Words That Start With Lu: A Handy List

Discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “lu” to enrich your vocabulary and enhance your language skills.

  1. Luminous- emitting or reflecting light
  2. Lurk- to lie hidden, ready to ambush
  3. Lullaby- a soothing song to help a baby sleep
  4. Lunatic- an insane person
  5. Lucrative- producing a great deal of profit
  6. Lunch- a meal eaten in the middle of the day
  7. Luminous- full of or emitting light
  8. Lumber- move in a slow, heavy, awkward way
  9. Lump- a compact mass of a substance
  10. Luster- a gentle sheen or soft glow
  11. Luxury- great comfort and extravagant living
  12. Luminous- bright or shining
  13. Luminous- filled with light
  14. Lurid- very vivid in color, often creating an unpleasantly harsh effect
  15. Lure- to tempt or attract with the promise of something good
  16. Lukewarm- only moderately warm; tepid
  17. Lush- growing luxuriantly
  18. Lunar- pertaining to the moon
  19. Lubricate- to apply oil or grease to minimize friction
  20. Ludicrous- so absurd it’s laughable
  21. Lunge- a sudden forward thrust
  22. Lucid- clear and easy to understand
  23. Lust- a very strong desire
  24. Lull- a temporary pause or decline in activity
  25. Lumpen- (informal) boorish and stupid
  26. Luscious- rich, sweet, and delicious
  27. Luncheon- a formal lunch
  28. Luggage- suitcases or other bags for traveling
  29. Luthier- a maker of stringed instruments
  30. Lubricant- a substance used to reduce friction
  31. Lunar- related to the moon
  32. Lurid- shocking and sensational
  33. Lustrum- a period of five years
  34. Luminous- shining brightly
  35. Lumen- a unit of luminous flux
  36. Lunula- the pale crescent-shaped area at the base of a fingernail
  37. Lute- a stringed instrument with a long neck
  38. Lunette- a type of windshield
  39. Lurk- wait in hiding to attack
  40. Lunge- sudden forward movement
  41. Lobotomy- surgical incision into the prefrontal lobe of the brain
  42. Lucubration- laborious work or study, especially at night
  43. Luster- a shine or sheen, especially from reflected light
  44. Luggage- bags or suitcases for travel
  45. Luminary- a person who inspires or influences others
  46. Lustrate- to purify ceremonially
  47. Luzon- the largest island in the Philippines
  48. Lumen- an opening or passageway
  49. Lurch- to make an abrupt, unsteady movement
  50. Lustre- another spelling for luster
  51. Luminance- the quality of being luminous
  52. Lummox- a clumsy, stupid person
  53. Lusory- pertaining to play or games
  54. Luridness- shockingly sensational
  55. Lumberjack- a person who cuts down trees for timber
  56. Lustrum- a period of five years
  57. Lungful- as much as a lung can hold
  58. Lustful- having strong sexual desires
  59. Luau- a Hawaiian feast
  60. Lunation- a complete cycle of the moon
  61. Luthier- a maker of stringed instruments
  62. Lobster- a type of large marine crustacean
  63. Lucency- brightness; clearness
  64. Luteal- relating to the corpus luteum
  65. Lupin- a type of flowering plant
  66. Luau- Hawaiian feast with entertainment
  67. Lubber- a big, clumsy person
  68. Luridness- the quality of being shocking
  69. Lumpish- heavy and awkward
  70. Lushness- richness and abundance
  71. Lumenal- related to a lumen
  72. Lumpy- full of lumps
  73. Lunisolar- relating to or caused by both the moon and the sun
  74. Lutein- a type of carotenoid found in leafy greens
  75. Lunes- shapes resembling a crescent moon
  76. Luthier- a maker of stringed instruments, especially guitars
  77. Lubricity- smoothness or slipperiness
  78. Lupanar- an ancient Roman brothel
  79. Lusterware- ceramic articles with an iridescent metallic glaze
  80. Lucre- money, especially when regarded as sordid or distasteful
  81. Lull- to calm or send to sleep
  82. Lurcher- a crossbred dog, commonly used by poachers
  83. Lux- a unit of illumination
  84. Lusophone- Portuguese-speaking
  85. Luteolin- a yellow crystalline compound
  86. Lucidity- clarity of expression; intelligibility
  87. Luridly- in a shockingly vivid or sensational manner
  88. Luniform- shaped like a crescent or half-moon
  89. Lumpectomy- surgical removal of a lump from the breast
  90. Lustration- purification via ceremonial means
  91. Lulu- an outstanding example of a particular kind of person
  92. Lustiness- full of vigor and strength; healthy robustness
  93. Lumpishness- clumsiness; awkwardness
  94. Luminiferous- emitting or producing light
  95. Lumbago- pain in the lower back
  96. Lunular- crescent-shaped
  97. Luridness- vividness creating an unpleasant effect
  98. Lusterless- lacking brightness or shine
  99. Lunisolar- pertaining to both the moon and the sun
  100. Lustrum- a five-year period in ancient Rome

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