Words That Start with Ox: Comprehensive List and Meanings

Looking for a list of words that start with “ox”? We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive collection of “ox” words to boost your vocabulary.

  1. Ox
  2. A domesticated bovine animal kept for milk or meat.
  3. Oxen
  4. Plural of ox.
  5. Oxidation
  6. The process of oxidizing; the addition of oxygen to a compound.
  7. Oxide
  8. A binary compound of oxygen with another element.
  9. Oxidize
  10. Combine or become combined chemically with oxygen.
  11. Oxidized
  12. Combined with oxygen.
  13. Oxidizer
  14. A substance that can accept electrons from another substance and induce oxidation.
  15. Oxidizing
  16. That which causes oxidation.
  17. Oxidant
  18. Another word for oxidizer; a substance that can oxidize another substance.
  19. Oxidative
  20. Relating to or characterized by oxidation.
  21. Oxidatively
  22. In an oxidative manner.
  23. Oxidizability
  24. The capability of being oxidized.
  25. Oxidizible
  26. Capable of being oxidized.
  27. Oxy
  28. Containing or relating to oxygen.
  29. Oxyacetylene
  30. Relating to or denoting welding or cutting using an oxyacetylene flame.
  31. Oxyacid
  32. An acid containing oxygen.
  33. Oxychloride
  34. A compound containing oxygen and chlorine.
  35. Oxygen
  36. A colorless, odorless reactive gas; the life-supporting component of the air.
  37. Oxygenate
  38. To supply or infuse with oxygen.
  39. Oxygenated
  40. Combined or supplied with oxygen.
  41. Oxygenation
  42. The process of adding oxygen.
  43. Oxygenator
  44. A device used to add oxygen to the blood.
  45. Oxygenic
  46. Of or relating to oxygen.
  47. Oxygenous
  48. Containing or infused with oxygen.
  49. Oxytocic
  50. An agent that stimulates contractions of the uterus.
  51. Oxytocin
  52. A hormone that causes or strengthens labor contractions during childbirth.
  53. Oxysalt
  54. A salt derived from an oxoacid.
  55. Oxycephaly
  56. A condition in which the top of the skull is pointed or cone-shaped.
  57. Oxycodone
  58. A narcotic analgesic used to treat moderate to severe pain.
  59. Oxynitride
  60. A compound containing oxygen and nitrogen.
  61. Oxyacanthous
  62. Relating to or resembling thorns or prickles.
  63. Oxystoma
  64. A genus of beetles with a sharply pointed mouth.
  65. Oxyphil
  66. Cells or organisms that have a preference for oxygen-rich environments.
  67. Oxyrhine
  68. Having a sharp or pointed nose.
  69. Oxysulphide
  70. A compound of oxygen, sulfur, and another element.
  71. Oxazepam
  72. A medication used to treat anxiety and alcohol withdrawal.
  73. Oxacephem
  74. A class of antibiotics.
  75. Oxazole
  76. A five-membered heterocyclic compound with an oxygen and a nitrogen atom.
  77. Oxeladin
  78. A cough suppressant.
  79. Oxaprozin
  80. A nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).
  81. Oxepane
  82. A seven-membered ring containing one oxygen atom.
  83. Oxethylene
  84. Relating to ethylene oxide polymers.
  85. Oxalate
  86. A salt or ester of oxalic acid.
  87. Oxalic
  88. Relating to or containing oxalic acid.
  89. Oxalide
  90. A derivative of oxalic acid.
  91. Oxalyl
  92. Relating to a functional group derived from oxalic acid.
  93. Oxamate
  94. A salt or ester of oxamic acid.
  95. Oxamid
  96. A colorless crystalline organic compound.
  97. Oxamidic
  98. Relating to or derived from oxamide.
  99. Oxazolidinone
  100. A class of synthetic antibiotics.

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