Words That Start with Micro: A Comprehensive List

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “micro” to enhance your vocabulary and knowledge.

  1. Microbe- A microorganism, especially a bacterium causing disease.
  2. Microbiome- The combined genetic material of the microorganisms in a particular environment.
  3. Microbiology- The study of microorganisms.
  4. Microchip- A tiny wafer of semiconducting material used in electronics.
  5. Microcosm- A small, representative system having analogies to a larger system.
  6. Microfiche- A flat piece of film containing microphotographs of documents.
  7. Microfiber- A synthetic fiber finer than one denier, used in textiles.
  8. Microfilm- A film on which documents are photographed in a reduced size.
  9. Microgravity- The condition in which objects appear to be weightless and freefall.
  10. Micromanage- To control every part, however small, of an enterprise or activity.
  11. Micrometer- A device measuring small distances or thicknesses between its two faces.
  12. Microsecond- A unit of time equal to one millionth of a second.
  13. Microscopy- The use of a microscope to observe small objects.
  14. Microscope- An optical instrument used for viewing very small objects.
  15. Microsecond- One millionth of a second.
  16. Microbial- Pertaining to or characteristic of a microbe.
  17. Microbrew- Beer brewed in a small brewery.
  18. Microfiche- Sheets of film for storing printed information.
  19. Microinjection- The process of inserting a substance into a cell using a fine needle.
  20. Microorganism- An organism too small to be seen without a microscope.
  21. Microphone- An instrument for converting sound waves into electrical energy for reproduction.
  22. Microprocessor- An integrated circuit that contains the functions of a central processing unit.
  23. Microsurgery- Surgery using a microscope and tiny instruments.
  24. Microtome- An instrument for cutting extremely thin sections of material.
  25. Microbial- Relating to or caused by microorganisms.
  26. Microhabitat- A small, specific habitat within a larger one.
  27. Microliter- A unit of liquid volume equal to one millionth of a liter.
  28. Microloan- A small sum of money lent at low interest to a new business.
  29. Micrometeor- A tiny meteoroid or piece of space debris.
  30. Microclimate- The climate of a small specific place within a larger area.
  31. Microeconomics- The part of economics concerned with single factors and effects of individual decisions.
  32. Microfinance- Financial services for low-income individuals or those who do not have access to typical banking services.
  33. Microanalysis- A detailed chemical analysis of very small samples.
  34. Microsecond- A millionth of a second.
  35. Microgenetic- Pertaining to the study of processes of learning and development over short time periods.
  36. Micrology- The study or science of small or microscopic objects.
  37. Microdontia- A condition where one or more teeth appear smaller than normal.
  38. Microbial- Relating to microorganisms, often bacteria.
  39. Microaerophile- An organism that requires oxygen to survive but requires environments containing lower levels of oxygen than are present in the atmosphere.
  40. Microchemistry- The branch of chemistry that deals with the properties and reactions of substances in very small quantities.
  41. Microclimate- The climate within a small or relatively small area.
  42. Microdermabrasion- A cosmetic treatment that emoves the topmost layer of skin.
  43. Microfossil- A fossil that is generally smaller than can be observed without a microscope.
  44. Microlith- A small stone tool.
  45. Micromesh- A fine mesh material.
  46. Microstate- A very small country in terms of population and/or geographical area.
  47. Microbrewery- A brewery that produces small amounts of beer, typically much smaller than large-scale corporate breweries.
  48. Microbot- A small robot, often dealing with microtechnology.
  49. Microbusiness- A business that operates on a very small scale, especially one with a handful or fewer employees.
  50. Microcopy- Making small-sized copies of documents.
  51. Microcapsule- A small capsule containing a material and used for controlled release.
  52. Microcar- A very small car.
  53. Microcurrents- Tiny electrical currents used in electronic devices.
  54. Micromeritics- The science and technology of small particles.
  55. Microdot- Ultra-small text or images used for covert data storage.
  56. Microencapsulation- The process of surrounding minute particles or droplets with a coating to yield small capsules.
  57. Microgravity- A state or condition of low gravity, as experienced in orbit around a planet.
  58. Microphage- A small phagocytic cell.
  59. Microplate- Laboratory equipment used in experimental sciences.
  60. Microprojector- A projector used for projecting images of small objects or slides.
  61. Microsculpture- Sculpture or engraving done on a very small scale.
  62. Microsite- A relatively small, specific location within a larger area.
  63. Microphobia- An abnormal fear of small things.
  64. Microseism- A faint earth tremor caused by natural phenomena.
  65. Microstrata- Very thin layers within sedimentary strata.
  66. Microthermal- Refers to a climate or region with low temperatures.
  67. Microtonal- Musical intervals smaller than a semitone.
  68. Microvascular- Pertaining to the smallest blood vessels.
  69. Microvasculature- The small blood vessels in the body.
  70. Microwave- A form of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths shorter than radio waves.
  71. Microworld- A small world; a minute part of the larger environment.
  72. Microwriting- Extremely small writing often used for security.
  73. Microinject- The process of using extremely fine needles to inject substances into cells.
  74. Microbiosis- The mutual relations between organisms in a microenvironment.
  75. Microjoule- One millionth of a joule.
  76. Microlemma- The plasma membrane of a muscle cell.
  77. Micrometeorite- A microscopic particle of debris from space.
  78. Micromorphology- The study of the small-scale features of a substance.
  79. Micronutrient- A chemical element or substance required in small amounts for growth and development.
  80. Microplastics- Tiny plastic particles that pollute the environment.
  81. Microprint- Very small print used for security purposes.
  82. Microreactor- A very small device in which chemical reactions take place.
  83. Microsampling- The process of taking very small samples for analysis.
  84. Microstudy- A detailed study focused on a very small area or subject.
  85. Microtubule- A component of the cell’s cytoskeleton.
  86. Microzoa- Microscopic animals.
  87. Microgel- A gel containing very small particles.
  88. Microorganic- Relating to microorganisms.
  89. Microanatomy- The study of anatomical structures on a microscopic level.
  90. Microcircuit- A small, complex integrated circuit.
  91. Microdrive- A very small disk drive.
  92. Microfailure- A small-scale failure or defect.
  93. Microgrid- A localized group of electricity sources that normally operates connected to a centralized grid.
  94. Microhabitat- The microenvironment where an organism lives.
  95. Microkeratome- A precision surgical instrument used in eye surgery.
  96. Microlending- The practice of granting small loans.
  97. Microlight- A small, lightweight aircraft.
  98. Microneedle- A very small needle used to administer injections with minimal pain.
  99. Micropayment- A financial transaction involving a very small amount of money.
  100. Microtherm- A plant or animal that requires a cool or cold climate.

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