Words That Start With Lo: Enhance Your Vocabulary Easily

Discover a variety of words starting with “lo” that can enhance your vocabulary and improve your language skills.

  1. Locale- A place or area.
  2. Local- Relating to a specific area or region.
  3. Locomotive- A powered rail vehicle used for pulling trains.
  4. Lock- A device for securing a door, container, etc.
  5. Loyal- Faithful to commitments or obligations.
  6. Lobster- A large marine crustacean with a robust body and claws.
  7. Locate- To find the position of something.
  8. Loft- A room or space directly under the roof, usually in a barn or house.
  9. Log- A part of the trunk or a large branch of a felled tree.
  10. Logic- Reasoning conducted according to strict principles of validity.
  11. Lonely- Sad because one has no friends or company.
  12. Longevity- Long life or existence.
  13. Look- Direct one’s gaze toward someone or something.
  14. Loop- A shape produced by a curve that bends around and crosses itself.
  15. Loose- Not firmly or tightly fixed in place.
  16. Lord- Someone having authority, control, or power over others.
  17. Lore- A body of traditions and knowledge on a subject.
  18. Loss- The fact or process of losing something or someone.
  19. Lottery- A means of raising money by selling numbered tickets and giving prizes to the holders of numbers drawn at random.
  20. Lounge- A public room in a hotel, airport, theater, etc., for sitting and relaxing.
  21. Lout- An uncouth and aggressive man or boy.
  22. Lovely- Exquisitely beautiful.
  23. Low- Of less than average height from top to bottom or to the top from the ground.
  24. Lower- To let or put down.
  25. Loyalist- A person who remains loyal to the established ruler or government, especially in the face of a revolt.
  26. Lobotomy- A surgical operation involving incision into the prefrontal lobe of the brain.
  27. Localize- To restrict something to a particular place.
  28. Locution- A word or phrase, especially with regard to style or idiom.
  29. Logger- A person who fells trees, cuts them into logs, or transports them to a sawmill.
  30. Logistic- Related to the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation.
  31. Lollygag- To spend time aimlessly or idly.
  32. Longhand- Handwritten text, especially cursive writing.
  33. Lookout- A person stationed to keep watch for danger or trouble.
  34. Loophole- An ambiguity or inadequacy in the law or a set of rules that can be exploited.
  35. Loquacious- Tending to talk a great deal; talkative.
  36. Lordship- The authority or power of a lord; territory ruled by a lord.
  37. Lounge- An act or instance of lying, sitting, or leaning in a relaxed or lazy manner.
  38. Loveseat- A small sofa designed to accommodate two people.
  39. Loyalty- A strong feeling of support or allegiance.
  40. Locomotion- The movement or the ability to move from one place to another.
  41. Longitude- The angular distance of a place east or west of the meridian at Greenwich, England.
  42. Lopsided- With one side lower or smaller than the other.
  43. Lotion- A thick, smooth liquid preparation designed to be applied to the skin for medicinal or cosmetic purposes.
  44. Lozenge- A small, flavored tablet made for sore throats.
  45. Locomotor- Relating to movement or the ability to move.
  46. Loyalize- To make or become loyal.
  47. Lovelorn- Unhappy because of unrequited love.
  48. Loath- Reluctant; unwilling.
  49. Lovage- A tall perennial plant of the parsley family, with leaves that are used as a herb.
  50. Loam- A fertile soil of clay and sand containing humus.
  51. Lobby- A hall or other open area in a building used by the public, typically a hotel or office building.
  52. Lode- A vein of metal ore in the earth.
  53. Lodge- A small country house or cottage.
  54. Lofty- Of imposing height; especially impressively tall.
  55. Loggia- A gallery or room with one or more open sides, especially one that forms part of a house and has one side open to the garden.
  56. Lolly- A sweet candy, especially hard candy on a stick; lollipop.
  57. Loneliness- Sadness because one has no friends or company.
  58. Longshore- Along the shore.
  59. Lookalike- A person or thing that closely resembles another, especially someone who looks very similar to a famous person.
  60. Loon- A large North American diving bird, famous for its haunting calls.
  61. Loopback- A method of sending data.
  62. Loosely- Not firmly or tightly secured.
  63. Lorgnette- A pair of glasses or opera glasses held in front of a person’s eyes by a long handle.
  64. Losable- Capable of being lost.
  65. Lossless- Compressing data without loss of information.
  66. Lowborn- Of humble birth.
  67. Lowermost- Farthest down.
  68. Lowland- Area of land that is level or not very elevated.
  69. Loyalism- Loyalty to an existing government, political party, or sovereign, especially during a time of revolt.
  70. Lowly- Low in status or importance; humble.
  71. Low- pressure – Involving low or reduced pressure in meteorology or experiences.
  72. Low- rise – Describing buildings having only a few stories and not exceeding a certain height.
  73. Low- tech – Not involving or using modern or sophisticated technology.
  74. Lowdown- The true facts or relevant information about something.
  75. Lowlight- A particular feature or event regarded as undesirable or disappointing.
  76. Low- paid – Receiving little monetary compensation for labor.
  77. Low- set – Built close to the ground.
  78. Lox- A fillet of brined salmon.
  79. Loyalty card- A card issued by a retailer to allow customers to save money on the basis of their loyalty.
  80. Lodestar- A star that is used to guide the course of a ship, especially Polaris.
  81. Lodicule- One of the small, scale-like structures at the base of the ovary in grass flowers.
  82. Loggerhead- A stupid person; an idiot.
  83. Logjam- A blockage or deadlock that halts progress or movement.
  84. Logline- A brief summary of a television program, film, or book.
  85. Loiter- Stand or wait around without apparent purpose.
  86. Lollipop- A sweet candy on a stick.
  87. Lolloping- Movement characterized by heavy, awkward bouncing or a clumsy, uncoordinated gait.
  88. Longboat- A large seagoing boat carried by ships in the 18th and 19th centuries.
  89. Longitude- Angular distance measured west or east from the prime meridian.
  90. Longleaf- Pertaining to a type of pine known for its very long needle-like leaves.
  91. Long- lasting – Continuing for a long duration of time.
  92. Long- legged – Having unusually long legs.
  93. Long- suffering – Patiently enduring lasting injury, trouble, or provocation.
  94. Long- term – Lasting, extending over, or intended to extend over a long period.
  95. Looker- Informal term for a very attractive person.
  96. Loom- To appear as a shadowy form, especially of imposing size.
  97. Loose- leaf – Composed of sheets of paper that are not bound in place but are often organized in a binder.
  98. Lopsidedness- The characteristic of being uneven or unbalanced.
  99. Loricate- Enclosed within a protective case or shell.
  100. Lowbrow- Not highly intellectual or cultured.

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