Words That Start With Mono: Enhance Your Vocabulary Today

Discover a variety of words starting with “mono” and learn their meanings to enhance your vocabulary.

  1. Monocle- A single eyeglass kept in position by the muscles around the eye.
  2. Monologue- A long speech by one person during a conversation.
  3. Monotone- A continuous, unchanging sound or voice.
  4. Monopoly- Exclusive control over the supply or trade in a commodity or service.
  5. Monogamy- The practice of marrying or being in a sexual relationship with one person at a time.
  6. Monotheism- The belief in the existence of only one god.
  7. Monochrome- A photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one color.
  8. Monolith- A large single upright block of stone, especially one shaped into or serving as a pillar or monument.
  9. Monotony- Lack of variety and interest; tedious repetition and routine.
  10. Monoculture- The cultivation of a single crop in a given area.
  11. Monosyllable- A word consisting of only one syllable.
  12. Monotreme- A mammal of an order whose only members are the platypuses and echidnas, distinguished by laying eggs.
  13. Monocyte- A large phagocytic white blood cell with a simple oval nucleus and clear, grayish cytoplasm.
  14. Monophobia- Fear of being alone.
  15. Monocotyledon- An angiosperm that has only one seed leaf.
  16. Monogenic- Controlled by a single gene.
  17. Monocular- Adapted for or using only one eye.
  18. Monodrama- A play or drama performed by one actor.
  19. Monoplane- An airplane with only one main set of wings.
  20. Monomania- An exaggerated or obsessive enthusiasm for or preoccupation with one thing.
  21. Monorail- A railway in which the track consists of a single rail or a beam.
  22. Monoxide- An oxide containing just one atom of oxygen in its molecules.
  23. Monoglot- A person who speaks only one language.
  24. Monolithic- Large, powerful, and intractably indivisible and uniform.
  25. Monostich- A poem or an epigram of only one line.
  26. Monovalent- Having a valence of one.
  27. Monopsony- A market situation in which the product or service of several sellers is sought by only one buyer.
  28. Monotonic- Relating to a sequence or function that either never increases or never decreases.
  29. Monopole- A magnetic monopole, a hypothetical particle in particle physics with only one magnetic pole.
  30. Monotypic- Consisting of only one type or form.
  31. Monoglyceride- A molecule composed of a single fatty acid chain attached to a glycerol molecule.
  32. Monofilament- A single, continuous strand (filament) of material, often used in fishing line.
  33. Monaminoxidase- An enzyme that degrades amines, such as neurotransmitters, thus regulating their level.
  34. Monohull- A type of boat or ship that has only one hull as opposed to multihulled vessels.
  35. Monophonic- Consisting of one musical line, without harmony or counterpoint.
  36. Monosaccharide- Any of the class of sugars that cannot be hydrolyzed to give a simpler sugar.
  37. Monopodium- A single, unbranched stem of a plant.
  38. Monogamous- Engaging in the practice of having a single mate.
  39. Monomer- A molecule that can be bonded to other identical molecules to form a polymer.
  40. Monogenism- The theory that all humans are descended from a single pair of ancestors.
  41. Monogram- A motif of two or more letters, typically a person’s initials, intertwined or combined in a decorative design, used as an identifier.
  42. Monocarpic- Flowering and fruiting only once before dying.
  43. Monopteros- A circular temple with a single ring of columns.
  44. Monoacid- An acid that contains only one replaceable hydrogen atom.
  45. Monodisperse- Consisting of particles of approximately the same size.
  46. Monometallic- Consisting of one metal.
  47. Monosepalous- Having one sepal or having sepals that are fused into a single structure.
  48. Monosodium- Containing one sodium atom in the molecule.
  49. Monohybrid- A hybrid that is heterozygous with respect to a specified gene.
  50. Monotypic- Being the only type within a genus or other grouping.

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