Words That Start With Mini – Common Examples

Get ready to discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “mini” to enhance your vocabulary!

  1. Miniature- A small-scale version.
  2. Minimum- The least or smallest amount.
  3. Minimize- To reduce to the smallest possible amount.
  4. Minivan- A small van; often used for family transportation.
  5. Miniskirt- A very short skirt.
  6. Minimum wage- The lowest legal wage.
  7. Minicomputer- A smaller and less powerful computer than a mainframe.
  8. Minibike- A small, low-powered motorbike.
  9. Minibus- A small bus.
  10. Minimization- The process of reducing something.
  11. Minidress- A very short dress.
  12. Miniature golf- A small-scale version of golf.
  13. Minibar- A small refrigerator in a hotel room.
  14. Minibus- A small bus.
  15. Minimum viable product- The most basic version of a product.
  16. Miniature Schnauzer- A small breed of dog.
  17. Minimart- A small convenience store.
  18. Mini- me** – A smaller version of oneself.
  19. Miniseries- A TV series that tells a story in a small number of episodes.
  20. Minimill- A small-scale steel mill.
  21. Miniaturist- An artist who creates miniature works.
  22. Miniramp- A small skateboard ramp.
  23. Minibreak- A short vacation.
  24. Miniature poodle- A small breed of dog.
  25. Minibus taxi- A small bus used for public transport.
  26. Minicourse- A short academic course.
  27. Mini blinds- Small window blinds.
  28. Minimarket- A small-scale market.
  29. Minimoon- A short honeymoon.
  30. Miniskidder- A small version of a logging vehicle.
  31. Minischool- A small educational institution.
  32. Minihouse- A small house or residence.
  33. Mini LED- A small light-emitting diode.
  34. Minifridge- A small refrigerator.
  35. Minilab- A small laboratory.
  36. Minifigure- A small figurine, often used in toys.
  37. Minikit- A small kit of tools or components.
  38. Mini PCI- A small form-factor of PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) technology.
  39. Minimotor- A small motor.
  40. Minibeast- A small invertebrate.
  41. Minicom- A small communications device.
  42. Miniplant- A small industrial plant.
  43. Miniprojector- A small projector.
  44. Minidrone- A small drone.
  45. Minivideo- A small video clip.
  46. Minisculpture- A small sculpture.
  47. Mini Speaker- A small speaker.
  48. Minirouter- A small router.
  49. Minirecorder- A small recording device.
  50. Miniradio- A small radio.
  51. Minicamera- A small camera.
  52. Minilupe- A small magnifying glass.
  53. Minifryers- Small frying machines.
  54. Minicomics- Small comic books.
  55. Mini CDs- Small CDs.
  56. Miniclock- A small clock.
  57. Miniature railway- A small model railway.
  58. Minicooper- A small car model by Mini.
  59. Minilaptop- A small laptop.
  60. Mini warehouse- A small storage area.
  61. Minicooler- A small cooler for beverages.
  62. Mini soundbar- A small, compact soundbar.
  63. Minicooker- A small kitchen appliance for cooking.
  64. Minidisplay- A small display screen.
  65. Mini USB- A small USB connector.
  66. Mini mouse- A small computer mouse.
  67. Mini keyboard- A compact keyboard.
  68. Miniserver- A small server.
  69. Miniperfume- A small bottle of perfume.
  70. Minilense- A small camera lens.
  71. Mini tripod- A small camera tripod.
  72. Mini HDMI- A small HDMI connector.
  73. Minimizer- Someone or something that minimizes.
  74. Mini- pattern** – A small pattern or design.
  75. Minimax- A decision rule to minimize the possible loss.
  76. Ministrap- A small strap.
  77. Minicool- A small device for cooling.
  78. Minidisplayport- A small version of the DisplayPort digital display interface.
  79. Minilaunch- A small launch event.
  80. Minibreech- A small firearm breech.
  81. Minicomic- A small-format comic.
  82. Minigoal- Achievable small goal.
  83. Minisleeve- A small protective cover.
  84. Minifridge- A small refrigerator.
  85. Miniaudio- Small audio device.
  86. Miniature dachshund- A small breed of dog.
  87. Ministove- A small stove.
  88. Minibusiness- A small business.
  89. Miniframe- A small frame.
  90. Minibrowser- A small web browser.
  91. Minicoffee- A small coffee maker.
  92. Minichair- A small chair.
  93. Minidocumentary- A short documentary.
  94. Mini cab- A small taxi.
  95. Minicapsule- A small capsule.
  96. Minimonitor- A small monitor.
  97. Miniteapot- A small teapot.

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