Words That Start With Ki: Common Examples and Meanings

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “ki” to help you enhance your vocabulary or complete your word puzzles.

  1. Kibble- Pet food, usually for dogs or cats.
  2. Kidnap- Abduct someone and hold them captive.
  3. Kindness- The quality of being friendly and considerate.
  4. Kinetic- Relating to or resulting from motion.
  5. Kilt- A traditional Scottish garment.
  6. Kingdom- A country ruled by a king or queen.
  7. Kiosk- A small stand offering goods or services.
  8. Kindred- One’s family and relations.
  9. Kindle- To light or set on fire.
  10. Kitten- A young cat.
  11. Kickoff- The start of a game or event.
  12. Kingly- Royal or majestically.
  13. Kinky- Unconventional sexual preferences.
  14. Kilter- Good condition; order.
  15. Kinsfolk- Relatives or family.
  16. Kitchen- A room used to prepare food.
  17. Killjoy- A person who spoils others’ fun.
  18. Kirsch- A clear, fruit brandy.
  19. Kibitz- To offer unwanted advice.
  20. Kindly- In a kind manner.
  21. Kinesis- Movement or activity of an organism in response to a stimulus.
  22. Kinship- Connection by blood, marriage, or adoption.
  23. Kitbag- A bag used by soldiers or travelers.
  24. Kingpin- The most important person in an organization.
  25. Kineticist- A person who studies or practices kinetics.
  26. Kickstand- A support for a motorcycle or bicycle.
  27. Kindling- Small sticks or twigs used for starting a fire.
  28. Killifish- Small fish found in fresh or brackish water.
  29. Kinematograph- An early motion-picture camera.
  30. Kinkajou- A nocturnal mammal found in Central and South America.
  31. Kishke- A traditional Jewish sausage.
  32. Kingship- The position or authority of a king.
  33. Kinesiology- The study of body movement.
  34. Kilterless- Out of order or alignment.
  35. Kirmess- A festival or fair.
  36. Kinetochore- A protein structure on chromatids.
  37. Kip- A unit of weight equal to 1,000 pounds.
  38. Kidding- Teasing or joking.
  39. Kiekie- A Polynesian climbing plant.
  40. Killable- Capable of being killed.
  41. Kiln- A furnace or oven for burning, baking, or drying something.
  42. Kinsman- A male relative.
  43. Kirtle- A long dress or outer garment worn by women.
  44. Kinetoscope- An early motion picture exhibition device.
  45. Kiddo- Informal term for a child.
  46. Kiwifruit- A small fruit with fuzzy brown skin and green flesh.
  47. Killifare- A rare or uncommon plant species.
  48. Kinetosis- Motion sickness.
  49. Kit- A set of tools or equipment.
  50. Kinescope- An early television picture tube.
  51. Kilobit- A unit of digital information equal to 1,024 bits.
  52. Kettle- A container for boiling water.
  53. Ketch- A two-masted sailing boat.
  54. Kidney- An organ that filters blood in the body.
  55. Kinda- Informal way of saying “kind of.”
  56. Kieye- A local name for a type of fish found in certain regions.
  57. Kith- One’s friends or acquaintances.
  58. Kilterless- Out of harmony or balance.
  59. Kimono- A traditional Japanese garment.
  60. Kirtan- A form of musical worship.
  61. Killdeer- A type of bird known for its distinctive call.
  62. Kickoff- The initial event, activity, or game in a series.
  63. Kimberlite- A type of igneous rock that may contain diamonds.
  64. Kink- A twist or curl, especially one caused by a bend.
  65. Keepsake- An item kept as a reminder of a person or event.
  66. Kidneyish- Relating to the kidney.
  67. Kineticist- An expert in kinetics.
  68. Kirchhoff- The name of a mathematician known for circuit laws.
  69. Kingsnake- A type of nonvenomous snake.
  70. Kitset- A set of parts to be assembled.
  71. Kilojoule- A unit of energy equal to 1,000 joules.
  72. Kilo- Prefix meaning one thousand.
  73. Kinglet- A small bird or a minor king.
  74. Kibble- Coarse ground meal.
  75. Kinescope- Historic technique for recording television programs.
  76. Klimt- Referring to Gustav Klimt, the famous artist.
  77. Kindling- Easily combustible small twigs or sticks.
  78. Kingcup- Another name for the buttercup flower.
  79. Kilim- A type of flat-woven carpet or rug.
  80. Kin- One’s family and relations.
  81. Kilocalorie- A unit of measurement of energy in food.
  82. Kiwibird- A flightless bird native to New Zealand.
  83. Kipling- Referring to Rudyard Kipling, the famous writer.
  84. Kill- To cause the death of a living organism.
  85. Kist- A chest or box for storing valuables.
  86. Kink- A flaw or imperfection in something.
  87. Kithara- An ancient Greek musical instrument.
  88. Kite- A light frame covered with paper or cloth, flown in the wind.
  89. Kinescope- An early device for viewing motion pictures.
  90. Kif- A state of dreamy contentment.
  91. Kiltie- A style of shoe or a person wearing a kilt.
  92. Kithara- Ancient lyre of Greece.
  93. Kiwifruit- Edible berry of the woody vine Actinidia.
  94. Kidology- The art or practice of fooling someone.
  95. Kivu- A region in Central Africa.
  96. Kitsch- Art or objects characterized by garishness and tastelessness.
  97. Kinesics- The study of body motion as related to communication.
  98. Kielbasa- A type of Polish sausage.
  99. Kitharode- Ancient Greek singer or musician.
  100. Kinesthesis- Sensation of movement or strain in muscles.

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