words that start with ped | List & Definitions

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “ped.

  1. Pedal- A lever pressed by the foot.
  2. Pedestrian- A person walking on foot.
  3. Pedestal- A base or support for a statue.
  4. Pedagogue- A teacher, especially a strict one.
  5. Pedalfer- A type of soil rich in aluminum and iron.
  6. Pedicab- A bicycle taxi.
  7. Pedicure- Cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails.
  8. Pediform- Shaped like a foot.
  9. Pedicle- A small stalk-like structure.
  10. Pedigree- Ancestry or lineage.
  11. Pediment- A triangular upper part of a building.
  12. Pediatrist- A specialist in foot care.
  13. Pedology- The study of soils.
  14. Pedantry- Excessive attention to detail or rules.
  15. Peduncle- A flower stalk.
  16. Pedalium- A genus of plants.
  17. Pedate- Having foot-like divisions or shapes.
  18. Pediculosis- Infestation with lice.
  19. Peduncular- Relating to a stalk or peduncle.
  20. Pedalè- A set of pedals for an instrument.
  21. Peddler- A person who sells small goods.
  22. Pedalferic- Related to a type of soil with aluminum and iron.
  23. Pediatric- Related to the care of children.
  24. Pedocal- A type of soil rich in calcium.
  25. Pedodontics- The dental care of children.
  26. Pedosphere- The outermost layer of the Earth composed of soil.
  27. Pedometer- A device that counts steps.
  28. Pedunculate- Having a peduncle or stalk.
  29. Pediococci- A genus of bacteria.
  30. Pedateleaf- Having foot-shaped leaves.
  31. Pedimanous- Having feet that function as hands.
  32. Pedary- An obsolete term for traveling on foot.
  33. Pediformia- An order of sea slugs.
  34. Pedion- A plain or flat surface.
  35. Pedomancy- Divination by examining the feet.
  36. Pedophile- A person sexually attracted to children.
  37. Pedogenesis- The formation and development of soil.
  38. Pediculous- Infested with lice.
  39. Pederasty- Sexual relationship between men and boys.
  40. Pedarchy- Government by children.
  41. Pedantocracy- Rule by pedants.
  42. Pedetentous- Proceeding slowly.
  43. Pedetic- Pertaining to random motion.
  44. Pediformed- Having shapes resembling feet.
  45. Pedobaptism- Baptism of infants.
  46. Pedernales- A type of stone or flint.
  47. Pedirrhiza- The root of the foot.
  48. Pedodontist- A child’s dentist.
  49. Pedogamic- Pertaining to soil formation.
  50. Pedunculated- Having or relating to a peduncle.
  51. Pediculate- Having a peduncle or stalk.
  52. Pediculosus- Infested with lice.
  53. Pedology- The study of children’s development.
  54. Pedopathy- A disease of the foot.
  55. Pedomotor- A device for moving by foot power.
  56. Pedodontia- Dental care for children.
  57. Pedodontist- A dentist for children’s teeth.
  58. Pedipalp- A pair of appendages attached to the front of the body of spiders.
  59. Pedicellate- Having a small stalk.
  60. Pediculati- An order of fishes including anglerfish.
  61. Pedotransfer- Relating to the movement of soil.
  62. Pedestrial- Pertaining to walking.
  63. Pedomotive- Relating to movement by foot power.

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