Words That Start with Oct: An Extensive List and Examples

Discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “oct” and expand your vocabulary today.

  1. Octagon: A polygon with eight sides and eight angles.
  2. Octahedron: A three-dimensional shape with eight faces.
  3. Octopus: A sea creature with eight arms.
  4. Octane: A hydrocarbon of the alkane series, often used as a fuel.
  5. Octave: An interval spanning eight musical notes.
  6. October: The tenth month of the Gregorian calendar.
  7. Octet: A group or set of eight.
  8. Octonary: Relating to the number eight.
  9. Octostyle: Architecture style with eight columns.
  10. Octangular: Having eight angles or corners.
  11. Octillion: A number equal to 1 followed by 27 zeros.
  12. Octadic: Relating to or involving eight units.
  13. Octaploid: Having eight sets of chromosomes.
  14. Octal: Pertaining to the base-8 number system.
  15. Octopod: A mollusk with eight limbs, commonly refers to octopuses.
  16. Octarch: Ruler of one-eighth of a divided kingdom.
  17. Octennial: Occurring every eight years.
  18. Octarchy: Government by eight persons.
  19. Octadecimal: Based on the number 18.
  20. Octant: One-eighth of a circle or a circumferential division.
  21. Octocoral: Soft corals with eight-fold symmetry.
  22. Octovascular: Having eight blood vessels or similar structures.
  23. Octomino: A geometric figure formed by eight squares connected edge-to-edge.
  24. Octomorph: A body type classification with eight parts.
  25. Octuor: An alternate term for an octet.
  26. Octosyllabic: A word or line of verse consisting of eight syllables.
  27. Octameter: A line of verse with eight metrical feet.
  28. Octopartite: Dividing into eight parts.
  29. Octachord: An eight-string musical instrument.
  30. Octafid: Cut or shaped into eight divisions.
  31. Octodecimal: Relating to a base-18 system.
  32. Octodentate: Having eight teeth.
  33. Octocentric: Eight-sided geometric arrangement.
  34. Octophonic: Relating to audio technology using eight channels.
  35. Octochordal: Music scales or instruments with eight notes.
  36. Octobass: A large string instrument with eight strings.
  37. Octatin: An eight-membered ring compound in chemistry.
  38. Octofoil: A design with eight leaves or shapes radiating from a center.
  39. Octuply: Folded or multiplied eight times.
  40. Octillionth: One part of a total divided by 1 followed by 27 zeros.

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