Words That Start with Mega: List and Definitions

If you’re looking for words that start with “mega,” you’ll find a comprehensive list to expand your vocabulary and understanding right here.

  1. Megabyte- A unit of digital information equal to 1,024 kilobytes.
  2. Megacity- A large city with a population of over 10 million people.
  3. Megahertz- A unit of frequency equal to one million hertz.
  4. Megalith- A large stone used in prehistoric structures or monuments.
  5. Megaphone- A cone-shaped device used to amplify the voice.
  6. Megastar- An extremely famous and successful person, especially in entertainment.
  7. Megalomaniac- A person obsessed with their own power and importance.
  8. Megawatt- A unit of electrical power equal to one million watts.
  9. Megaton- A unit of explosive power equal to one million tons of TNT.
  10. Megadose- A dose of a substance that greatly exceeds recommended levels.
  11. Megafauna- Large or giant animals, particularly those from a particular time period.
  12. Megadeath- One million deaths, particularly in the context of nuclear warfare.
  13. Megalomania- A condition characterized by delusional fantasies of power and relevance.
  14. Megapixel- A unit of resolution in digital photography equal to one million pixels.
  15. Megastore- A very large retail store, often part of a chain.
  16. Megalopolis- A very large, heavily populated urban area.
  17. Megastructure- A large and complex structure or building.
  18. Megacorp- A very large and powerful corporation.
  19. Megamall- A very large shopping mall with numerous stores.
  20. Megascopic- Visible to the naked eye; not requiring microscopic examination.
  21. Megachurch- A church with an unusually large congregation, typically over 2,000 members.
  22. Megamerger- A merger involving very large companies.
  23. Megacycle- One million cycles per second in frequency terms.
  24. Megavitamin- A vitamin in doses much larger than usual.
  25. Megathrust- A type of large earthquake occurring at subduction zones.
  26. Megafactory- A very large factory or manufacturing plant.
  27. Megaspore- A large spore produced by certain plants.
  28. Megastructure- A very large and complex building or structure.
  29. Megalomania- A psychological condition characterized by delusions of grandeur.
  30. Megaflop- A large-scale failure or disaster, often in the context of movies or performances.
  31. Megapod- Belonging to a group of large-footed birds.
  32. Megaseal- A large seal or marine mammal of the family Neobalaenidae.
  33. Megatelescope- Extremely large astronomical telescope.
  34. Megatorr- A unit of pressure equal to one million torrs.
  35. Megameter- A unit of length equal to one million meters.
  36. Megabar- A unit of pressure equal to one million bars.
  37. Megalosaur- A genus of large dinosaurs from the Jurassic period.
  38. Megaspore- The larger of two types of spores in plants, usually developing into a female gametophyte.
  39. Megavin- Extremely large vine.
  40. Megadeal- A very large and significant business deal.
  41. Megascale- On a very large scale.
  42. Megamind- A person with an exceptionally large or powerful intellect.
  43. Megamodel- A model that is exceptionally large in size.
  44. Megacredit- Extremely large amount of credit.
  45. Megaphage- A virus infecting a very large group of bacteria.
  46. Megastorm- An exceptionally large and powerful storm.
  47. Megatonne- Equivalent to one million metric tons.
  48. Megafund- A very large investment fund.
  49. Megayacht- A very large and luxurious yacht.
  50. Megaflood- An exceptionally large and catastrophic flood.
  51. Megainvestor- An investor who deals with large sums of money.
  52. Megaskill- An exceptional or large skill set.
  53. Megatrend- A significant and far-reaching trend.
  54. Megabeast- An exceptionally large and powerful beast.
  55. Megaquake- An extraordinarily large earthquake.
  56. Megabin- A very large bin or container.
  57. Megadollar- A term for a very large amount of money.
  58. Megalogist- A specialist in studying large structures or systems.
  59. Megaloman- A person exhibiting delusions of grandeur.
  60. Megacomplex- A very large and intricate complex of buildings or facilities.
  61. Megalithic- Pertaining to large stones used in ancient constructions.
  62. Megaparsec- A unit of distance used in astronomy, equal to one million parsecs.
  63. Megascale- Pertaining to a very large scale or scope.
  64. Megaannum- A period of one million years.
  65. Megadrive- A storage device with exceptionally large capacity.
  66. Megabloom- An exceptionally large and expansive blossoming.
  67. Megastarship- An exceptionally large starship.
  68. Megavertebrate- A large vertebrate animal.
  69. Megaeconomy- An economy of significantly large scale and influence.
  70. Megaverse- A hypothetical multiverse, much larger than the observed universe.
  71. Megarosette- An exceptionally large circular arrangement of patterns.
  72. Megasporangium- The spore-producing structure of certain plants.
  73. Megaculpa- A significant or major public fault or error.
  74. Megalogamia- A botanical term, part of the flowering process in plants.
  75. Megaloptera- An order of insects including dobsonflies and alderflies.
  76. Megaloscelididae- A family of extinct large mammals.
  77. Megaraptor- A genus of large predatory dinosaurs.
  78. Megacephalidae- A family of large-headed beetles.
  79. Megastrobilus- A large female cone in gymnosperm plants.
  80. Megaptera- The genus name for the humpback whale.
  81. Megacup- An exceptionally large cup.
  82. Megasolenoid- A large coil or electromagnet.
  83. Megadosage- The administration of large doses of a substance.

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