Words That Start With Min: List and Examples

If you’re searching for words that start with ‘min’, this article will provide an extensive list to enhance your vocabulary and boost your word game skills.

  1. Minaret- a tall slender tower of a mosque with a balcony.
  2. Mince- to cut or chop into very small pieces.
  3. Mindset- an established set of attitudes held by someone.
  4. Mineral- a solid inorganic substance of natural occurrence.
  5. Minimize- to make as small or as insignificant as possible.
  6. Minimum- the least or smallest amount or quantity possible.
  7. Mining- the process of extracting minerals from the earth.
  8. Minion- a follower or underling of a powerful person.
  9. Minor- lesser in importance, seriousness, or significance.
  10. Minuscule- extremely small; tiny.
  11. Minuet- a slow, stately ballroom dance for two in triple time.
  12. Minute- a unit of time equal to sixty seconds.
  13. Minionette- a small minion.
  14. Minatory- expressing or conveying a threat.
  15. Minibike- a small, lightweight motorcycle.
  16. Minibus- a small bus for about ten to fifteen people.
  17. Minicab- a private hire vehicle.
  18. Minicam- a very small video camera.
  19. Minidisk- an optical disk system for storing digital data.
  20. Minifig- a small LEGO figure.
  21. Minigame- a short or simplified game.
  22. Minigolf- a miniature version of golf.
  23. Minimize- to reduce to the smallest possible amount.
  24. Minimus- the fifth digit, especially the little finger or toe.
  25. Miniskirt- a very short skirt.
  26. Minivan- a small passenger van.
  27. Miniver- a white fur, originally from the ermine.
  28. Miniver- a fur trim for robes of state.
  29. Mink- a small, semiaquatic mammal valued for its fur.
  30. Minotaur- a mythical creature, half-man and half-bull.
  31. Minstrel- a medieval singer or musician.
  32. Mint- an aromatic plant or the place where money is made.
  33. Minty- tasting or smelling like mint.
  34. Minuet- a musical composition in triple time.
  35. Minuscule- a lowercase letter.
  36. Miniature- a very small or reduced scale version.
  37. Miniaturist- a painter of miniatures.
  38. Miniaturize- to make on an extremely small scale.
  39. Minimal- smallest in amount, least possible.
  40. Minionette- a small, delicate minion.
  41. Minatory- threatening or menacing.
  42. Miniver- a heraldic fur.
  43. Mince- pie – a pie filled with mincemeat.
  44. Minute- book – a book in which minutes of meetings are recorded.
  45. Minute- hand – the longer hand of a clock that shows minutes.
  46. Minisaga- a story in exactly fifty words.
  47. Mini- fridge – a small refrigerator.
  48. Mini- market – a small grocery store.
  49. Min()

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