Words That Start With Para: List and Definitions

Discover a comprehensive list of words starting with “para” to expand your vocabulary and language skills.

  1. Parachute- a device used to slow the descent of a person or object.
  2. Parabola- a symmetrical, curved shape.
  3. Parade- a public procession celebrating an event.
  4. Paradigm- a typical example or pattern.
  5. Paradise- a place of perfect happiness.
  6. Paradox- a seemingly contradictory statement.
  7. Paragon- a model of excellence or perfection.
  8. Paragraph- a distinct section of writing.
  9. Parallel- lines or planes equally distant from each other at all points.
  10. Paralyze- to make unable to move.
  11. Parameter- a measurable factor forming one of a set.
  12. Parasite- an organism living in or on another for survival.
  13. Parapet- a low protective wall along the edge of a roof or balcony.
  14. Paraphrase- to restate a text or passage in other words.
  15. Parapsychology- the study of paranormal phenomena.
  16. Paracetamol- a common medicine used to relieve pain and fever.
  17. Paralegal- a person trained to assist lawyers.
  18. Paramedic- a healthcare professional, especially in emergencies.
  19. Parabolic- shaped like a parabola.
  20. Paraffin- a waxy substance used for candles and waterproofing.
  21. Paragonite- a type of mineral.
  22. Parakeet- a small, colorful parrot.
  23. Parallax- the apparent difference in position of an object viewed from different angles.
  24. Parallelogram- a four-sided figure with opposite sides parallel.
  25. Paranoia- irrational and persistent feeling of being persecuted.
  26. Paranormal- beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation.
  27. Paraplegic- paralyzed from the waist down.
  28. Paraleipsis- emphasizing something by seemingly passing over it.
  29. Paratrooper- a military parachutist.
  30. Parathyroid- small endocrine glands in the neck.
  31. Parastatal- government-owned industrial or commercial enterprises.
  32. Paratrooper- a member of a military unit trained to perform parachute assaults.
  33. Parallelepiped- a six-faced figure (polyhedron) with opposite faces parallel.
  34. Parapodium- a limb or fin, especially of a marine worm.
  35. Paragenesis- the sequence in which minerals form in an ore deposit.
  36. Paralithic- of or relating to rock or stone.
  37. Paralogism- a logical fallacy or reasoning error.
  38. Parachronism- an error in chronology, especially one involving the assignment of a date to an event earlier than its actual occurrence.
  39. Paragliding- the sport of flying using a free-flying, foot-launched aircraft.
  40. Paraphasia- a type of language output error in which intended words are replaced with incorrect ones.
  41. Paramilitary- organized similarly to a military force, but not part of the regular army.
  42. Paraphilia- abnormal sexual desires or behaviors.
  43. Parapodium- a protruding part of certain invertebrates used for locomotion.
  44. Paranomasia- a play on words; a pun.
  45. Parabiotic- relating to a biological phenomenon where two organisms grow together.
  46. Parachloromercuribenzoate- a chemical compound used in biochemical research.
  47. Paralanguage- the non-verbal elements of communication used to modify meaning and convey emotion.
  48. Paramnesia- a distortion of memory in which reality and fantasy are confused.
  49. Paramagnetism- form of magnetism occurring only in the presence of an externally applied magnetic field.
  50. Paracentric- adjacent to the center or central area.
  51. Paracrystalline- resembling a crystal in shape or form.
  52. Paraglottic- near or around the glottis (part of the larynx).
  53. Paracaine- a local anesthetic for eyes.
  54. Paracme- the point of decline after a peak.
  55. Paracrine- relating to cell signaling where the target cell is close to the signal-releasing cell.
  56. Paracystium- the tissue around the urinary bladder.
  57. Paraneoplastic- symptoms that result from substances produced by tumors.
  58. Pararthria- speech disorder due to defective coordination of the muscles involved in speaking.
  59. Parabole- in rhetoric, a parable or allegory.
  60. Parabrake- a parachute used to slow down an aircraft during landing.
  61. Paraclinical- dealing with medical evidence derived from tests (as lab work and X-rays) but not directly involving the patient.
  62. Paraglottic- situated beside the glottis.
  63. Paramnesia- a condition or memory disorder.
  64. Parathenic- between the strength requiring thin and strong construction.
  65. Paragnathic- relating to the jaw.
  66. Parapotamic- living or found near rivers.
  67. Paraventricular- beside the ventricle of the heart or brain.
  68. Paracadute- Italian for parachute.
  69. Parachutist- one who jumps from aircraft using a parachute.
  70. Parachuting- the act of descending from an aircraft using a parachute.
  71. Parageusia- a distortion or perversion of the sense of taste.
  72. Paradisical- resembling paradise.
  73. Parallelism- similarity in structure or content.
  74. Parantagonism- antagonism between different species or entities.
  75. Paraphragmata- lateral pieces of a bone arch.
  76. Parapophysis- a lateral process of a vertebra.
  77. Parascenium- the wings on the sides of an ancient stage.
  78. Paracentral- near the center.
  79. Parafoil- a non-rigid airfoil with an aerofoil shape in ram-air-inflated and tension-stiffened wings.
  80. Parenchyma- the functional tissue of an organ.
  81. Paralipomenon- books of the Old Testament or their title in the Latin Vulgate.
  82. Parachor- an empirical constant of a substance, used in calculating molecular volume.

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