Words That Start with Ko: Common Examples

In this article, you will discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “ko,” perfect for expanding your vocabulary or acing that word game.

  1. Kobold- A mythical goblin-like creature.
  2. Kobza- A traditional Ukrainian stringed instrument.
  3. Koinonia- Christian fellowship or communion.
  4. Kolache- A type of pastry filled with fruit or cheese.
  5. Kola- A West African tree that produces nuts used in drinks.
  6. Kolkhoz- A Soviet collective farm.
  7. Kolinsky- A type of weasel known for its thick fur.
  8. Kolloid- Another term for a colloid (a mixture).
  9. Kombucha- A fermented drink made with tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast.
  10. Komondor- A breed of large Hungarian sheepdog.
  11. Konfetti- Small pieces of colored paper used as decoration, especially in celebrations.
  12. Kookaburra- An Australian bird known for its distinctive laugh-like call.
  13. KOOK- A slang term meaning an eccentric or strange person.
  14. Koto- A traditional Japanese stringed instrument.
  15. Kotwal- An Indian police officer or magistrate.
  16. Kowtow- To act obsequiously, as in kneeling and touching the ground with the forehead.
  17. Koine- A common dialect or language used in ancient Greece.
  18. Kodiak- A large bear species found in Alaska.
  19. Korma- An Indian dish made with meat or vegetables cooked in a rich, creamy sauce.
  20. Kofta- A dish consisting of minced meat or vegetables shaped into balls.
  21. Kolkhoznik- A farmer in the Soviet Union working on a kolkhoz.
  22. Kokanee- A landlocked form of sockeye salmon.
  23. Kookaboom- A booming call made by a kookaburra.
  24. Korti- A traditional women’s garment in South Asia.
  25. Koru- A spiral shape based on the shape of a new unfurling silver fern frond in New Zealand.
  26. Kowhai- A small tree from New Zealand with yellow flowers.
  27. Koan- A paradoxical statement or question used in Zen Buddhism to provoke reflection.
  28. Kobong- An Indonesian term for a fish nursery.
  29. Kogan- A Japanese term for someone with immense talent.
  30. Komik- A comic book or graphic novel.
  31. Kozak- A member of a people from Eastern Europe, known particularly for being part of military communities.
  32. Komorebi- Japanese for sunlight filtering through the leaves of trees.
  33. Konya- A city in Turkey known for its cultural heritage.
  34. Kolinsky- Fine paintbrushes made from the fur of Kolinsky weasels.
  35. Korma- A mildly spiced Indian curry.
  36. Koigi- A Scandinavian surname.
  37. Koinobori- Decorative carp-shaped windsocks flown in Japan.
  38. Kognos- A surname from the Mediterranean region.
  39. Koogal- A town in Australia.
  40. Kollossus- A large statue.
  41. Kovsh- A traditional Russian drinking vessel.
  42. Kokos- The Slovak word for coconut.
  43. Kozar- A shepherd in South Slavic regions.
  44. Koete- “Beyond” in Esperanto.
  45. Kolyva- A dish made of wheat and sugar used in Eastern Orthodox memorial services.
  46. Korewa- A Maori term for a weaving technique.
  47. Kofa- A small storage chest or box in Nigeria.
  48. Korino- A fabric made of mixed fibers.
  49. Kodak- A brand of cameras and film.
  50. Konpeito- Japanese sugar candy.
  51. Koikoi- A card game similar to HanaIho.
  52. Kokoshnik- A traditional Russian head-dress worn by women.
  53. Koza- The Slovak word for goat.
  54. Koan- A Zen Buddhist riddle.
  55. Koseki- Japanese family registry.
  56. Koraka- The Maori word for crow or raven.
  57. Kobza- An Eastern European lute.
  58. Kome- The Japanese word for rice.
  59. Kogyo- Industrial enterprise in Japanese.
  60. Kokako- A New Zealand bird.
  61. Kormos- A type of Hungarian dessert.
  62. Kouk- A term from Khmer, meaning a dry reservoir.
  63. Koiea- A Pacific island plant.
  64. Kofun- Ancient Japanese burial mounds.
  65. Kokoi- A Polynesian form of martial art.
  66. Korzo- A promenade or pedestrian street in Eastern Europe.
  67. Kore- An archaic Greek statue of a young woman.
  68. Koko- Hawaii pigeon term for blood or family.
  69. Koudou- A Japanese term for funeral rites.
  70. Kobal- An archaic Czech term for a tomb.
  71. Kolyma- A river in Siberia known for its harsh gulag camps.
  72. Kolar- A measure of land area in India.
  73. Kottabos- An ancient Greek drinking game.
  74. Kolo- A Slavic dance.
  75. Kooka- Slang term for Kookaburra.
  76. Koya- A commune in Japan.
  77. Kokum- A tropical fruit.
  78. Kokra- A Slovenian river.
  79. Kovalev- A Russian surname.
  80. Kogaion- A mountain in Dacia, sacred to the Geto-Dacians.
  81. Koiari- A language spoken in Papua New Guinea.
  82. Kogi- A Colombian indigenous group.
  83. Korsak- A small fox.
  84. Kobito- A mythical Japanese dwarf.
  85. Kogui- An indigenous group in Colombia.
  86. Kodaly- A Hungarian composer.
  87. Kokubo- A Japanese surname.
  88. Kokoro- Japanese for “heart” or “spirit”.
  89. Kooky- Strange or eccentric.
  90. Koshka- Russian for “cat”.
  91. Kofungun- A group of people who built ancient Japanese burial mounds.
  92. Kogarah- A suburb in Sydney, Australia.
  93. Kotatsu- A Japanese heated table.
  94. Kogatana- A small utility knife used in Japan.
  95. Komoregi- Japanese for “light scaaa
  96. Kommando- A military or law enforcement command unit.
  97. Kokoretsi- A Greek dish made from sweetbreads.
  98. Koolaid- A powdered drink mix.
  99. Kongo- A traditional Congolese kingdom.
  100. Kopeck- A Russian coin.

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