance.
  51. Kameez- Long shirt worn in South Asia.
  52. Kamikaze- Japanese term originally describing World War II pilots.
  53. Kana- Japanese syllabary characters.
  54. Kanban- Scheduling system for lean manufacturing.
  55. Kanchil- Small Asian deer, also known as mouse deer.
  56. Kandjar- Turkish word for a curved dagger.
  57. Kanga- East African printed cloth worn as a garment or shawl.
  58. Kaniwa- South American grain, similar to quinoa.
  59. Kanji- Japanese characters of Chinese origin.
  60. Kankles- Lithuanian musical instrument similar to a dulcimer.
  61. Kannada- Language spoken in India.
  62. Kantar- Unit of weight used in the Middle East.
  63. Kantha- Type of embroidery from South Asia.
  64. Kanuka- New Zealand tree, akin to manuka.
  65. Kaolin- A type of fine, white clay used in ceramics.
  66. Kaon- A type of subatomic particle.
  67. Kapok- A silky fiber used in pillows and life jackets.
  68. Kaput- Broken and useless; not functioning.
  69. Karahi- A type of deep, thick, cooking pot.
  70. Karaoke- Singing to recorded music.
  71. Karat- Unit of purity for gold.
  72. Karaage- Japanese technique of deep-frying.
  73. Karass- Group of people linked in a cosmic way.
  74. Karcino- Prefix meaning cancerous.
  75. Karezza- Form of sexual intercourse.
  76. Karma- Concept of action or deed in Indian religions.
  77. Karn- Cornish term for rock pile or tor.
  78. Karoo- Semi-desert natural region in South Africa.
  79. Kaross- Leather article worn as clothing.
  80. Karst- Landscape formed from the dissolution of soluble rocks.
  81. Kart- A small, motorless cart.
  82. Karting- Sport of racing small, engine-equipped vehicles.
  83. Kashruth- Jewish dietary laws; kosher.
  84. Kasha- Buckwheat or any other grain cooked in water.
  85. Kasbah- North African fortress or the older part of a city.
  86. Kasha- Porridge-like mixture used in Eastern European cuisine.
  87. Kashgar- A city in western China.
  88. Kaspar- Male first name.
  89. Katabatic- Pertaining to downslope winds.
  90. Kataifi- Greek dessert made with shredded phyllo.
  91. Katana- Traditional Japanese sword.
  92. Katcina- Variant of ‘kachina.’
  93. Kate- Diminutive form of the name Katherine.
  94. Kathak- North Indian classical dance form.
  95. Katherine- Female first name.
  96. Katmai- National park in Alaska.
  97. Katydids- A family of insects similar to grasshoppers.
  98. Kauri- A type of tree native to New Zealand.
  99. Kava- Pacific herb with sedative properties.
  100. Kayak- Small, narrow watercraft propelled by a double-bladed paddle.

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