Words That Start With Non: A List for Writers and Linguists

Discover a variety of words that start with “non” and enhance your vocabulary in an instant.

  1. Nonabrasive- Not causing damage or wear by rubbing or scraping.
  2. Nonabsorbent- Not able to absorb or soak up liquids.
  3. Nonacademic- Not related to academic pursuits or the academic community.
  4. Nonage- The state of being underage.
  5. Nonagenarian- A person who is between 90 and 99 years old.
  6. Nonaligned- Not aligned or committed with any major power bloc.
  7. Nonalcoholic- Not containing alcohol.
  8. Nonbeliever- A person who lacks belief in a particular religion or deity.
  9. Nonbiodegradable- Incapable of being decomposed naturally.
  10. Nonchalant- Feeling or appearing casually calm and relaxed.
  11. Noncombatant- Not engaged in fighting, especially in a military context.
  12. Noncommittal- Not expressing or revealing commitment to a definite opinion or course of action.
  13. Noncompliance- Failure or refusal to comply.
  14. Nonconductive- Not able to conduct electricity.
  15. Nonconformist- A person who does not conform to prevailing ideas or practices.
  16. Nonconsecutive- Not following one after the other in order.
  17. Nonconstructive- Not helpful or encouraging; not leading to improvement.
  18. Noncontagious- Not able to be spread by direct or indirect contact.
  19. Nondairy- Not containing milk or milk products.
  20. Nondescript- Lacking distinctive or interesting features or characteristics.
  21. Nondisclosure- The act of not disclosing or revealing information.
  22. Noneconomic- Not related to economics or monetary wealth.
  23. Nonessential- Not absolutely necessary.
  24. Nonetheless- In spite of what has just been mentioned.
  25. Nonfiction- Prose writing that is based on facts, real events, and real people.
  26. Nonflammable- Not easily set on fire.
  27. Nonfunctional- Not operating or functioning.
  28. Nongovernmental- Not involving or associated with government.
  29. Nongreasy- Not oily or slippery.
  30. Nonhazardous- Not posing a risk of harm or danger.
  31. Nonhuman- Not human.
  32. Nonindigenous- Not originating or occurring naturally in a particular place.
  33. Noninfectious- Not capable of being transmitted by infection.
  34. Noninvasive- Not involving the introduction of instruments or other objects into the body.
  35. Nonjudgmental- Avoiding moral judgments.
  36. Nonlethal- Not capable of causing death.
  37. Nonlinear- Not arranged in a straight line or sequence.
  38. Nonliterate- Unable to read or write.
  39. Nonmagnetic- Not having magnetic properties.
  40. Nonmaleficence- The ethical principle of doing no harm.
  41. Nonmetal- Chemical elements that mostly lack metallic attributes.
  42. Nonnative- Not originating from the place where found.
  43. Nonnegotiable- Not open to discussion or modification.
  44. Nonobjective- Not representing or intended to represent any object, figure, or scene.
  45. Nonobservance- The failure to observe a law or custom.
  46. Nonoperational- Not in operation or working order.
  47. Nonpartisan- Not aligned with any political party.
  48. Nonperformance- Failure to perform a task or function.
  49. Nonperson- An individual regarded as not having human status.
  50. Nonplussed- Surprised and confused so much that one is unsure how to react.
  51. Nonprofit- Not conducted or maintained for the purpose of making a profit.
  52. Nonreactive- Not likely to undergo a chemical reaction.
  53. Nonrefundable- Not able to be refunded.
  54. Nonrenewable- A natural resource that cannot be replaced after it is consumed.
  55. Nonrepetitive- Not repetitive; varied or different.
  56. Nonrepresentational- Art not representing or depicting any recognizable entity.
  57. Nonresident- Not residing where an action or right pertains.
  58. Nonresistant- Not resisting, especially disease or pests.
  59. Nonsensical- Having no meaning; making no sense.
  60. Nonskid- Designed to prevent sliding or skidding.
  61. Nonsmoking- Designated areas where smoking is prohibited.
  62. Nonstandard- Not conforming to the standard.
  63. Nonstarter- Something that does not begin or never gets underway.
  64. Nonstick- Coated to prevent food from sticking during cooking.
  65. Nonstop- Made without stopping; direct or continuous.
  66. Nonsurgical- Not involving, requiring, or amenable to treatment by surgery.
  67. Nontechnical- Not involving the technical aspects of a subject.
  68. Nonthreatening- Not creating a threat or danger.
  69. Nontoxic- Not poisonous or toxic.
  70. Nontraditional- Not adhering to traditional ways or practices.
  71. Nontransferable- Not able to be transferred or made over to the possession of another person.
  72. Nontransparent- Not transparent; opaque.
  73. Nonverbal- Not involving or using words or speech.
  74. Nonviolent- Not using or involving physical force or violence.
  75. Nonvoting- Not having the right to vote.
  76. Nonwhite- Not of the white racial group; often pertaining to people of various racial backgrounds.
  77. Nonwoody- Not woody; pertaining to plants that do not have woody stems.
  78. Nonworker- Someone who does not work.
  79. Nonwoven- Referring to textiles made by bonding, felting, or interlocking fibers.

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