Words That Start with Mis: Enhance Your Vocabulary Easily

Discover a variety of words that start with “mis” and learn about their meanings and usage in this insightful guide.

  1. Misalign- to position incorrectly relative to other things.
  2. Misapply- to use something in the wrong way or for the wrong purpose.
  3. Misapprehend- to misunderstand the meaning of something.
  4. Misappropriate- to take something dishonestly for one’s own use.
  5. Misbegotten- having an erroneous origin; poorly conceived.
  6. Misbehave- to act out badly or in the wrong manner.
  7. Miscalculate- to make a mistake in understanding or estimating something.
  8. Miscarry- to go wrong or fail, particularly in the case of pregnancy.
  9. Miscast- to assign an unsuitable actor to a role.
  10. Misconceive- to misunderstand or interpret wrongly.
  11. Misconduct- improper behavior or the wrong handling of a situation.
  12. Misconstrue- to interpret something incorrectly.
  13. Misdemeanor- a minor wrongdoing.
  14. Miserable- very unhappy or uncomfortable.
  15. Miserly- not generous; stingy.
  16. Misfire- fail to discharge or go off correctly.
  17. Misfit- a person who is not suited or is poorly adapted to a situation or environment.
  18. Misfortune- bad luck or an unfortunate condition or event.
  19. Misgiving- a feeling of doubt or apprehension about the outcome.
  20. Misguide- to guide someone wrongly.
  21. Mishandle- to manage or deal with something in a clumsy or insensitive way.
  22. Mishap- an unlucky accident.
  23. Mishear- to hear something incorrectly.
  24. Mishit- to hit something inaccurately or wrongly.
  25. Misinform- to provide incorrect information.
  26. Misinterpret- to understand incorrectly.
  27. Misjudge- to form an incorrect opinion or conclusion about something.
  28. Mislay- to lose temporarily; misplace.
  29. Mislead- to lead or guide someone in the wrong direction.
  30. Mismanage- to manage something badly or wrongly.
  31. Mismatch- to match wrongly or unsuitably.
  32. Misname- to name or call something or someone incorrectly.
  33. Misplace- to put in the wrong place and lose temporarily.
  34. Misplay- to play (a game or a hand) badly or incorrectly.
  35. Misprint- an error in printing, such as a letter, word, or figure printed incorrectly.
  36. Mispronounce- to pronounce a word or a name incorrectly.
  37. Misquote- to quote (someone) inaccurately.
  38. Misread- to read something incorrectly.
  39. Misreckon- to calculate or reckon incorrectly.
  40. Misreport- to report something inaccurately.
  41. Misspell- to spell a word incorrectly.
  42. Misstep- a mistake in action, decision, or judgment.
  43. Mistake- an action or judgment that is misguided or incorrect.
  44. Misteach- to teach something incorrectly.
  45. Mistranslate- to translate something incorrectly.
  46. Mistrust- lack of trust or confidence.
  47. Misunderstand- to fail to understand correctly.
  48. Misuse- to use something in the wrong way or for the wrong purpose.
  49. Misremember- to remember incorrectly.
  50. Miscount- to count something inaccurately.
  51. Misfire- to fail to explode or discharge, as in the failure of a gun to fire.
  52. Misfit- something that is poorly adapted or unsuitable.
  53. Misaddress- to address wrongly, especially a letter or parcel.
  54. Misaim- to aim incorrectly.
  55. Misadjust- to adjust wrongly or unsuitably.
  56. Misadvise- to advise wrongly.
  57. Misalign- to align incorrectly.
  58. Misallocate- to allocate wrongly or unfairly.
  59. Misally- to ally wrongly or unsuitably.
  60. Misassess- to assess or evaluate something incorrectly.
  61. Misassign- to assign someone or something incorrectly.
  62. Misattribute- to attribute something to the wrong source.
  63. Misbecome- to be unsuitable or unbecoming.
  64. Misbelieve- to hold an erroneous belief.
  65. Misbrand- to brand or label something inaccurately.
  66. Misbuild- to build something incorrectly.
  67. Misbutton- to button something incorrectly.
  68. Miscalibrate- to calibrate something incorrectly.
  69. Miscarry- to fail to achieve the intended outcome.
  70. Mischannel- to channel something inappropriately.
  71. Mischarge- to charge wrongly, especially in billing.
  72. Misclassify- to classify incorrectly.
  73. Miscolor- to color something wrongly.
  74. Miscommand- to command or direct improperly.
  75. Miscommunicate- to communicate unclearly or misleadingly.
  76. Miscompute- to compute or calculate wrongly.
  77. Misconjecture- to conjecture or guess wrongly.
  78. Misconnect- to connect wrongly or unsuitably.
  79. Misconstruct- to construct poorly or incorrectly.
  80. Miscontribute- to contribute inappropriately or wrongly.
  81. Miscontrol- to control poorly or inadequately.
  82. Miscopy- to copy something inaccurately.
  83. Miscook- to cook improperly or badly.
  84. Miscorrelate- to correlate wrongly or inaccurately.
  85. Miscounsel- to counsel or advise wrongly.
  86. Miscue- a mistake made during a performance or activity.
  87. Misdate- to date something incorrectly.
  88. Misdeal- to deal or distribute something unfairly or inaccurately.
  89. Misdeem- to judge or think wrongly.
  90. Misdeliver- to deliver something to the wrong address or recipient.
  91. Misdial- to dial a wrong number.
  92. Misdirect- to direct someone to the wrong place or assign wrong directions.
  93. Misdo- to do something wrongly.
  94. Misdraw- to draw or depict wrongly.
  95. Misdrive- to drive incorrectly or irresponsibly.
  96. Misease- a condition of discomfort or disease.
  97. Misemphasize- to emphasize something incorrectly.
  98. Misemploy- to employ wrongly or for unsuitable tasks.
  99. Misestimate- to estimate incorrectly.
  100. Misexplain- to explain something in a misleading or incorrect way.

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