Words That Start With Mar: Popular Terms and Their Meanings

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “mar”.

  1. Marathon: A long-distance running race.
  2. Marvel: To be filled with wonder or astonishment.
  3. Margin: The edge or border of something.
  4. March: To walk with a regular tread.
  5. Marvelous: Extremely good or pleasing.
  6. Maroon: A dark reddish-brown color.
  7. Marsh: A wetland area, often covered by water.
  8. Market: A place where goods are sold.
  9. Marble: A type of stone used in sculpture and building.
  10. Marine: Related to the sea.
  11. Marry: To join in marriage.
  12. Martyr: Someone who dies for a cause.
  13. Mariner: A sailor.
  14. Martial: Relating to war.
  15. Marigold: A type of flowering plant.
  16. Marker: An instrument for marking.
  17. Marshal: An officer of high rank.
  18. Margin: An amount in excess.
  19. Marzipan: A sweet confection made from almonds and sugar.
  20. Marmalade: A type of fruit preserve.
  21. Marching: Walking in a regimented manner.
  22. Marketing: The action of promoting and selling products.
  23. Marbled: Having a streaked and patterned appearance.
  24. Marina: A dock or basin with moorings for yachts.
  25. Marginal: Of minimal importance.
  26. Marmot: A large ground squirrel.
  27. Married: Having a spouse.
  28. Marquis: A nobleman of high hereditary rank.
  29. Marquise: The wife of a marquis.
  30. Marsupial: A type of mammal.
  31. Mart: A market or trading place.
  32. Mariner: A seafarer.
  33. Marc: The residue left after pressing grapes.
  34. Margrave: A medieval nobleman.
  35. Martyrium: A shrine built over a place of martyrdom.
  36. Marasmus: Severe malnutrition.
  37. Martello: A type of defensive fort.
  38. Marasca: A type of cherry.
  39. Marseille: A city in France.
  40. Marabout: A Muslim holy man or hermit.
  41. Marmite: A British food spread.
  42. Maranta: A genus of tropical plants.
  43. Marooning: Abandoning someone in a remote place.
  44. Martian: Relating to Mars.
  45. Marasmius: A genus of fungi.
  46. Marabou: A large African bird.
  47. Marasca: A wild cherry.
  48. Margarine: A butter substitute.
  49. Marengo: A dish named after a battle.
  50. Margosa: A type of tree.
  51. Marmoreal: Made of or resembling marble.
  52. Marquise: A gemstone cut.
  53. Martlet: A mythical bird.
  54. Marquetry: Inlaid work of variously colored woods.
  55. Marsupium: A pouch of a marsupial.
  56. Marginella: A genus of small marine snails.
  57. Mariculture: Cultivation of marine organisms.
  58. Martinet: A strict disciplinarian.
  59. Marcescent: Withering but not falling off.
  60. Maranta: A plant of the arrowroot family.
  61. Marshland: Low land that is flooded.
  62. Mariner’s: Belonging to a sailor.
  63. Martensite: A hard form of steel.
  64. Mariano: A masculine given name.
  65. Margravate: Territory ruled by a margrave.
  66. Marketable: Able to be sold.
  67. Marofore: An ancient amphitheater.
  68. Martynia: A genus of plants.
  69. Markhoor: A type of wild goat.
  70. Marshmallow: A soft, spongy confection.
  71. Marcescence: The state of withering.
  72. Marginated: Having a distinct border.
  73. Marcescent: Withering but remaining attached.
  74. Margaritaceous: Resembling pearl.
  75. Mariposa: A type of butterfly.
  76. Marginality: Pertaining to a margin.
  77. Marchioness: The wife of a marquess.
  78. Marina: A harbor for small boats.
  79. Marline: Twine used for marine purposes.
  80. Martingale: A harness strap.
  81. Margaritiferous: Bearing pearls.
  82. Marsupiform: Shaped like a pouch.
  83. Maritimity: Pertaining to the sea.
  84. Marksmanship: Skill in shooting.
  85. Marigraph: An instrument for recording tides.
  86. Marination: The process of soaking foods.
  87. Maravedi: An old Spanish coin.
  88. Marmalizer: A device for crushing.
  89. Marismas: Spanish term for marshlands.
  90. Marquetry: Inlaid woodwork.
  91. Mariticide: The killing of one’s husband.
  92. Mareogram: A graphic representation of tides.
  93. Marseillaise: The French national anthem.
  94. Matron: A mature, married woman.
  95. Marlstone: A type of sedimentary rock.
  96. Marteking: Preparing for battle.
  97. Mars: The fourth planet from the Sun.

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