Words That Start with Omni: Meanings and Examples

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of words that start with “omni”.

  1. Omnibenevolent- All-good or infinitely good
  2. Omnifarious- Of all varieties or forms
  3. Omnific- Capable of creating all things
  4. Omniform- In all forms or shapes
  5. Omnipotent- All-powerful
  6. Omnipresent- Present everywhere at the same time
  7. Omniscient- All-knowing
  8. Omnivorous- Eating all kinds of food, both plant and animal
  9. Omnidirectional- Able to receive or transmit signals in all directions
  10. Omnitrix- A fictional device capable of transforming into various alien forms (from the TV show “Ben 10”)
  11. Omnisexual- Attracted to people of all genders and orientations
  12. Omnibus- A collection or compilation, often of literary works
  13. Omnichannel- A multi-channel approach to sales that aims to provide a seamless customer experience
  14. Omnicompetent- Able to handle any situation or perform all tasks
  15. Omniproficient- Proficient in all tasks or skills

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