Words That Start With Multi: Definitions and Examples

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “multi,” perfect for expanding your vocabulary or satisfying your curiosity.

  1. Multicultural- Relating to or including several cultures.
  2. Multicolored- Having many colors.
  3. Multilingual- Able to speak and understand multiple languages.
  4. Multimedia- Using more than one medium of expression or communication.
  5. Multinational- Operated in several countries.
  6. Multipurpose- Designed to have several uses.
  7. Multitask- To perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
  8. Multicellular- Made up of many cells.
  9. Multilateral- Agreed upon or participated in by three or more parties.
  10. Multiplex- A building with multiple movie theaters.
  11. Multigrain- Containing several different types of grain.
  12. Multiplexing- A method of sending multiple signals or streams of information simultaneously.
  13. Multiversity- A large and diverse university offering many courses.
  14. Multiplicity- A large number or variety.
  15. Multiplicative- Tending to multiply or increase.
  16. Multilateralism- The practice of involving more than two nations or parties.
  17. Multiform- Having many shapes or forms.
  18. Multivitamin- A pill or supplement containing various vitamins.
  19. Multilateralize- To make multilateral.
  20. Multimedia- Different types of media used collectively.
  21. Multilingualism- The ability to use several languages.
  22. Multistage- Involving several stages.
  23. Multidimensional- Having several dimensions or aspects.
  24. Multilevel- Having many levels.
  25. Multinuclear- Having multiple nuclei.
  26. Multiparty- Involving several political parties.
  27. Multinode- Consisting of multiple nodes.
  28. Multivolume- Consisting of many volumes.
  29. Multiplicand- A quantity that is to be multiplied by another.
  30. Multipolar- Involving several poles or centers of influence.
  31. Multilayer- Having several layers.
  32. Multigrade- Mixing different grades or levels.
  33. Multivalent- Having multiple valences.
  34. Multidiscipline- Involving several academic disciplines.
  35. Multigenerational- Relating to multiple generations.
  36. Multibillion- Amounting to many billions.
  37. Multichannel- Involving several channels.
  38. Multitier- Having several levels or tiers.
  39. Multiparity- The condition of having borne multiple offspring.
  40. Multidirectional- Having several directions.
  41. Multicourse- Consisting of many courses.
  42. Multiseriate- Arranged in several rows.
  43. Multimember- Consisting of multiple members.
  44. Multistorey- Having multiple stories (in a building).
  45. Multihued- Having multiple hues or colors.
  46. Multitus- Involving multiple activities or tasks.
  47. Multimodal- Involving or using several modes.
  48. Multibarrel- Having several barrels.
  49. Multigonal- Having many angles.
  50. Multioption- Offering several choices.
  51. Multiphase- Occurring in multiple phases.
  52. Multitubular- Having many tubes.
  53. Multicounty- Covering multiple counties.
  54. Multiskilled- Having many skills.
  55. Multibus- A computer bus with many paths.
  56. Multilane- Having several lanes (usually of traffic).
  57. Multistory- With multiple stories or levels.
  58. Multimillion- Amounting to many millions.
  59. Multiquotient- Having multiple quotients.
  60. Multimember- Consisting of several members.
  61. Multiracial- Comprising several races.
  62. Multiamplifier- Involving several amplifiers.
  63. Multiuser- Designed for several users.
  64. Multianalysis- Comprising several analyses.
  65. Multistandard- Involving multiple standards.
  66. Multiarmed- Having several arms.
  67. Multiline- Including multiple lines.
  68. Multitap- Using more than one tap or faucet.
  69. Multioscillator- Using multiple oscillators.
  70. Multitown- Spanning several towns.
  71. Multiview- Having multiple views.
  72. Multiloop- Having many loops.
  73. Multivalve- Involving multiple valves.
  74. Multistrike- Having several impacts or strikes.
  75. Multifamily- Intended for multiple families.
  76. Multivalent- Capable of interbreeding with more than one species.
  77. Multidose- Providing multiple doses.
  78. Multistart- Having numerous beginnings.
  79. Multiple- Consisting of several parts or elements.
  80. Multitrack- Using multiple tracks (in recording).
  81. Multipath- Having many paths.
  82. Multiplant- Having many branches or locations.
  83. Multifuel- Capable of using various types of fuel.
  84. Multimodal- Using several modes of transport.
  85. Multifocal- Having several focal points.
  86. Multistep- Involving several stages or steps.
  87. Multilevel- Consisting of several levels.
  88. Multihull- Having several hulls (in boats).
  89. Multicopter- An aerial vehicle with multiple rotors.
  90. Multiring- Having several rings.
  91. Multipronged- Having many prongs or branches.
  92. Multipurpose- Suitable for various uses.
  93. Multicentric- Having many centers.
  94. Multilink- Involving many links.
  95. Multiaxis- Having multiple axes.
  96. Multigated- Involving several gates.
  97. Multicolor- Exhibiting multiple colors.
  98. Multifaceted- Having many facets or aspects.
  99. Multiverse- A hypothetical collection of multiple universes.
  100. Multiprocessor- Using multiple processors.

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