Words That Start With Mon: List and Definitions

In this article, you’ll find an extensive list of words that start with “mon” to enrich your vocabulary.

  1. Monarchy- A form of government with a monarch at the head.
  2. Monastic- Relating to monks or monasteries.
  3. Monastery- A building or complex where monks live and work.
  4. Monotone- A continuous, unchanging tone.
  5. Monologue- A long speech by one actor in a play or movie.
  6. Monopoly- Exclusive control over a commodity or service.
  7. Monochrome- A photograph or picture developed in black and white.
  8. Monogamy- The practice of being married to one person at a time.
  9. Monolith- A large single upright block of stone.
  10. Monosyllable- A word of one syllable.
  11. Monotony- Lack of variety and interest.
  12. Monocle- A single eyeglass, kept in position by the muscles around the eye.
  13. Monomer- A molecule that can bind to others to form a polymer.
  14. Monoxide- An oxide containing one oxygen atom for each molecule.
  15. Monograph- A detailed written study of a single specialized subject.
  16. Monopoly- The exclusive possession or control of the supply of a commodity.
  17. Monotreme- A primitive mammal that lays large yolky eggs.
  18. Monolith- A large single upright stone, especially one that serves as a pillar or monument.
  19. Monolayer- A single closely packed layer of atoms or molecules.
  20. Monoculture- The cultivation of a single crop in a given area.
  21. Monotonous- Dull, tedious, and repetitious.
  22. Monogram- A motif of two or more letters, typically a person’s initials.
  23. Monoline- A single line of thinking or argumentation.
  24. Monozone- A singular atmospheric region.
  25. Monodrama- A play written to be performed by one person.
  26. Monosemy- The existence of only one meaning for a word.
  27. Monoxide- A compound containing one oxygen atom.
  28. Monophony- Music that has a single melodic line without harmonies.
  29. Monotypic- Representing a single type.
  30. Mononuclear- Having a single nucleus.
  31. Monomeric- Composed of single molecules or entities.
  32. Monospace- A font in which all characters take up the same amount of space.
  33. Monotask- The practice of focusing on just one task at a time.
  34. Monopathy- A disease affecting a single organ or part.
  35. Monoscope- An early television test card.
  36. Monopsony- Market condition with only one buyer.
  37. Monophyletic- Pertaining to a group of organisms sharing a common ancestor.
  38. Monopod- A single-legged support for a camera.
  39. Monozygotic- Derived from a single fertilized ovum, such as identical twins.
  40. Monophagous- Feeding on a single food source.
  41. Monobrow- A single, unbroken eyebrow across the forehead.
  42. Monomodal- Having a single mode or form.
  43. Monomania- Pathological obsession with one idea or subject.
  44. Monoplane- An aircraft with one pair of wings.
  45. Monorail- A single rail serving as a track for wheeled vehicles.
  46. Monograph- Detailed written study on a specialized subject.
  47. Monotypic- Representing a single type.
  48. Monocotyledon- A flowering plant with an embryo that bears a single seed leaf.
  49. Monoglot- A person who speaks only one language.
  50. Monogynist- A single-reigning female monarch.
  51. Monochord- An ancient musical instrument with a single string.
  52. Monocoque- Aircraft or vehicle design where the shell carries most of the load.
  53. Monohybrid- A hybrid between two species that only differ in a single trait.
  54. Monochasium- A type of inflorescence that repeatedly branches into one.
  55. Monograph- A detailed written study of a single specialized subject.
  56. Monogamist- Someone who practices or advocates monogamy.
  57. Monographer- A person who writes monographs.
  58. Monolingual- Speaking only one language.
  59. Mononucleosis- An infectious, widespread viral disease.
  60. Monopitch- Of a roof that has only one slope.
  61. Monotonic- Speaking in an unvarying tone.
  62. Monographic- Pertaining to a monograph.
  63. Monoxide- A compound containing one oxygen atom.
  64. Monosodium- A chemical compound containing one sodium atom.
  65. Monohull- A vessel with a single hull.
  66. Mondo- Extremely large or great, often used in slang.
  67. Monotheism- Belief in a single God.
  68. Mononym- A single word or name by which someone is known.
  69. Monotriglyph- An architectural term referring to a single triglyph.
  70. Monovitaminose- Deficiency of a single vitamin.
  71. Monoyield- Single output or result.
  72. Monostylar- A single column structure.

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