Words That Start With Lea: Definitions & Examples

Discover a wide range of words that start with “lea” and boost your vocabulary effortlessly.

  1. Lead- to guide or be at the front.
  2. Leader- a person who leads.
  3. Leadership- the action of leading a group.
  4. Leaf- a flat, typically green plant organ.
  5. Leaflet- a small leaf or a booklet.
  6. Leaky- allowing liquid to escape.
  7. Leach- to drain away from soil, ash, or similar material.
  8. Leaden- dull, heavy, or slow.
  9. Leading- at the forefront or most important.
  10. League- a collection of people, countries, or groups that combine for mutual protection or cooperation.
  11. Leaky- allowing water or other liquids to enter or escape.
  12. Leaper- one who jumps or leaps.
  13. Leash- a cord used to restrain or guide an animal.
  14. Least- smallest in size, amount, degree, etc.
  15. Leasing- the act of granting a lease.
  16. Leaven- a substance, such as yeast, used to produce fermentation in dough.
  17. Leant- past tense of lean, to incline or bend.
  18. Leaves- plural of leaf.
  19. Leer- to look in an unpleasant or malicious way.
  20. Learned- having much knowledge; scholarly.
  21. Learning- acquiring knowledge or skills.
  22. Leather- a material made from animal skin.
  23. Leaky- permitting liquid to pass through.
  24. Leap- to jump or spring a long way.
  25. Leaping- the action of jumping.
  26. Leaden- dull, heavy, or slow.
  27. Leafy- having many leaves or covered with leaves.
  28. Leeward- the direction downwind from the point of reference.
  29. Leaguer- a member of a league.
  30. Leasehold- a property held under a lease.
  31. Leafage- the collective leaves of a plant.
  32. Leeway- an allowable margin of freedom.
  33. Leavening- an agent used in baking dough to make it rise.
  34. Leasing- renting a property.
  35. Legato- in a smooth, flowing manner without breaks.
  36. Leagued- forming a league or alliance.
  37. Leavings- things that are left over; scraps.
  38. Leanness- the quality or state of being thin.
  39. Leaflike- resembling a leaf in appearance or function.
  40. Learner- one who is learning.
  41. Leapfrog- a game in which players vault over each other’s bent backs.
  42. Leafmold- decayed organic matter from fallen leaves.
  43. Leadman- a worker who is a lead worker.
  44. Leaning- a tendency or partiality of a particular kind.
  45. Leaffall- the shedding of leaves from trees.
  46. Lear- to learn or teach.
  47. Leasing- periodical renting or hiring.
  48. Leafhopper- a small plant-feeding insect.
  49. Leadwork- articles made of lead.
  50. Leafroller- an insect that rolls leaves to lay eggs.
  51. Leaguered- besiege or surround with troops.
  52. Leapingly- with quick, energetic movements.
  53. Leagued- banded together.
  54. Leaper- someone or something that leaps.
  55. Leafleted- distributed leaflets.
  56. Leafmould- decayed leaves forming a layer on the ground.
  57. Learnable- capable of being learned.
  58. Leashes- plural of leash.
  59. Leans- to incline toward.
  60. Leapfrogging- jumping over as in the game leapfrog.
  61. Leadenly- in a heavy or sluggish manner.
  62. Leafstalk- the stalk that joins a leaf to a plant stem.
  63. Leeched- to drain or leach away.
  64. Leadingly- in a leading or guiding manner.
  65. Lean- to – a temporary shelter.
  66. Leafminers- pests that eat leaf tissues.
  67. Leaper- to jump or spring forcefully.
  68. Leashless- without a leash.
  69. Leachable- capable of being leached.
  70. Leafbird- a type of songbird.
  71. Learners- people who are learning.
  72. Leadoff- the start of something.
  73. Leafstorm- a storm blowing and scattering leaves.
  74. Leanest- thinnest, angling the most.
  75. Leadworks- factories where lead is processed.
  76. Leaguewise- in the manner of a league.
  77. Leafiness- the condition of having many leaves.
  78. Leafiness- the trait of having or resembling leaves in abundance.
  79. Leaftailed- having a tail resembling a leaf.
  80. Leachable- capable of being extracted.
  81. Leadup- the period preceding an important event.
  82. Leaflets- small leaflets or brochures.
  83. Leerily- in a suspicious or wary manner.
  84. Leanly- thinly, without fat.
  85. Leafstalks- plural of leafstalk.
  86. Leafiest- having the most foliage.
  87. Leafmold- soil composed chiefly of decayed leaves.
  88. Leam- to shine, gleam.
  89. Leafcutters- ants that cut leaves.
  90. Leafage- the collective foliage of a plant.
  91. Leander- a mythological character.
  92. Leaguerer- one who besieges.
  93. Lean- to – a simple shelter with a single-pitched roof.
  94. Leavings- leftovers, remnants.
  95. Leapable- capable of being jumped over.
  96. Learners- individuals engaged in learning.
  97. Leafhoppers- plant-feeding insects.
  98. Leachates- solutions resulting from leaching.
  99. Leafstorm- heavy, swirling fall of leaves.

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