Words That Start with Kh: A Detailed List

Looking for words that start with “kh”? Look no further—here’s a list to expand your vocabulary!

  1. Khaki- A dull greenish or brownish cloth used for uniforms.
  2. Khalifa- A leader of a Caliphate, successor to the Prophet in Islamic traditions.
  3. Khan- A title for a sovereign or military ruler, especially in central and southeast Asia.
  4. Khamsin- A hot, dry, dusty wind blowing from the desert in North Africa and the Middle East.
  5. Khanda- A double-edged sword used in Indian martial arts.
  6. Khazan- A treasury or storage of valuables, often used in an artistic or historical context.
  7. Khidmatgar- A servant, especially in South Asian households.
  8. Kheda- An enclosure for capturing and keeping wild elephants in India.
  9. Khol- Traditional eye makeup made from soot or other substances.
  10. Khutbah- A sermon, particularly the sermon delivered at Friday prayers in Islam.
  11. Khumar- A state of intoxication or the aftereffects of being drunk.
  12. Khurja- A type of ceramic produced in the town of Khurja in Uttar Pradesh, India.
  13. Khichdi- A South Asian dish made from rice and lentils, often seasoned with spices.
  14. Kharif- The monsoon crop season in South Asia, typically starting in June and ending in October.
  15. Khass- Special or private, often used to denote exclusive or specific in South Asian contexts.
  16. Khayal- A genre of Hindustani classical music characterized by improvisation.
  17. Khazaka- A traditional sand mousetrap used in the Middle East.
  18. Khir- An Indian dessert made by boiling rice with milk and sugar.
  19. Khat- An evergreen shrub whose leaves are chewed for their stimulant effects in East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.
  20. Khamsa- An amulet popular in the Middle East and North Africa, often shaped like a hand with an eye in the center, believed to protect against evil.

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