Words That Start With Men: Comprehensive List and Examples

In this article, you’ll discover an extensive list of words that start with “men,” including their meanings and usage.

  1. Mend- to repair or fix.
  2. Menace- a threat or danger.
  3. Mention- to refer to briefly.
  4. Mentor- a trusted advisor or teacher.
  5. Menial- relating to lowly, unskilled work.
  6. Mental- relating to the mind.
  7. Mendicant- a beggar.
  8. Menstruate- to undergo the menstrual cycle.
  9. Menopause- the end of menstrual cycles.
  10. Menswear- clothing for men.
  11. Meniscus- a curved surface of a liquid.
  12. Mendacity- dishonesty.
  13. Menthol- a compound from mint.
  14. Men’s- pertaining to men.
  15. Mentionable- fit to be mentioned.
  16. Menu- a list of food options.
  17. Menopause- cessation of menstruation.
  18. Menarche- a girl’s first menstruation.
  19. Mendable- capable of being mended.
  20. Mensural- relating to measure.
  21. Meningeal- relating to the meninges.
  22. Menology- a list of saints.
  23. Menorah- a nine-branched candelabrum.
  24. Mensuration- the act of measuring.
  25. Men’s Room- a restroom for men.
  26. Meningitis- inflammation of the meninges.
  27. Mensurable- measurable.
  28. Mentalism- the belief in the primacy of mind.
  29. Mentee- one who is mentored.
  30. Meniality- pertaining to menial work.
  31. Mentation- mental activity.
  32. Menfolk- men in a family.
  33. Mentality- state of mind.
  34. Menopause- the end of menstruation.
  35. Menorah- a seven-branched candelabrum.
  36. Menshevik- a member of the non-Leninist wing of the Russian Social Democratic Workers’ Party.
  37. Menology- a calendar of saints.
  38. Menadione- a synthetic vitamin K.
  39. Menotropin- a hormone preparation.
  40. Men’s Lib- men’s liberation movement.
  41. Men’sa- intelligence test society.
  42. Menticide- psychological destruction of personality.
  43. Meningococcal- relating to meningococcus bacteria.
  44. Menshevism- the ideology of Mensheviks.
  45. Menisci- plural of meniscus.
  46. Menstrual- relating to menstruation.
  47. Mensurative- pertaining to measurement.
  48. Menticide- destruction of mind.
  49. Menaceful- threatening.
  50. Meningococcemia- presence of meningococcus in the blood.
  51. Menotech- study of menstruation.
  52. Meniscectomy- surgical removal of meniscus.
  53. Mendicancy- practice of begging.
  54. Menacme- period of menstrual activity.
  55. Menstrua- plural of menstruum.
  56. Mendable- capable of being repaired.
  57. Menos- pertaining to menstruation.
  58. Menswear- apparel for men.
  59. Men’suration- measurement.
  60. Menti- mind.
  61. Mensurable- measurable.
  62. Mentiferous- producing or carrying mental substance.
  63. Menshevisk- relating to the Mensheviks.
  64. Menfi- an ancient city in Egypt.
  65. Menadione- an organic compound.
  66. Menstruous- related to menstruation.
  67. Menage- household; domestic establishment.
  68. Mendin- a healing or repairing agent.
  69. Meningio- related to meninges.
  70. Mendicate- to beg.
  71. Mense- to attend to personal appearance.
  72. Menologic- relating to menstruation.
  73. Mentorize- to act as a mentor.
  74. Men’s Rights- advocacy for men’s rights.
  75. Meninge- singular of meninges.
  76. Menogenic- related to mental origin.
  77. Meniscects- related to meniscectomy.
  78. Menogogic- relating to menses.
  79. Menometry- measurement of menses.
  80. Men’s Sheds- a community center for men.

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