Words That Start with Ku: Complete List and Meanings

Discover a list of unique and interesting words that start with “ku” to expand your vocabulary and enhance your understanding of this letter combination.

  1. Kudo- Praise or acclaim.
  2. Kudzu- A fast-growing Asian vine.
  3. Kukri- A curved Nepalese knife.
  4. Kummel- A caraway-flavored liqueur.
  5. Kumquat- A small, tart citrus fruit.
  6. Kurgan- An ancient burial mound.
  7. Kurta- A long shirt worn in South Asia.
  8. Kutcha- Temporary or semi-permanent structures.
  9. Kuvasz- A large Hungarian dog breed.
  10. Kulfi- Traditional Indian ice cream.
  11. Kujawiak- A Polish folk dance.
  12. Kumi- A Japanese unit of weight.
  13. Kudoing- Giving praise.
  14. Kumiss- A fermented dairy drink.

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