Words That Start With Neo: A Detailed List

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “neo” to enhance your vocabulary and understanding.

  1. Neolithic- The later part of the Stone Age.
  2. Neophyte- A person who is new to a subject, skill, or belief.
  3. Neoplasm- A new and abnormal growth of tissue.
  4. Neoclassical- Relating to a revival of classical style or treatment in art or literature.
  5. Neophyton- Newly planted or transplanted.
  6. Neoconservative- Relating to a modified form of traditional conservative ideology.
  7. Neologism- A newly coined word or expression.
  8. Neotype- A specimen selected to serve as the type specimen when the original is lost.
  9. Neo- Nazi – A member of an organization that promotes the ideology of Nazism.
  10. Neovascular- Relating to the growth of new blood vessels.
  11. Neocolonialism- The practice of using capitalism to control a country.
  12. Neoteny- The retention of juvenile features in the adult animal.
  13. Neocene- Another term for Miocene, the fourth epoch of the Tertiary period.
  14. Neodymium- A chemical element, Nd, with atomic number 60.
  15. Neonate- A newborn child, especially less than four weeks old.
  16. Neolithic- The later part of the Stone Age, when ground or polished stone weapons and implements prevailed.
  17. Neocon- Short for neoconservative.
  18. Neo- Darwinism – The modern version of Darwin’s theory of evolution.
  19. Neoplastic- Relating to or constituting new growth.
  20. Neotropical- Relating to the tropical regions of the Americas.
  21. Neocortex- Part of the cerebral cortex concerned with sight and hearing.
  22. Neoterism- The use of new words or expressions.
  23. Neocolonial- Pertaining to neocolonialism.
  24. Neostriatum- Part of the brain involved in the coordination of movement.
  25. Neophyte- New convert to a religion or belief system.
  26. Neomycin- An antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections.
  27. Next- Following in time or sequence.
  28. Neolabial- Pertaining to both the nose and lips.
  29. Neoplatonism- A philosophical system developed by Plotinus and his followers.
  30. Neobaroque- Relating to a revival of the baroque style in art or music.
  31. Neocapitalism- Modern form of capitalism.
  32. Neofascism- A political movement post-World War II that includes neo-Nazi ideologies.
  33. Neoglucogenesis- Another term for gluconeogenesis.
  34. Neofeudalism- Contemporary form of feudalism where capitalism is dominant.
  35. Neophilism- Love or enthusiasm for what is new or novel.
  36. Neonationalism- A modern form of nationalism.
  37. Neolithic- Relating to the later part of the Stone Age.
  38. Nephritis- Inflammation of the kidneys.
  39. Neohumanism- Modern humanism with particular emphasis on universal values.
  40. Neoglaciation- The formation or growth of glaciers in recent time.
  41. Neoorthodoxy- Protestant theological movement in the 20th century.
  42. Neophobia- Fear of anything new.
  43. Neo- Druidism – Modern practices of Druidic traditions.
  44. Neocomian- Relating to the earliest age in the Cretaceous period.
  45. Neo- Luddism – Opposition to modern technological advancement.
  46. Neo- Taoism – Contemporary adaptation of Taoist philosophy.
  47. Neochristianity- A modern movement within Christianity.
  48. Neopolitan- Relating to Naples, Italy.
  49. Neoimpressionism- Art movement marking the adaptation of impressionism.
  50. Neocryptic- Pertaining to newly formed words in vocabulary.
  51. Neoproterozoic- The latter part of the Precambrian era.
  52. Neotropical- Pertaining to tropical areas of the New World.
  53. Neofreudian- A follower or proponent of Neo-Freudian psychology.
  54. Neozelander- Pertaining to New Zealand.
  55. Neotomist- A follower or proponent of Neo-Thomistic philosophy.
  56. Neodomestic- Pertaining to new or modern home life.
  57. Neonatologist- A doctor specializing in the care of newborns.
  58. Neopancreatitis- Acute inflammation of the pancreas.
  59. Neoesoteric- New or modern esoteric doctrines.
  60. Neodevelopmental- Pertaining to new or rejuvenated growth development.
  61. Neoprocessual- Relating to modern processing methods.
  62. Neotherapeutic- Pertaining to new methods of therapy.
  63. Neolibertarian- Combining libertarian and conservative policies.
  64. Neophysiological- Relating to modern physiological practices.
  65. Neomedievalism- Modern adaptation of medieval principles and aesthetics.
  66. Neomercantilism- Contemporary form of mercantilism.
  67. Neoalchemic- Modern adaptations of alchemical practices.
  68. Neoromanticism- Revival of romanticism in modern times.
  69. Neolachrymal- Pertaining to new forms of tear duct formations.
  70. Neomorelin- Pertaining to new hormone studies.
  71. Neomentalism- Modern mentalist practices and theories.
  72. Neopathetic- Relating to new forms of empathy and pathos.
  73. Neobacilli- Modern bacillus bacteria strains.
  74. Neoepithelial- Pertaining to newly formed epithelial cells.
  75. Neogenetic- Relating to new gene formations.
  76. Neodiscovery- Referring to new discoveries especially in science.
  77. Neograffiti- Modern styles of graffiti art.
  78. Neoorganic- Pertaining to new forms of organic chemistry.
  79. Neocyclical- Relating to new cycles, especially in economics.
  80. Neodialectal- Pertaining to new dialect forms in linguistics.
  81. Neonational- Pertaining to newly formed nations or national identities.
  82. Neoecology- Modern ecological theories and practices.
  83. Neolithic- Relating to the latest part of the Stone Age.
  84. Neochristian- Pertaining to new forms of the Christian faith.
  85. Neolabour- Referring to modern labour movements.
  86. Neocubism- Revival of the cubist art style.
  87. Neocentrist- Combining modern centrist policies.
  88. Neoenergic- Relating to new energy formations.
  89. Neoconsistency- Pertaining to new forms of consistency in scientific terms.
  90. Neoepic- Modern adaptations of epic literature.

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