Words That Start with Ke: List and Usage

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “ke,” ranging from everyday vocabulary to more uncommon terms.

  1. Keel- The central beam along the bottom of a ship’s hull.
  2. Keen- Eager or enthusiastic.
  3. Keep- To hold or retain.
  4. Keg- A small barrel, typically used for storing beer or other liquids.
  5. Kernel- The inner, usually edible part of a seed or nut.
  6. Kelp- Large brown seaweed.
  7. Kettle- A container used for boiling water.
  8. Keyboard- A set of keys on a piano or computer.
  9. Keyhole- The hole in which a key is inserted.
  10. Keystone- The central, topmost stone of an arch.
  11. Keypad- A set of buttons arranged in a block or a pad.
  12. Keynote- The main idea or theme.
  13. Keeper- A person who manages or looks after something.
  14. Kerosene- A type of fuel oil.
  15. Keening- A wailing lament for the dead.
  16. Ketch- A two-masted sailing vessel.
  17. Kennel- A shelter for a dog or dogs.
  18. Keystroke- A single depression of a key on a keyboard.
  19. Keystone- An essential element.
  20. Kenshi- Swordsman or practitioner of kendo in Japanese martial arts.
  21. Keywords- Words or phrases that capture the essential aspects of a topic.
  22. KERB- Knowledge Exchange Research Board.
  23. Keystores- Repositories for storing cryptographic keys.
  24. Kerygma- The core teaching of the Gospel in Christianity.
  25. Kerosene- A flammable hydrocarbon oil.
  26. Ketose- A sugar containing a ketone group.
  27. Keto- Short for ketogenic, a type of diet.
  28. Kevlar- A strong synthetic fiber used in bulletproof vests.
  29. Kekule- Chemist who proposed benzene had a cyclic structure.
  30. kelvin- The SI base unit of thermodynamic temperature.
  31. Kelpie- A water spirit in Scottish folklore.
  32. Keepsake- A small item kept in memory of the person who gave it.
  33. Kempt- Neatly kept.
  34. Kernelled- Having kernels, as of grain or corn.

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