Words That Start With Ni: Boost Your Vocabulary with These Unique Terms

In this article, you will discover a wide variety of words that start with the letters “ni,” enhancing your vocabulary and understanding of the English language.

  1. Nib- the pointed end of a pen, which distributes the ink on the writing surface.
  2. Nice- pleasant or pleasing in manner, good-natured.
  3. Niche- a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.
  4. Nickel- a silvery-white metal, the chemical element of atomic number 28.
  5. Niece- a daughter of one’s brother or sister, or of one’s brother-in-law or sister-in-law.
  6. Nifty- particularly good, clever, or effective.
  7. Nigh- near in space, time, or relation.
  8. Night- the period from sunset to sunrise in each twenty-four hours.
  9. Nimble- quick and light in movement or action; agile.
  10. Ninja- a person skilled in ninjutsu, a traditional Japanese martial art.
  11. Ninth- constituting number nine in a sequence; 9th.
  12. Nipper- a young child.
  13. Nipple- a small projection from the breast through which milk is delivered.
  14. Nitrate- a salt or ester of nitric acid, containing the anion NO3− or the group —NO3.
  15. Nitro- containing the nitro group, particularly used in names of explosives.
  16. Nitty- full of nits (lice eggs) or minute details.
  17. Nival- relating to or growing in snowy regions.
  18. Nix- nothing; used to express denial or refusal.
  19. Nixie- a mischievous water sprite.
  20. Nifty- very good, clever, or useful.
  21. Niblick- an obsolete type of golf club, equivalent to a nine iron.
  22. Nibble- take small bites out of.
  23. Nick- a small cut or notch.
  24. Nickelodeon- a jukebox operating on nickels; also, an early type of movie theater.
  25. Nicotine- a toxic oily liquid, the chief active constituent of tobacco.
  26. Nidus- a place in which something is formed or deposited; a site of origin.
  27. Niece- female relative.
  28. Niff- an unpleasant smell.
  29. Nihilism- the rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless.
  30. Nimbus- a halo or special atmosphere believed to surround a person or thing.
  31. Nimiety- excess, overabundance.
  32. Nimrod- a skillful hunter; sometimes used humorously to mean an inept person.
  33. Nincompoop- a foolish or stupid person.
  34. Niner- the number nine.
  35. Ningle- a small, bell-like instrument.
  36. Nip- to bite or pinch sharply.
  37. Nipa- a type of palm with large leaves used for thatching in tropical Asia.
  38. Nirvana- a transcendent state free from suffering and individual existence, central in Buddhism.
  39. Nisei- a person born in the US or Canada whose parents were immigrants from Japan.
  40. Nisin- a naturally occurring antimicrobial compound used as a food preservative.
  41. Nisus- a mental or physical effort to achieve something; exertion.
  42. Nit- the egg or young form of a louse or other parasitic insect.
  43. Niter- another term for potassium nitrate, used especially in fertilizers and gunpowder.
  44. Nitwit- a silly or foolish person.
  45. Nixie- a water sprite of German mythology, often having malicious attributes.
  46. Nizam- a title given to rulers or senior officials in certain Muslim countries.
  47. Nibble- to eat something with small bites.
  48. Niggle- cause slight but persistent annoyance, discomfort, or anxiety.
  49. Nightie- a nightgown.
  50. Nihilist- someone who rejects all theories of morality or religious belief.
  51. Nippy- chilly or sharp in the air; biting.
  52. Nitric- relating to or containing nitrogen, typically as a significant part of the molecule.
  53. Nival- pertaining to or existing at high altitudes, usually near the snow line.
  54. Nixer- informal; a job or task done for personal gain, typically illicitly.
  55. Nifty- useful, stylish, or attractive.
  56. Nigh- nearly; almost.
  57. Niter- a mineral, found natively as encrustations near volcanic vents.
  58. Nidify- to build a nest.
  59. Nil- nothing, zero.
  60. Nim- a game in which two players alternately remove objects in hopes of avoiding the last one.
  61. Nimb- short for nimbus, distinctly indicating a cloud or aura.
  62. Nipped- pinched, squeezed, or bitten sharply.
  63. Nisei- a term used in America to specify the children of Japanese immigrants who were born in America.
  64. Nineties- the decade of the 1990s.
  65. Nitty- having to do with details.
  66. Nitpicking- overly critical, especially of small faults.
  67. Nigrify- to blacken; darken.
  68. Nihil- nothingness; non-existence.
  69. Nival zone- a biogeographic zone that comprises regions covered by snow and ice.
  70. Nickname- a familiar or humorous name given to a person instead of or in addition to the real name.
  71. Niche market- specialized and focused target market.
  72. Nickpoint- a point on a river or stream where a sharp change in gradient occurs.
  73. Nictitate- blink or wink.
  74. Niddering- cowardly.
  75. Nidificate- to build a nest.
  76. Nightfall- the time of day immediately following sunset.
  77. Nightshade- a plant family that includes many poisonous species.
  78. Nihilistic- of or relating to nihilism.
  79. Nightjar- a crepuscular and nocturnal bird with a camouflaged plumage.
  80. Nifty- fifty – a high-quality, fixed focal length lens noted for versatility and image quality.
  81. Nimbler- comparative form of nimble; more agile or quick.
  82. Nihilism- the philosophical viewpoint that traditional values and beliefs are unfounded.
  83. Nightstand- a small table or cabinet designed to stand beside a bed or elsewhere in a bedroom.
  84. Nightlight- a small light fixture, usually placed in a bedroom, that provides soft illumination.
  85. Nigrine- relating to being black or dark.
  86. Nifty- step – an agile and quick move or step.
  87. Nitosol- a type of deep, red tropical soil rich in nitrate.
  88. Nightherd- a person who looks after animals at night.
  89. Nike- brand name of a major manufacturer of athletic shoes and sports equipment.
  90. Nibblet- a small piece of something, especially food.
  91. Nimbly- in a nimble way; with agility and quickness.
  92. Nippers- pliers, pincers, or tweezers.
  93. Nisei- a term used to describe a second-generation Japanese American.
  94. Nightwear- clothes designed to be worn while sleeping.
  95. Nightwalk- a walk taken during the night.
  96. Nitery- a nightclub.
  97. Nitty- gritty – the most important aspects or practical details of a subject or situation.
  98. Ninjutsu- the traditional Japanese art of guerrilla warfare and espionage.
  99. Niner- informal term for number nine, often used in communications to clarify pronunciation.
  100. Nihil- used to indicate that nothing is present or has zero amount.

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