Words That Start With Over: List and Examples

Discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “over” to enhance your vocabulary and understanding.

  1. Overact: To act in an exaggerated manner.
  2. Overburden: To load with too great a burden.
  3. Overcome: To succeed in dealing with a problem or difficulty.
  4. Overcrowd: To fill beyond what is comfortable or safe.
  5. Overdo: To do something to an excessive degree.
  6. Overdraw: To write a check for more than is in the account.
  7. Overeat: To eat too much food.
  8. Overflow: To spill over the brim or edge.
  9. Overgrown: Covered with plants that have grown over a surface.
  10. Overhang: To extend or lean over something.
  11. Overhaul: To take apart for examination and repair if necessary.
  12. Overhear: To hear without the speaker’s intention.
  13. Overjoy: To fill with great joy.
  14. Overlap: To cover part of the same area of interest or responsibility.
  15. Overload: To load beyond capacity.
  16. Overlook: To fail to notice or consider.
  17. Overpaid: Paid more than due.
  18. Overpass: A bridge over a road or railway.
  19. Overpopulate: To fill with an excessive population.
  20. Overpower: To overcome with superior strength.
  21. Overrate: To assess too highly.
  22. Overreact: To react more strongly than necessary.
  23. Override: To overrule or set aside.
  24. Overrun: To spread over or occupy quickly.
  25. Oversee: To supervise or manage.
  26. Overshadow: To cast a shadow over.
  27. Overshoot: To go beyond a target.
  28. Oversight: An unintentional failure to notice or do something.
  29. Overspend: To spend more money than one can afford.
  30. Overstay: To stay beyond the time.
  31. Overstuff: To fill too full.
  32. Overtake: To catch up with and pass.
  33. Overthrow: To remove from power forcefully.
  34. Overturn: To turn over or reverse.
  35. Overuse: To use something excessively.
  36. Overvalue: To value too highly.
  37. Overwhelm: To bury or overpower.
  38. Overwork: To work too much or too hard.
  39. Overwrite: To write on top of previous writing.
  40. Overachieve: To perform better than expected.
  41. Overambitious: Excessively ambitious.
  42. Overanalyze: To analyze excessively.
  43. Overbook: To accept more reservations than there is capacity.
  44. Overbuild: To build in excess.
  45. Overcast: Covered with clouds.
  46. Overcautious: Excessively cautious.
  47. Overcompensate: To make more than the necessary correction.
  48. Overconfident: Excessively confident.
  49. Overcook: To cook too much.
  50. Overcritical: Excessively critical.
  51. Overdosed: Too much of a drug taken.
  52. Overdress: To dress too formally or warmly.
  53. Overemphasize: To subject to excessive emphasis.
  54. Overenthusiastic: Excessively enthusiastic.
  55. Overestimate: To estimate higher than the actual value.
  56. Overexcite: To excite excessively.
  57. Overextend: To stretch beyond the limit.
  58. Overexert: To exert too much.
  59. Overexploit: To exploit excessively.
  60. Overexpose: To expose too much to light or other substance.
  61. Overextend: To expand beyond a safe or reasonable point.
  62. Overfamiliar: Excessively friendly in a presumptuous manner.
  63. Overfeed: To feed too much.
  64. Overfond: Excessively fond.
  65. Overgeneralize: To generalize excessively.
  66. Overgraze: To graze so heavily that it damages the vegetation.
  67. Overground: Situated above ground.
  68. Overhasty: Done too quickly.
  69. Overheat: To become excessively hot.
  70. Overindulge: To indulge too much.
  71. Overinflate: To inflate excessively.
  72. Overjoyed: Extremely happy.
  73. Overkill: Excessive use of force.
  74. Overladen: Too heavily loaded.
  75. Overlong: Excessively long.
  76. Overlord: A ruler or superior.
  77. Overly: Excessively.
  78. Overmaster: To conquer completely.
  79. Overmodest: Excessively modest.
  80. Overoptimistic: Excessively optimistic.
  81. Overplay: To exaggerate the importance of.
  82. Overpowering: Overwhelming.
  83. Overpriced: Costing too much.
  84. Overqualified: Having more qualifications than necessary.
  85. Overrate: To rate too highly.
  86. Overreach: To stretch beyond a proper limit.
  87. Overreact: To react too strongly.
  88. Overreport: To report excessively.
  89. Overripe: Too ripe.
  90. Overrule: To rule against or set aside.
  91. Oversee: To watch over or supervise.
  92. Oversell: To sell beyond capacity.
  93. Oversensitive: Too sensitive.
  94. Oversweet: Excessively sweet.
  95. Overt: Open and observable.
  96. Overthink: To think about excessively.
  97. Overthrow: To depose from a position of power.
  98. Overturn: To turn upside down.
  99. Overuse: To use excessively.
  100. Overwrought: Excessively nervous or excited.

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