Words That Start With Od: Your Quick Reference

This article lists words starting with “od” to help expand your vocabulary for games, writing, or general knowledge.

  1. Odyssey- a long and eventful journey or experience.
  2. Odor- a distinctive smell, especially an unpleasant one.
  3. Odious- extremely unpleasant or repulsive.
  4. Odd- different from what is usual or expected; strange.
  5. Odontoid- relating to, or resembling a tooth.
  6. Odium- general or widespread hatred or disgust.
  7. Odorant- a substance giving off a smell.
  8. Odiously- in an extremely unpleasant or repulsive manner.
  9. Odometer- an instrument for measuring the distance traveled by a vehicle.
  10. Odontology- the scientific study of the structure and diseases of teeth.
  11. Odorless- having no odor.
  12. Odyssean- relating to an epic journey.
  13. Odic- pertaining to the hypothetical force or power called ‘od.’
  14. Odyl- a hypothetical force used to explain various phenomena.
  15. Odorize- to give a particular odor to something.
  16. Odist- a writer of odes.
  17. Odal- a form of land ownership in early Germanic societies.
  18. Odontoid- tooth-like structure.
  19. Odoriferous- having or giving off a smell.
  20. Oddish- somewhat strange.
  21. Odograph- an instrument used for tracking the path of a moving object.
  22. Oddity- something unusual or remarkable.
  23. Oddness- the quality of being strange or unusual.
  24. Odinism- the modern revival of ancient Norse pagan practices.
  25. Odylism- a term used to refer to various kinds of spiritual or vital forces.
  26. Odorously- in a strong-smelling manner.
  27. Oddball- a person or thing that is unusual or unconventional.

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