Words That Start With Nig: Expand Your Vocabulary with These Interesting Terms

Discover a variety of words that start with “nig” and their meanings to enhance your vocabulary.

  1. Nigella- A genus of flowering plants, often known as black cumin.
  2. Niggard- A person who is stingy or miserly.
  3. Niggardly- Grudgingly mean about spending or granting.
  4. Niggle- To spend too much effort on minor details.
  5. Niggling- Causing slight but persistent annoyance, discomfort, or anxiety.
  6. Nigeria- A country in West Africa, known for its diverse cultures and natural resources.
  7. Nigerian- Relating to Nigeria or its people.
  8. Nigh- Near in place, time, or relationship.
  9. Night- The period from sunset to sunrise, when it is dark.
  10. Nightcap- A drink taken before bed, often alcoholic; or a covering for the head worn during sleep.
  11. Nightclub- A place that is open late at night where people can dance, drink, and socialize.
  12. Nightfall- The time in the evening when it becomes dark.
  13. Nightgown- A loose garment worn in bed.
  14. Nighthawk- A nocturnal bird known for its feeding habits.
  15. Nightlife- Social activities or entertainment available at night in a town or city.
  16. Nightly- Happening every night.
  17. Nightmare- A disturbing dream associated with negative feelings.
  18. Nightshade- A plant family that includes many species, some of which are toxic.
  19. Nightstand- A small table or cabinet used beside a bed.
  20. Nightstick- A police officer’s baton.
  21. Nighttime- The period of time between evening and morning.
  22. Nightwear- Clothing designed to be worn while sleeping.
  23. Nigrify- To make black or very dark.
  24. Nigritude- Blackness or darkness, used particularly in reference to skin color.
  25. Nigrosine- A dark blue or black synthetic dye used in inks and paints.

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