Words That Start with Om: Extensive List and Examples

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of words that start with “om.

  1. Omasum- the third compartment of the stomach of a ruminant.
  2. Omphalitis- inflammation of the umbilicus.
  3. Omnipotent- having unlimited power.
  4. Omnipresent- present everywhere at the same time.
  5. Omniscient- knowing everything.
  6. Omnivore- an animal or person that eats both plants and animals.
  7. Omnium- the total or aggregate sum.
  8. Omertà- a code of silence in criminal organizations.
  9. Omnificent- all-creating; having unlimited powers of creation.
  10. Omnivorous- feeding on both plant and animal substances.
  11. Omophagia- the eating of raw flesh.
  12. Omophagic- relating to the consumption of raw flesh.
  13. Omphalos- a central point; the navel.
  14. Omoplate- another term for scapula (shoulder blade).
  15. Omentum- a fold of the peritoneum connecting the stomach with other abdominal organs.
  16. Omidirectional- capable of receiving or transmitting signals in all directions.
  17. Omnibenevolent- all-loving or infinitely good.
  18. Omnimeter- an instrument for measuring all angles or directions from a point.
  19. Ombudsman- an official appointed to investigate complaints.
  20. Omophagy- consumption of raw flesh, especially in rituals.
  21. Omertase- an enzyme composed of the same elements that forms a micro environment.
  22. Omega- the last letter of the Greek alphabet.
  23. Ommatidia- the compound eyes of arthropods.
  24. Ombre- a color gradient from light to dark.
  25. Omnific- capable of making or doing all things.
  26. Ombred- shaded or graduated in color.
  27. Ombreled- having or resembling an umbrella.
  28. Ombrometer- an instrument for measuring the quantity of precipitation.
  29. Omnigraph- universal translation apparatus.
  30. Omnilingual- able to speak or understand all languages.
  31. Ommatidium- one of the individual units of a compound eye.
  32. Omnicompetent- able to deal with all matters.
  33. Omnifarious- of all varieties or forms.
  34. Omnikinetic- able to move in all directions.
  35. Omniparent- being both mother and father.
  36. Omnivisual- capable of seeing everything.
  37. Omnitype- a device capable of reproducing all types of publications.
  38. Ompal- meant to bridge gaps in the text.
  39. Omophore- a broad sash worn by Eastern Orthodox bishops.
  40. Ommastrephid- belonging to a family of squid.
  41. Omograph- a word spelled the same as another but having a different meaning.
  42. Omniarch- ruler of all.
  43. Omnivariate- of all varieties or kinds.
  44. Omphalate- relating to the navel.
  45. Ommatelic- belonging or peculiar to the eyes.
  46. Omniscope- a device allowing one to view all angles.
  47. Omnism- the belief in all religions.
  48. Omnilateral- involving all sides.
  49. Omnitheism- belief in all gods.
  50. Omnicultrant- cultivation of all crops.
  51. Omnispective- considering all views.
  52. Ombrophobe- a plant incapable of withstanding prolonged rainfall.
  53. Ombrophilous- thriving in or sensitive to rainfall.
  54. Omnichannel- integrating multiple channels to interact with customers.
  55. Omnifocal- lenses that can focus on all distances.
  56. Omnicide- the total extinction of the human species as a result of human action.
  57. Ombrotrophic- deriving nutrients primarily from rainfall.
  58. Ommatophore- a stalk bearing an eye in mollusks.
  59. Ombrophytically- pertaining to plants that grow in rainy habitats.
  60. Omnibenevolence- infinite or unlimited kindness.
  61. Ombrolysis- the breaking down of leaves by rain.
  62. Ommatidia- plural of ommatidium, units in compound eyes.
  63. Omnimodal- using or able to function in multiple modes.
  64. Omoparental- involving a single parent.
  65. Omnium- gatherum – a collection of miscellaneous things.
  66. Omphalophlebitis- inflammation of the umbilical vein.
  67. Omnidirectional- in all directions.
  68. Omniborough- a borough encompassing multiple towns or areas.
  69. Omohyoid- muscle associated with the scapula and hyoid.
  70. Ommatophilous- fond of observing or studying eyes.
  71. Omilies- homilies or religious discourses.
  72. Omphalocace- umbilical ulceration.
  73. Omniprotestant- relating to all Protestant churches.
  74. Omniprogeny- offspring from all possible sources.
  75. Omniscopably- in a manner capable of viewing all round.
  76. Ombrelette- a small shade similar to an umbrella.
  77. Omphalectomy- surgical removal of the navel.
  78. Omphalopagus- conjoined twins who are attached at the abdomen.
  79. Omphalogram- a recording or image of the navel.
  80. Omphalorrhea- discharge from the navel.
  81. Omphaloplegia- paralysis of the abdominal muscles.
  82. Omphalophobia- fear of navels.
  83. Omohaymoid- muscle connecting the shoulder blade and hyoid bone.
  84. Omnivision- unrestricted view.
  85. Ommispective- being able to consider all perspectives.
  86. Ombougremesis- vomiting induced by rainy weather.
  87. Omnipleurant- aspiring for all weeping due to sorrow.
  88. Omphalic- pertaining to the umbilicus.
  89. Omnipercipient- able to perceive all things.
  90. Omniform- adaptable to all shapes.
  91. Omnicentric- having multiple centers.
  92. Omniterrestrial- existing or occurring on land everywhere.
  93. Ombrodium- inferior form of atmospheric precipitation.
  94. Ombrotheyroid- having weather elements similar to the thyroid issues.
  95. Omohyales- encompassing or involving major rainfall.
  96. Omogenous- having all components of the same kind.

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