Words That Start with LL: Enhance Your Vocabulary with Unique Letter Combinations

Discover a unique set of Spanish-derived words that start with “ll” and enrich your vocabulary today.

  1. Llama- A domesticated South American animal with long legs and neck, used for its wool and as a pack animal.
  2. Llano- A treeless, expansive plain found in the Spanish-speaking regions of the Americas.
  3. Llevar- A Spanish verb meaning to carry or to wear.
  4. Llama- A domesticated South American camelid, often used as a beast of burden.
  5. Llanta- Spanish term for tire.
  6. Llegar- Spanish verb meaning to arrive or to reach.
  7. Llenar- Spanish for filling something up.
  8. Llover- Spanish verb that means to rain.
  9. Llorar- Spanish verb for to cry.
  10. Llorón- Spanish adjective/noun for weeping or a crybaby.
  11. Llave- Spanish word for key.
  12. Llano- Spanish for plain or flat terrain.
  13. Llaga- Spanish for sore or ulcer.
  14. Llamativo- Spanish adjective meaning striking or flashy.
  15. Lluvia- Spanish for rain.
  16. Lleal- Catalan for loyal or legal.
  17. Llampuga- A type of fish, known as mahi-mahi or dorado, common in warmer waters.
  18. Llangosto- Catalan word for lobster.
  19. Llevarse- Spanish verb phrase which means to get along or to carry away.
  20. Llibre- Catalan for book.
  21. Lloc- Catalan for place or location.
  22. Llosa- Catalan and Spanish for slab or flat stone.
  23. Lloreria- A Spanish term for a place where crying is frequent.
  24. Llanura- Spanish word for a large, flat, open grassland.
  25. Llavero- Spanish for key ring.
  26. Llamarada- Spanish term for a flare or blaze.
  27. Llave inglesa- Spanish for wrench, specifically an adjustable wrench.
  28. Llera- Spanish for the bed of a river or stream.
  29. Lleida- A city in Catalonia, Spain.
  30. Llena- Spanish feminine form of full.
  31. Lleno- Spanish masculine form of full.
  32. Llenura- Spanish for fullness or completeness.
  33. Llevar a cabo- Spanish phrase meaning to carry out or accomplish.
  34. Llover a cántaros- Spanish idiom meaning to rain heavily, literally “to rain jugs”.
  35. Lloriqueo- Spanish for whining or whimpering.
  36. Lloroso- Spanish for tearful.
  37. Llameante- Spanish for flaming or blazing.
  38. Llamador- Spanish for a knocker, as on a door.
  39. Llamamiento- Spanish for an appeal or call, especially to public.
  40. Llamativo- Something that is conspicuous or attractive.
  41. Llavín- Spanish colloquial term for small key.
  42. Llanta- The word for wheel rim or tire in some Spanish-speaking regions.
  43. Llevar adelante- Spanish for to move forward or to carry forward.
  44. Llevarse bien- Spanish phrase meaning to get along well.
  45. Lleve- Spanish command form of llevar (to carry, to wear).
  46. Llover perros y gatos- Spanish humorous take on the English idiom “to rain cats and dogs”.
  47. Lloro- Spanish noun for crying.
  48. Llamero- Spanish for a keeper or breeder of llamas.
  49. Llamativo- Spanish for striking or attractive.
  50. Llanamente- Spanish adverb meaning plainly or flatly.
  51. Llagar- A place where cider is made, especially in Spain.
  52. Llamar- Spanish for to call.
  53. Llanta- Rubber tire in some Latin American countries.
  54. Llave maestra- Master key in Spanish.
  55. Llevar contabilidad- To keep accounts, in Spanish.
  56. Llover a mares- Spanish idiom meaning to rain very heavily.
  57. Llana- A tool for smoothing in masonry, also can mean plain or flat in Spanish.
  58. Lliderazgo- Leadership in Spanish.
  59. Llay- Leaf in Quechua.
  60. Lle- Variant of lle in some dialects, carrying the same idea as llevar or to carry.
  61. Llenador- Filler in Spanish.
  62. Llenamente- Fully in Spanish.
  63. Llenura- Fullness or wholeness in Spanish.
  64. Llevadero- Bearable in Spanish.
  65. Llevanza- Carrying or management in Spanish.
  66. Llevar a la práctica- Put into practice in Spanish.
  67. Llover copiosamente- To rain copiously in Spanish.
  68. Llorar a lágrima viva- To cry intensely in Spanish.
  69. Lloriquear- To whine or whimper in Spanish.
  70. Llosar- A type of fish similar to a herring in some regions.
  71. Llag- Scots word for hollow, depression, or pond.
  72. Llamadizo- Attractive or eye-catching in Spanish.
  73. Llamar la atención- To attract attention in Spanish.
  74. Llambel- An architectural helm seen in European heraldry.
  75. Llamingue- (Phoenicopterus chilensis) or Chilean Flamingo.
  76. Llampo- Lightning or flash in Catalonian.
  77. Llanero- A plainsman particular of the Venezuelan and Colombian plains.
  78. Llanisco- Related to small plains or flat areas in Spanish.
  79. Llanura- Steppe or plain land in Spanish.
  80. Llapa- Clump or chunk in Quechua.
  81. Llar- Home or hearth in Catalan and Spanish.
  82. Llardear- To chubby or fat in Spanish informally.
  83. Llebere- Rare variant for wild species in medieval scripts.
  84. Llenazo- Crowded to capacity, generally used in Spanish theaters or events.
  85. Lleno- Full in Spanish.
  86. Llentísimo- Very slow in Spanish.
  87. Lleo- Full in Catalan.
  88. Lleó- Lion in Catalan.
  89. Lleuda- A city variant for Lleida when referring to ancient times.
  90. Llindar- Threshold or border in Catalan.
  91. Lliquella- A type of cape or cloak in Spanish historical texts.
  92. Llissa- Smooth or plain in Catalonian.
  93. Lloa- Praise or commendation in Spanish.
  94. Llobarro- Sea bass in Catalan.
  95. Lloc- Place or location in Catalan.
  96. Lloca- Crazy or insane in Catalan.

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