Words That Start with Nu: List and Examples

Looking for words that start with “nu”? Here’s a handy list to help you expand your vocabulary.– Nude – Nub – Nubbin – Nubile – Nubuck – Nucellar – Nuclear – Nucleate – Nucleus – Nudging – Nudity – Nugget – Null – Nullify – Numb – Number – Numerous – Nuns – Nurture – Nut – Nutmeg – Nutria – Nutshell – Nutty

  1. Nucleus- The central part of an atom.
  2. Numerous- Existing in great numbers.
  3. Nuance- A subtle difference in meaning or tone.
  4. Nurture- To care for and encourage growth.
  5. Nubile- Suitable for marriage, typically referring to a young woman.
  6. Nude- Without clothing, naked.
  7. Nuisance- Something or someone causing inconvenience or annoyance.
  8. Nugget- A small lump, often of gold or other precious metal.
  9. Numb- Deprived of feeling or sensation.
  10. Null- Having no legal or binding force; void.
  11. Number- A mathematical value used to count and measure.
  12. Nub- The central point or heart of a matter.
  13. Nudge- To push gently, especially with the elbow.
  14. Nuzzle- To rub or press the nose against someone or something.
  15. Nurturant- Providing care and nurturing.
  16. Nucleotide- The basic building block of nucleic acids.
  17. Nuptial- Relating to marriage or weddings.
  18. Nutrition- The process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health.
  19. Nurseryman- A person who owns or works in a plant nursery.
  20. Nursery- A place where young children or plants are cared for.
  21. Nurturing- Providing care and nourishment.
  22. Nuncio- A diplomatic representative of the Pope.
  23. Nunnery- A convent of nuns.
  24. Numeral- A figure, symbol, or group of these denoting a number.
  25. Nutrient- A substance that provides nourishment essential for growth.
  26. Nuphar- A genus of aquatic plants.
  27. Nuclide- A distinct kind of atom or nucleus.
  28. Nucleotide- Organic molecules that serve as building blocks of nucleic acids.
  29. Numismatics- The study or collection of currency.
  30. Nutmeg- A spice made from the seed of the nutmeg tree.
  31. Nutritive- Providing nourishment.
  32. Nurturer- A person who provides care and support.
  33. Nudism- The practice of going naked, especially in a group.
  34. Numerate- Able to understand and work with numbers.
  35. Nutcracker- A tool for cracking the shells of nuts.
  36. Nudist- A person who practices nudism.
  37. Nurtured- Being cared for and protected.
  38. Nucleolus- A small dense spherical structure in the nucleus of a cell.
  39. Nimbus- A luminous cloud or halo surrounding a supernatural being.
  40. Nucleate- Having a nucleus.
  41. Nurturant- Related to nurturing.
  42. Nuisancy- Causing nuisance; annoying.
  43. Nuclide- A species of atom defined by the composition of its nucleus.
  44. Nubbin- A small lump or residual part.
  45. Nucleon- A constituent of the nucleus, i.e., a proton or neutron.
  46. Nuances- Subtle differences or shades of meaning.
  47. Numerary- Relating to or consisting of numbers.
  48. Nudity- The state of being naked.
  49. Nurturance- Emotional and physical care and nourishment.
  50. Numeracy- The ability to understand and work with numbers.
  51. Numismatist- A person who studies or collects coins and currency.
  52. Nutation- A nodding movement in the axis of rotation of a largely axially symmetric object.
  53. Nucleus- Membrane-bound structure found in living organisms that contains chromosomes.
  54. Nutritionally- In a way that relates to nutrition.
  55. Nutritiously- In a nourishing or beneficial way.
  56. Nuptials- Wedding ceremonies.
  57. Nucleoid- An irregularly shaped region within the cell of a prokaryote.
  58. Nutbread- Bread made with nuts.
  59. Numina- Plural of numen; spirits or deities.
  60. Nucleoplasm- The substance of a cell nucleus.
  61. Nunchaku- A traditional Japanese martial arts weapon.
  62. Nuclease- An enzyme that cleaves the chains of nucleotides in nucleic acids.
  63. Nucleophile- A substance that donates an electron pair to form a chemical bond.
  64. Numerate- To enumerate.
  65. Nucleophile- A chemical species that donates an electron pair to an electrophile.
  66. Nubecula- A cloudy spot or patch seen in the dark area.
  67. Nubivagant- Wandering in the clouds.
  68. Nubilous- Cloudy.
  69. Nuciferous- Bearing nuts.
  70. Nuchal- Relating to the nape or back of the neck.
  71. Nubiform- Cloud-like in shape or appearance.
  72. Nutrify- To provide with nutrients.
  73. Nummary- Relating to money or coins.
  74. Nucleoside- A compound formed by the linkage of a nitrogenous base with a sugar molecule.
  75. Nucleosome- A structural unit of a eukaryotic chromosome.
  76. Nutrified- Provided with nutrients.
  77. Nuncupate- To dedicate something by naming.
  78. Nucleonics- The branch of physics that deals with the study of the nucleus.
  79. Numbness- The state of being numb.
  80. Nubilous- Misty or cloudy.
  81. Nubbin- A small lumpy or undeveloped fruit, knob, or nugget.
  82. Nudate- Bare, naked.
  83. Nugatory- Of no value or importance.
  84. Nucleotype- The characteristic features of the nucleus.
  85. Nutational- Pertaining to nutation.
  86. Nucleometer- An instrument for counting the cells in a sample.
  87. Nucleophile- A reagent that forms a bond to its reaction partner.
  88. Nucleostemin- A protein involved in cellular processes.
  89. Numerology- The study of mystical meanings of numbers.
  90. Nucleoprotein- A complex of nucleic acid with protein.
  91. Nutraloaf- A food served in prisons.
  92. Nuclide- A distinct nucleus characterized by a specific number of protons and neutrons.
  93. Nutrient- Any substance that provides nourishment.
  94. Nudibranch- A type of sea slug.
  95. Nuraghe- A type of ancient megalithic edifice.
  96. Nuptiology- The study of marriage ceremonies.
  97. Nutritor- One who nourishes.
  98. Nucleosome- A segment of DNA wound in sequence around histone proteins.
  99. Numerate- Capable of performing basic arithmetic.
  100. Nucleoplasm- The substance of a cell nucleus, especially that not forming part of a nucleolus.

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