Words That Start With Of: Examples and Usage

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of words that start with “of” to enhance your vocabulary and language skills.

  1. Off- away or distant
  2. Offer- to present or propose
  3. Office- a place of work
  4. Officer- a person holding a position of authority
  5. Official- authorized or approved
  6. Offline- not connected to the internet
  7. Offload- to unload or get rid of
  8. Offspring- a person’s child or children
  9. Offset- to counterbalance or compensate
  10. Offbeat- unusual or unconventional
  11. Offend- to cause displeasure or insult
  12. Offensive- causing displeasure or harm
  13. Offhand- casual or informal
  14. Offshore- located at sea away from the coast
  15. Offshoot- a branch or derivative
  16. Offside- positioned illegally in sports
  17. Offset- to balance or counteract
  18. Offstage- not on the performance stage
  19. Overlook- to fail to notice or consider
  20. Oversee- to supervise or manage
  21. Overcome- to conquer or defeat
  22. Overjoy- to fill with great joy
  23. Overload- to burden excessively
  24. Overhear- to hear by accident
  25. Overlap- to extend over and cover a part of
  26. Overflow- to spill over the top
  27. Oversee- to watch over and direct
  28. Overshadow- to cast a shadow over
  29. Overstep- to go beyond a limit
  30. Overcook- to cook too long
  31. Overwhelm- to overpower or crush
  32. Overweight- having excessive weight
  33. Overwork- to work too hard
  34. Overturn- to turn over
  35. Overflow- exceed capacity
  36. Overgrown- grown excessively
  37. Overseen- watched over
  38. Overachieve- do beyond expectations
  39. Overreact- respond excessively
  40. Overestimate- assess too highly
  41. Overrate- to overvalue
  42. Overture- an introduction to something more substantial
  43. Overwrought- extremely agitated
  44. Overdraft- deficit in a bank account
  45. Overdrive- an extra high gear in a motor vehicle
  46. Overeager- excessively eager
  47. Overqualified- having more qualifications than necessary
  48. Overlap- to coincide partly
  49. Overripe- too ripe
  50. Overestimate- gauge too high
  51. Overhaul- to thoroughly examine or repair
  52. Overwhelm- overpower emotionally
  53. Overcome- to prevail
  54. Overconfident- excessively confident
  55. Overseas- beyond the sea
  56. Overdue- not done in time
  57. Overjoyed- extremely happy
  58. Overshoot- exceed a target
  59. Overdraft- bank account deficit
  60. Overindulge- to allow too much of something
  61. Overproduce- produce more than needed
  62. Overshadow- to dominate
  63. Overturn- reverse a decision
  64. Overrule- declare null and void
  65. Overpass- roadway above another road
  66. Oversleep- sleep too long
  67. Overexpose- expose too much
  68. Overrun- exceed expected limit
  69. Oversee- manage activities
  70. Overture- introductory act
  71. Overocean- across the ocean
  72. Overflowed- spilled over
  73. Overdriven- driven too hard
  74. Overbalance- exceed in weight
  75. Overcloud- cover with clouds
  76. Overspilled- spilled over
  77. Overriding- more important
  78. Overage- beyond the normal age
  79. Overaction- overly dramatic acts
  80. Overmount- exceed height or amount
  81. Overissue- issue beyond limit
  82. Overzealous- too enthusiastic
  83. Overvalue- value too highly
  84. Overexert- exert too much effort
  85. Overflow- to exceed confines
  86. Overfilled- filled too much
  87. Oversaturate- saturate too much
  88. Overbrim- to overflow
  89. Overgrow- to grow too much
  90. Overhear- hear accidentally
  91. Overpaid- paid in excess
  92. Overreact- respond with undue emotion
  93. Overfull- too full
  94. Overripe- past optimal ripeness
  95. Overrun- to spread over
  96. Overwind- wind too tightly
  97. Overthink- think too much
  98. Overwork- work excessively
  99. Overweight- excess mass
  100. Overrefine- refine too much

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