Words That Start With Mal: List and Meanings for English Vocabulary Expansion

Discover a variety of words starting with “mal” that often denote something negative, improper, or bad, and understand their meanings and uses.

  1. Maladjustment- Poor or inadequate adjustment, especially in relation to social situations.
  2. Maladroit- Lacking skill, cleverness, or resourcefulness in handling situations.
  3. Malaria- A disease caused by a parasite, transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes.
  4. Malaise- A general feeling of discomfort, illness, or uneasiness.
  5. Malapropism- The mistaken use of a word in place of a similar-sounding one, often with unintentionally amusing effect.
  6. Malarkey- Meaningless talk; nonsense.
  7. Malcontent- A person who is dissatisfied and rebellious.
  8. Malefactor- A person who commits a crime or some other wrong.
  9. Maleficent- Doing evil or harm; harmfully malicious.
  10. Malevolent- Having or showing a wish to do evil to others.
  11. Malfeasance- Wrongdoing, especially by a public official.
  12. Malformation- Incorrectly formed part of the body.
  13. Malign- To speak about someone in a spitefully critical manner.
  14. Malignant- Very virulent or infectious (particularly in the context of disease).
  15. Malinger- To exaggerate illness in order to escape duty or work.
  16. Malleable- Capable of being shaped, influenced, or altered; tractable.
  17. Malnourished- Having bad health or having poor nutrition.
  18. Malnutrition- Lack of proper nutrition caused by not having enough to eat, a poor diet, or an inability to absorb the nutrients one consumes.
  19. Malodorous- Smelling very unpleasant.
  20. Malpractice- Improper, illegal, or negligent professional behavior.
  21. Malversation- Corruption among public officials.
  22. Malware- Software designed to interfere with a computer’s normal functioning.
  23. Maladjusted- Badly or inadequately adjusted to the demands or stresses of daily life.
  24. Malapert- Boldly disrespectful to a person in authority.
  25. Malediction- A curse.
  26. Malefic- Causing harm or destruction, especially by supernatural means.
  27. Malevolence- The state or condition of having a wish to do evil.
  28. Malfeasor- A wrongdoer or lawbreaker.
  29. Malignancy- The presence of malignant cells indicative of cancer.
  30. Maligner- Someone who speaks maliciously of others.
  31. Malingerer- Someone who malingers.
  32. Malleability- The quality of being easily shaped or molded.
  33. Maltreat- Treat someone cruelly or with violence.
  34. Maltreatment- Cruel or violent treatment, typically involving physical harm.
  35. Malversation- Corrupt behavior in a position of trust, especially in public office.
  36. Malvoisie- A type of wine, generally sweet and from the Mediterranean, known in English as Malmsey.
  37. Malacology- The branch of zoology that deals with mollusks.
  38. Malacoplakia- A rare inflammatory condition that typically affects the urinary tract.
  39. Malamute- A breed of large, strong dog from Alaska, used for pulling sleds.
  40. Malathion- A chemical used as an insecticide, particularly for controlling aphids.
  41. Malaxate- To soften by kneading or massaging.
  42. Malaxation- The process of softening or blending substances.
  43. Maldistribution- Uneven or unfair distribution, especially of resources.
  44. Maleate- A salt or ester of maleic acid.
  45. Malefaction- An evil deed; crime; wrongdoing.
  46. Malignment- The state of being maligned.
  47. Malingerance- The behavior of feigning illness to escape duty.
  48. Malodor- A bad odor.
  49. Malposed- Incorrectly or unfavorably positioned.
  50. Malposition- Wrong or abnormal position or placement.

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