Words That Start With N and End With A: Top Examples and Meanings

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with the letter “n” and end with the letter “a.

  1. Nausea- A feeling of sickness with an inclination to vomit.
  2. Nevada- A state in the western United States.
  3. Nostalgia- A sentimental longing for the past.
  4. Nirvana- A transcendent state free from suffering and desire.
  5. Narnia- A fictional land from C.S. Lewis’s book series.
  6. Nanna- An affectionate term for grandmother.
  7. Neurosa- Any of several functional mental disorders.
  8. Nutrimenta- Substances that nourish the body.
  9. Nima- A diminutive form of the name Nimatullah.
  10. Nicta- To wink or blink.
  11. Nenia- A funeral song; a dirge.
  12. Nissa- A given name of Scandinavian origin.
  13. Nama- A type of toast in Mandarin cuisine.
  14. Nipa- A type of palm tree found in tropical regions.
  15. Nona- The ninth hour of the Roman day; also a given name.
  16. Natura- The inherent qualities or characteristics of someone or something.
  17. Nativa- Native; originary from a place.
  18. Nona- Nine in Latin; can also refer to a mythological Roman goddess.
  19. Numina- Deities or spirits presiding over a place or object in Roman religion.
  20. Narina- A genus of birds in the Meropidae family.
  21. Nuda- Bare or naked.
  22. Nereida- A sea nymph in ancient Greek mythology.
  23. Nidia- A given name.
  24. Nadia- A given name; origin meaning hope.
  25. Nixia- Relating to snow or frost (archaic usage).
  26. Nyssa- A genus of deciduous trees in the Nyssaceae family.
  27. Nigra- Latin for black.
  28. Norma- A standard or pattern.
  29. Naga- A mythical serpent being in Hindu and Buddhist mythology.
  30. Nilla- A diminutive form of names ending in -nilla.
  31. Nuga- A trifle or a trivial piece of writing.
  32. Nebula- A cloud of gas and dust in space.
  33. Neura- Related to nerves or the nervous system.
  34. Natura- Nature or the elements.
  35. Nia- A given name of Swahili origin, meaning purpose.
  36. Nyala- A type of African antelope.
  37. Nuna- Indigenous Arctic people.
  38. Nomina- Plural form of nomen, meaning names.
  39. Nita- A given name of various cultural origins.
  40. Ninfea- Water lily in Italian.
  41. Novela- A novel or a story (in Spanish).
  42. Ninfa- A nymph, especially in classical mythology.
  43. Nata- A cream or milk product from Portuguese cuisine.
  44. Nysa- A town in Greece; also a mythological figure.
  45. Nimba- A mountain range in West Africa.
  46. Nocona- A town and economic area based in Texas.
  47. Niscema- Dislike or aversion (obsolete usage).
  48. Nesta- A given name of Welsh origin.
  49. Nicara- Related to the people of Nicaragua.
  50. Nanda- A dynasty in ancient India.
  51. Numerista- Relating to someone who is an expert in numbers.
  52. Nagoya- A major city in Japan.
  53. Nkoma- A traditional African term for a village leader.
  54. Nizamia- Pertaining to the Nizam (ruler) lineage in India.
  55. Nutria- A semi-aquatic rodent, also known as the coypu.
  56. Nebida- A locality in Italy.
  57. Nicara- Shortened form referring to Nicaragua.
  58. Namaka- A Hawaiian water goddess.
  59. Noveleta- Another term related to novella or short story.
  60. Nivola- A poetic work that condenses themes into a fable (Spanish origin).
  61. Nasura- A fictional character name.
  62. Nikita- A given name, used for both males and females.
  63. Numa- A given name related to Roman royalty.
  64. Nonea- A genus of flowering plants in the Boraginaceae family.
  65. Nauplia- A historic town in Greece.
  66. Natha- Derived from Sanskrit meaning protector or lord.
  67. Nairobi- The capital city of Kenya.
  68. Nartha- Archaic term relating to dancers or performers.
  69. Nyara- A given name.
  70. Nirmala- A name of Sanskrit origin meaning pure.
  71. Nouria- A given name.
  72. Narina- Pertaining to a small bird species.
  73. Nefaria- A fictional villain in comic books.
  74. Namitala- An African given name.
  75. Nabla- An ancient Greek term for a harp-like instrument.
  76. Nakula- One of the Pandava brothers in the Mahabharata.
  77. Nishida- A Japanese surname.
  78. Nebida- A locality in Italy known for its mining history.
  79. Noviga- A fictional term used in literature.
  80. Necra- Relating to death or dead matter (archaic).
  81. Nicta- A fictional character or creature.
  82. Nitala- An indigenous term used in Assyrian heritage.
  83. Natalia- A given name derived from Latin.
  84. Nikiza- A name used in literature and fantasy.
  85. Narnia- A fictional land in a series of books by C.S. Lewis.
  86. Nouna- A term possibly used in local languages.
  87. Nuria- A given name of Arabic origin.
  88. Neneba- A term related to West African language or heritage.
  89. Narmina- A given name of Persian origin.
  90. Nelea- A variant of Neleus, from Greek mythology.
  91. Nolita- A neighborhood in New York City.
  92. Nantua- A commune in France.

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