Words That Start With Mac: A Comprehensive List

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of words that start with “mac” to enrich your vocabulary.

  1. Macabre- Gruesome, horrifying.
  2. Macadam- Paving material made of crushed stone and tar.
  3. Macadamize- To pave a road with macadam.
  4. Macaroon- Small cake or biscuit.
  5. Macaroni- Pasta shaped in various forms.
  6. Macbeth- Tragic play by Shakespeare.
  7. Macerate- Soak to soften tissue.
  8. Machination- Crafty scheme or plot.
  9. Machinator- One who schemes.
  10. Machinist- Skilled machine operator.
  11. Macrology- Long-winded speech.
  12. Macro- Broad, large-scale.
  13. Macrobiotic- Promoting long life, diet-based.
  14. Macron- Diacritical mark indicating length.
  15. Macroscopic- Visible to the naked eye.
  16. Maculate- To stain, blemish.
  17. Maculation- The act of spotting or staining.
  18. Maceration- Softening by soaking.
  19. Machmeter- Instrument measuring aircraft speed.
  20. Mace- Spiked club.
  21. Macadamia- Nut from the macadamia tree.
  22. Macrobian- Long-lived.
  23. Maculate- Stained or spotted.
  24. Macchie- Dense evergreen shrub.
  25. Machiavellian- Cunning or deceitful.
  26. Macedonia- Country in Southeast Europe.
  27. Machine- Device performing tasks.
  28. Machinery- Machines collectively.
  29. Macho- Exhibiting masculinity.
  30. Macchiato- Coffee with a dash of milk.
  31. Macing- Attacking with mace spray.
  32. Macrocosm- Large, complex structure.
  33. Maca- Peruvian root vegetable.
  34. Mackerel- Type of fish.
  35. Maculate- Marked with spots.
  36. Macramé- Knotted textile craft.
  37. Macrocycle- Long-term training period.
  38. Macroeconomics- Study of large-scale economics.
  39. Macromolecule- Large complex molecule.
  40. Macro photography- Close-up photography.
  41. Macrophage- Type of white blood cell.
  42. Macropod- Marsupial family member, like kangaroos.
  43. Macrostructure- Overall structure.
  44. Macroinvertebrate- Invertebrate visible without a microscope.
  45. Macromolecular- Relating to macromolecules.
  46. Macrography- Large-sized writing.
  47. Macroinstructions- High-level program commands.
  48. Machine- readable – Easily interpreted by machines.
  49. Macrohabitat- Large-scale habitat zone.
  50. Macrolides- Type of antibiotics.
  51. Macrospore- Large type of spore.
  52. Macrogamete- Large reproductive cell.
  53. Macroglossia- Abnormally large tongue.
  54. Macropterous- Having large wings.
  55. Macroseism- Large seismic event.
  56. Macrocrania- Large skull condition.
  57. Macrometer- Measuring device.
  58. Macroviper- Large viper species.
  59. Macrosomia- Large body size condition.
  60. Macrofauna- Large animal life in an ecosystem.
  61. Macrosomia- Excessive birth weight.
  62. Macroscelides- Elephant shrews genus.
  63. Mackinaw- Heavy woolen coat.
  64. Macerator- Device that grinds up material.
  65. Maculation- Spotting or staining.
  66. Machete- Large knife used as a tool or weapon.
  67. Macchiato- Espresso with a small amount of milk.
  68. Macrocytosis- Condition of having large red blood cells.
  69. Macronutrients- Essential dietary nutrients.
  70. Macroprolactinoma- Benign tumor of the pituitary gland.
  71. Maclura- Genus of flowering plants.
  72. Macrostructure- Visible structure of a material.
  73. Macrolane- Cosmetic filler substance.
  74. Macartney- Related to British statesman.
  75. Macedoine- Mixture of fruits or vegetables.
  76. Macaroon- Small sweet cake commonly made with coconut.
  77. Macadamise- Make (a road) with broken stone.
  78. Macrobiote- Organism dominating large habitat.
  79. Macalon- Fabric pattern resembling marble.
  80. Macer- Court officer assisting judges.
  81. Maculation- Pattern of spots.
  82. Macon- City in Georgia.
  83. Macular- Relating to a macula or spot, often in the eye.
  84. Maculopathy- Disease affecting the macula of the eye.
  85. Macaronic- Combining languages in literature.
  86. Macedoine- Mixed diced fruit or vegetables.
  87. Macchiato- Espresso coffee with a tiny amount of milk.
  88. Macrancer- A large crustacean.
  89. Maculate- To mark with spots.
  90. Macushla- Term of endearment in Irish.
  91. Macpic- Union of two elements in photos.
  92. Macrotia- Abnormal ear size.
  93. Macrura- Infraorder of crustaceans.
  94. Macronix- Semiconductor company.
  95. Machaon- Type of Swallowtail butterfly.
  96. Macule- Small, flat skin coloration change.
  97. Macerator- Pump device for grinding.
  98. Macule- A flat, distinct, discolored area.
  99. Macadamia- Tropical tree of edible nuts.
  100. Machinist- Skilled in operating machinery.

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