Words That Start with Oc: A Detailed List

If you’re curious about words that start with “oc,” this article provides a complete list to enrich your vocabulary.

  1. Occult- Hidden or secretive, often related to the supernatural.
  2. Occupy- To reside or take control of a space.
  3. Occasion- A special event or time.
  4. Ocular- Pertaining to the eye.
  5. Octane- A hydrocarbon found in gasoline.
  6. Octopus- A marine animal with eight limbs.
  7. Occultism- Study and practice of the occult.
  8. Occurrence- An event or incident.
  9. Occlusion- Blockage or obstruction.
  10. Occidental- Pertaining to the Western world.
  11. Ocean- A large body of saltwater.
  12. October- The tenth month of the year.
  13. Octet- A group of eight.
  14. Octagon- A shape with eight sides.
  15. Ocelot- A small wild cat found in South America.
  16. Occur- To happen or take place.
  17. Occupier- Someone who occupies a place.
  18. Oceanic- Pertaining to the ocean.
  19. Occiput- The back part of the skull.
  20. Octogenarian- A person in their eighties.
  21. Occlude- To block or stop something.
  22. Octavo- A size of book page.
  23. Orthodox- Adhering to traditional beliefs.
  24. Oceanography- Study of the ocean.
  25. Octillion- A thousand raised to the ninth power.
  26. Occasional- Happening infrequently.
  27. Octachord- An eight-stringed musical instrument.
  28. Oceanarium- A large aquarium.
  29. Occipital- Pertaining to the back of the head.
  30. Octopod- An organism with eight limbs.
  31. Occlusive- Serving to occlude.
  32. Octarchy- Government by eight rulers.
  33. Octonary- Relating to the number eight.
  34. Occluse- Closed; shut.
  35. Ocracy- Rule or governance.
  36. Occiputal- Relating to the occiput.
  37. Octapod- Another term for octopod.
  38. Occupied- Taken up or filled.
  39. Occupation- A person’s job or profession.
  40. Octogenary- Relating to eighty.
  41. Octolateral- Having eight sides.
  42. Oceloid- Pertaining to the eye, especially in animals.
  43. Occitant- Drowsy or sleepy.
  44. Octangular- Eight-sided.
  45. Octandrous- Having eight stamens.
  46. Octonary- Base-8 number system.
  47. Octastic- Eight-fold.
  48. Occurred- Happened or took place.
  49. Octarchy- Eight-ruler governance.
  50. Occident- The West.
  51. Occupant- Someone who occupies space.
  52. Oceania- Region in the Pacific Ocean.
  53. Ocularist- Specialist who makes artificial eyes.
  54. Octuple- Multiply by eight.
  55. Octavary- Relating to the octave in music.
  56. Octuor- Musical composition for eight parts.
  57. Oceanward- Toward the ocean.
  58. Octofid- Divided into eight segments.
  59. Octillionth- One part in a octillion.
  60. Octangular- Having eight angles.
  61. Occidere- Fall or destruction.
  62. Octateuch- First eight books of the Old Testament.
  63. Ocellated- Having eye-like markings.
  64. Octonion- An extension of complex numbers.
  65. Occasive- Relating to occasional or casual acts.
  66. Oceanogens- Substances forming oceanic crust.
  67. Occipito- Relating to the occiput and body parts.
  68. Octocerous- Eight-horned.
  69. Ocelloid- Eye-like spot.
  70. Octaploid- Having eight sets of chromosomes.
  71. Octitina- Type genus of Octitidae.
  72. Octodad- Father of eight.
  73. Octocephalus- Eight-headed.
  74. Octodontian- For animals in Octodontidae family.
  75. Octosyllabic- Eight syllables per line.
  76. Octostyle- Eight columns in Greek architecture.
  77. Octosyllable- Line of verse with eight syllables.
  78. Occipitoaxial- Of occiput and axis’s relation.
  79. Octoscrew- Screws with eight threads.
  80. Octamerous- Divided into eight parts.
  81. Occipitonasal- Relating occiput to nose.
  82. Occlusionary- Relating to occlusion.
  83. Octiferous- Bearing eight.
  84. Ocean Wharf- Structure for harboring vessels.
  85. Octoflagellate- Eight flagellae organism.
  86. Occlusor- Muscle closing a part.
  87. Octatomic- Eight atoms.
  88. Octodactylous- Eight-fingered or toed.
  89. Octocentenary- 800th anniversary.
  90. Occulide- Combining to block.
  91. Octosyllable- Verse with eight syllables.
  92. Occipitolabial- Relating occiput and labium.
  93. Oceanoprovince- Ocean region.
  94. Octoset- Eight items set.
  95. Occipitoscapular- Relating occiput and scapula.
  96. Octoreme- Eight-oar boat.
  97. Ocellar- Relating to or resembling an ocellus.
  98. Octantal- Pertaining to eighth part.
  99. Octocephalus- Eight-headed entity.
  100. Octogyna- Plant with eight pistils.

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