Words That Start With Ly: Examples and Definitions

If you’re looking for words that start with “ly,” you’ll find a comprehensive list right here!

  1. Lyric- Poetic or song-like expression.
  2. Lysol- A brand of cleaning product.
  3. Lymph- Fluid containing white blood cells.
  4. Lyrical- Expressing emotions in a beautiful way.
  5. Lychee- A sweet, tropical fruit.
  6. Lyricist- A person who writes words for songs.
  7. Lyceum- A hall for public lectures or concerts.
  8. Lycra- A stretchy, synthetic fabric.
  9. Lytic- Pertaining to cellular disintegration.
  10. Lyman- A surname of various origins.
  11. Lycopene- A red pigment in tomatoes.
  12. Lysosome- Organelle in cells digesting waste.
  13. Lyophobic- Tending to repel solvents.
  14. Lyophilic- Tending to absorb solvents.
  15. Lymphatic- Relating to lymph or its vessels.
  16. Lyrate- Shaped like a lyre.
  17. Lyophilize- Freeze-dry process.
  18. Lycanthropy- The mythical ability to transform into a wolf.
  19. Lycophyte- A group of vascular plants, like clubmosses.
  20. Lymphoma- A type of cancer in lymph nodes.
  21. Lysis- The breakdown of a cell caused by damage to its plasma membrane.
  22. Lysergide- Another term for LSD.
  23. Lysergic- Pertaining to lysergic acid derivatives, as in LSD.
  24. Lyophile- Another word for lyophilic.
  25. Lycopodiaceae- A family of vascular plants, including clubmosses.
  26. Lyceist- A student or member of a lyceum.
  27. Lycopodium- A genus of clubmosses.
  28. Lycratious- Made of Lycra material.
  29. Lymphedema- Swelling by lymphatic system blockage.
  30. Lymphocyte- A type of white blood cell.
  31. Lymphadenitis- Inflammation of lymph nodes.
  32. Lysogeny- The integration of bacteriophage nucleic acid into the host bacterium’s genome.
  33. Lysogen- A bacterium carrying phage DNA.
  34. Lysogenic- Relating to lysogeny.
  35. Lysing- Breaking down of cells.
  36. Lyophilized- Freeze-dried.
  37. Lymphoblast- A developing lymphocyte.
  38. Lyanne- A given name.
  39. Lymnaeidae- A family of freshwater snails.
  40. Lyxose- A rare sugar.
  41. Lyse- To break down, as in cell lysis.
  42. Lytton- A surname of historical significance.
  43. Lyriform- Having a shape like a lyre.
  44. Lymphogram- Imaging study of lymph nodes.
  45. Lymphoid- Resembling lymph or lymph tissue.
  46. Lymphogranuloma- A type of bacterial infection.
  47. Lysogenicity- The ability of bacteriophages to undergo lysogeny.
  48. Lyophilization- The process of freeze drying.

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