Words That Start With Ñ: Unique Spanish Words

In this article, you’ll find a list of words that begin with the unique Spanish character “ñ”.

  1. Ñadi: Swampy terrain typically found in Chile.
  2. Ñame: A type of yam, a starchy tuber.
  3. Ñandú: Rhea, a large flightless bird native to South America.
  4. Ñapa: An extra gift or bonus, especially in the context of trade.
  5. Ñaque: Dramatic performance in rural areas, often featuring only two actors.
  6. Ñati: Small mosquito or gnat.
  7. Ñato: Person with a flat nose.
  8. Ñeco: Dried fruit or nut.
  9. Ñeque: Strength, vigor, or determination often used in the context of physical attributes.
  10. Ñiquiñaque: Useless, trifle, or something of little value or significance.
  11. Ñora: Type of red pepper used in Spanish cuisine, particularly in Murcia.
  12. Ñoño: Someone who is boring, overly soft, or nerdy.
  13. Ñu: Wildebeest, a type of large antelope found in Africa.

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